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Feels Like Coming Home Again!!

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posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 05:56 PM
Hello to all ATSers. I have been doing independent research into many of the odd and paranormal events and mysteries of our wonderous world for many years. I have just recently, within last two years, gotten into the political realm of conspiracy theory. Since being awakened to the egregious way tptb have taken our planet over and turned it down a dark path I have dedicated most of my time to understanding the complex working of this shadowy group. As with most if not all of you my research continues, however I was shocked to learn how many of the traditional conspiracy theories were manipulated if not out right created to hide us from the truth.

It will be my goal to expose any and all acts of mis-info directed at the conspiracy theory community with the intent to further make us look like tin hat wearing, prozac taking, media tools. I still am firmly grounded in my original studies as well and will often post on the more mysterious theories.

There is one subject I have been looking into recently that will be my first created thread (besides this B-) )
and I chose this site over some of the other CT sites because the community here mostly seems to be intelligent and the mods are quick to act on BS.

I am happy to have found this community and look forward to the feed back I will get when I post My first thread.


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