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Denmark to leave the Lissabontreaty, treaty of stability and the union?

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posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 03:19 PM
The 13th of December 2007 the Lissabon-treaty was signed in Europe violating the Danish constitution. It lead to huge changes like introduction of the European Commission and destroying the individual countries right to call veto and loads of other nasty changes.

The Danish government did not have the endorsement from it's people to sign this treaty and was dragged into court. On 15th of June 2012 there will be a ruling in high-court deciding this issue. If "we" the people win Denmark may be forced to leave the Lissabon-treaty, this wont be accepted by other European countries because it would give us back our right to veto decisions - so on a longer timescale we might be asked/"forced" to leave. The only way this could be changed would be with a national referendum where there’s no guarantees we would vote yes.

To add a little extra salt to the European wound there's another issue related to the Lissabon-case. This involve’s the new fiscal treaty which is to be ratified 1st of January 2013. The Danish prime minister Helle Thorning has been working like mad against 85% of the Danish peoples wishes to force this treaty upon us.

But the thing is she is’nt allowed to sign the cursed thing because there’s loads of links there referring to the Lissabon-treaty which is now on trial in high-court - her hands are bound, even thou she ignore that fact in the public.

One last note on this is that the prime minister who signed the treaty back in 2007 was Anders Fogh Rasmussen who in many peoples eyes was rewarded with the title of general secretary in NATO after selling out of the Danish souvereignity. Hopefully this warcriminal will be charges with treason or hightreason if the people win the case. I know that is unlikely because people like him never get charged for real but it's still a possibility. How would this influence NATO's credibility if they lose one of their leading voices to high treason?

I can’t help but think the Danish people may be facing some big changes in near future even thou I can’t put an exact picture on it - any thoughts on this subject feel free to share.

Fiscal treaty of stability
Treaty of Lissabon
Danish link to a summery of the Lissabon-case

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posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 03:28 PM
reply to post by Mimir

It is then a win-win situation. You either leave or leave, and let the ship sink, while watching it at distance, sipping champagne and munching crackers.

posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by deckdel

Let the "empire" rot

I like that image.

I'm not certain it would be that easy and even thou im against the union I'm very pro natural rights like freedom within certain very limited boundries. So I would hate to watch as "the rest" go down the drain - Flush out the NWO politician, turn back to national or regional laws and treat everyone like you want to be treated yourself.


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