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A Message For You, Oakdale High. Wherever that may be!

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posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 09:05 PM
I'm purposely posting this in the Gray Area as I make no claims whatsover for the content or its validity.

Throughout my life and following a strange visitation as a child I receive messages. Words and images pop into my head out of the blue and often they are meant for individuals around me.

I pass on what I experience verbally to the intended person who is often someone that I have never met before.
Sometimes these messages arrive for total strangers and I have an intense urge to tell them what I know about themselves and particularly about their past for some unknown reason.

Now I'm not making any claims here to be anything special. I'm not saying I can do this or that but simply relating what happens to me on frequent occassions.

Anyway, I don't want to get get into any sort of debate about this, as sadly all too often I see people who choose to share genuine experiences, ripped apart by ATS members, so please don't ask me to explain or validate any of this because I simply cannot.

Anyhoo, the purpose of this thread is to simply deliver a message.

I have sensed several words and images that on this ocassion I feel are meant for one person here on ATS and I have a very strong urge to send these messages so that they can be read by the intended recipient.

Who that person is, I do not know.... but I do know that one person here on ATS will know that this message is for them.

Ok the words that I have are below that will only mean something to the intended person



Oakdale high

Periodic tables

Alison Moffat

German Shepherd

Root beer/liquor

Absent minded

Parquet floor

The message.......

The house will be fine. There will be no more fair. Frost happens as does ice and snow. Alison will be safe and is well cared for.

That's all there is to it. I don't anything else other than the intended person whoever that may be, needs to know the message and they will understand what it means.

I hope to only get a genuine reply from the one person that this message is meant for.
Please, if the contents mean nothing to you, then do not reply as I am genuinely hoping to only reach one person.

I'm not a nutter or a troll or anything more than a normal mature person. I hope that this message will get through and really mean something to someone.

I know it's a long shot but I am convinced that this message is meant for one ATS member.

Please DONT flag this post. It doesn't need promoting.

Thanks for reading!

Take care
(Off to bed)

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