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Man Cured of AIDS: "I Feel Good"

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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 04:54 PM
As far as the Stem Cell Cure for AIDS/HIV, the following comments were made Jan 2011 and June 9, 2012.

The article about Stem Cells is interesting, but many African Americans and others who believe they have AIDS/HIV, may not have AIDS at all.

If you carefully read what the producers of these AIDS tests say in writing, they suggest the AIDS/HIV test is not conclusive, or proof you have AIDS/HIV. You can also find on the Internet additional information suggesting; “Since the accuracy for HIV antibody tests has never been properly established, it is not possible to claim that a positive test indicates a current, active HIV infection or even to know what it may indicate.24”

If we go beyond the fact AIDS/HIV is a man-made genetically engineered disease, proved by Virologist as early as 1988 and exposed by Dr. Robert B. Strecker in his Video The Strecker Memorandum, in addition to the research of Brother Zears Miles, we really need to look at what the disease is and how it replicates.

For a Stem Cell to cure AIDS/HIV, it would have to inhibit the Protein Enzyme, Reverse Transcriptase. The AIDS/HIV Virus must have this protein enzyme to replicate, or reproduce itself. So if the Stem Cell therapy is not inhibiting this enzyme, people may line up for another unproven cure, the same as they line up to be tested for a disease which they my receive a “False Positive” test results. Africans and other dark skinned people naturally have fewer “T-Cells” than white people and many of the African, or black population when tested have been proven to be “False Positive” because of their naturally low T-Cell Count.

Many of the drugs used to supposedly cure AIDS/HIV are synthetic drugs, which try to block the reverse transcriptase, but actually do the same damage AIDS does, by destroying the Immune System. As victims continue to take these drugs, their Immune Systems are further depressed and the worry only adds to an ineffective Immune System, which is unable to fight off any illness. The human body is organic and as early as 1900, it was proven that all drugs, including aspirin are harmful to your good health.

The interesting point of cure, as far as AIDS is concerned, is that the doctors and scientists who have given cures or evidence of what has cured AIDS, Cancer and other diseases have been attacked by the American Medical Association and the U.S. Government. The Medical Industry has suppressed the Truth of Natural Cures for over a hundred years.

Many diseases have been completely remedied by proper diet, while others means have been Herbs. It wasn’t until mid 1990’s that scientists rediscovered the power of natures remedy for the majority of viruses, bacteria, and fungus and among the strongest natural antibiotic the Olive Leaf Extract, used for thousands of years and known as the Tree Of Life by the Ancients. Interestingly enough, scientists found that the Olive Leaf Extract inhibits the Enzyme Reverse Transcriptase, kills almost all Bacteria, Virus and Fungus.

So we are led astray constantly with lies about AIDS/HIV, new drug cures, testing and now Stem Cells. The really big question is, “Where Is The Proof”. If they can not prove they have blocked the Protein Enzyme, Reverse Transcriptase from replicating, the virus will continue to replicate and grow.

Change your diet and change your life, eat more raw live foods and drink more fresh squeezed juices. That type of diet is the cure of most disease and has been proven since 1912 in the U.S.

Good Luck To you All

UMOJA Research
Since 1986


1. Olive Leaf Extract, Dr. Morton Walker
2. Nutrition Against Disease, Roger J. Williams
3. Racketeering in Medicine, The Suppression of Alternatives, James P. Carter, M.D., Dr.P.H.
4. This Is A Bio-Attack Alert, March 28, 1986, Dr. Robert B. Strecker, Attorney Theodore A. Strecker
5. DVD, The Strecker Memorandum, Dr. Robert B. Strecker
6. DVD, Cancer The Forbidden Cures, Massimo Mazzucco
7. DVD, Dying To Have Known, The Evidence Behind Natural Healing, Steve Kroschel

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 11:43 PM

Originally posted by Laokin
Keep in mind my statement only was addressing this quote.

The fact that this man had HIV, got AIDS, his HIV was cured and his AIDS disappeared is proof. Consider the claim debunked.

Originally posted by OccamsRazor04
reply to post by Laokin

You can't simply say that. Prove it to be true. In fact show me someone immune to HIV with AIDS.
edit on 11-6-2012 by OccamsRazor04 because: (no reason given)

You can simply say that, that's how science works.

Let me frame it another way....

You get cat scratch fever... the lymph-nodes on your head swell up. Shortly after, you break a wisdom tooth, and it gets infected.

You go to the dentist and he tells you it's infected and it must be removed, but before he can remove it, you need to take anti-biotics to kill the infection. You take the anti-biotics and it cures your cat scratch fever too.

Did the broken wisdom tooth cause the cat scratch fever? No, the cat scratch was there first. Did the cat scratch cause you to break a molar? No... certainly not.

By your argument, since both situations were cured with the same procedure they must be causing each other.

Correlation =/= causation. Correlation can sometimes warrant an investigation to see if it really is the cause... but just because there is a correlation doesn't necessarily mean that correlation is your cause.

I didn't say it's not, in the case of HIV and AIDS. All I said was, just because this man had an immune system transplant that cured both, doesn't mean that HIV causes AIDS. It's likely even if HIV and AIDS weren't correlated that an immune system transplant would cure both anyway.

Don't be a fool.

There is also a growing pool of scientists and researchers who are now saying that HIV doesn't cause AIDS... There is a metric tonnage of research out there supporting it too... The consensus is split. In other words, nobody knows... not even the scientists... they all have their theories though.
edit on 11-6-2012 by Laokin because: (no reason given)

There are no credible scientists saying HIV does not cause AIDS. Now your post actually proved my point, thanks. Your hypothetical had 1 man suffering two distinct maladies. He was administered something that would cure both.

This man had two diseases, HIV and Leukemia. He was given something that should cure both. It did. With his HIV cured his AIDS disappeared.

Now let's go back to my post, because that is not how science works. You are saying an immune system transplant is likely to cure AIDS. Why? I am back to my original statement, you can not simply say that, you need to prove it, THAT is how science works.

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 11:46 PM
reply to post by umojaresearch

Yet here we have proof of a man who was found to have HIV, and developed AIDS. Once his HIV was cured, his AIDS disappeared. Can't deny facts. Show me a person who is immune to HIV and still has AIDS. If HIV does not cause AIDS then that should not be a problem.

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