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12 Meditations - For Beginners

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posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 11:48 AM

Originally posted by Unity_99
But for many many people, stilling the mind is too hard, and so having some logical "informal and flexible" structure, to guide them into deep relaxation is good.
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Yeah this is what a lot of this is about really. It's not meant to be the goal, just something to help with starting out, to help get past the layers of conditioning, and so on. Thanks for your posts anyway, they've helped a lot. Am currently checking into Chakra and Kundalini meditation too, so I'm kind of back at square one myself.

posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 12:20 PM
reply to post by robhines

I'm not really into Chakras but do see it as a natural symbolism for the lower struggles here in this world seem to be the lower Chakras, and the energy points or meridian, the entire thing is coded in every religion. Which goes back to ancient cultures. The Ben Ben Bird. The phoenix, and US eagle or Seal. The ascension. Attaining godhood. Christ is the metaphor for the ascension but the world's mismanagement slave team has misfired this information.

They don't use natural methods and for a couple thousand years buried their use of narcotics, natural things to open their third eyes, and coded this in scripture, in paintings. But, the problem is, because they are dominators and slavers, and abusers, they are not going the route of heart chakra, unconditional love, equality and putting their gifts and voice to service of others, as the lead to their insight opening and the veil lifting and Greater Higher Self input, and Guidance from Family.

They are consequently going another route, and its shadow side primarily.

So this Chakra and Kundilini, is best described simply as something you don't need to focus on, focus on the unconditonal love, equality, serving others putting your gifts to good use, healing up where you need to heal, forgiving others and self, where you need to, looking at blocks in our path or lives and taking that into meditation and asking Higher Self to gently reveal to us, our role in blocking ourselves by not releasing something in the past, not learning something we should have learnt, perhaps blaming another when we also had a role to play, in other words asking for help (can even traditionally pray to Mother/Father), to uncover what we need to grow on still.

This is what opens the third eye to the right frequency channel, the Love side. Not the Chakra's but what they stand for. And their good codes.

That is personal and your Higher Self is the one to seek for that kind of guidance, I'm only share out of my knowing, and guidance. I trust your Higher Self is this wonderful guy, and just know he's not going to let you down if you're really searching honestly and with humility to uncover the blocks and take responsibility, we all need to do this all the time, blame self even if we feel we're not at fault and always take responsbility, even if it was for allowing the negative outcome to take place by seeing the person who hurt us as being bent out of shape enough to hurt us, instead of seeing the light inside them, and trusting in Goodness/Love to reach them, and withdrawing from the disagreement or difficulty.

So, we're the ones that block ourselves, but Family above doesn't. Sometimes we don't get immediate answers or help, because we're stuck in a block, and need to start questioning it, what we need to do, or how to give more to others things that unblock us.

Sometimes its lack of joy, and trust in self and others, the positive, we've been too inundated with the world or not enough self confidence even, not to say humilty isn't important, but they' go hand in hand for different timings. Sometimes what blocks us is our refusing to slow down and notice, the joys in life, the bird song, the sunlight, the laughter and hugs.

Its a journey of seeking.

I think your Higher Self is really a super star and really able to guide you. We're tiny tots compared to the aspect of Greater Soul that is all grown up or more grown up anyway, as infinity is a long journey in growing up.

posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 02:41 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Great post, and thanks! Got to admit I wasn't actually looking to replace anything I already do with Chakra and Kundalini, just wanted to widen whatever experience I have with meditating and hopefully get a bit better at what I'm already doing, by tapping into some more energy and awareness. Will definitely remember some of what you've said though and try practising it a bit from here on out to see where it goes.

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