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My experiences with 2 what could only be Angels.

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posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 09:53 AM

Originally posted by strangedays
reply to post by w810i

Read the first post man, and sadly, I think someone electronically manipulated you into thinking you had a genuine experience with angels haha.

EDIT: also I think this story is completely fake, its wasting peoples time and you are trying to corral them into mind control with false "feel good" stories. Anyone on the internet can make up anything they want lol.
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Can people really be electronically manipulated?

If you think this is "fake" and wasting peoples time, then why did you bother reading it? Even more strange,why did you waste your time posting on it? The OP hasn't wasted my time whatsoever.

And yes you're right, people can "make up anything they want" on the internet - but I'd also like to think that the majority of people are sincere and truthful when they post their experiences, saying that - maybe that's because I am sincere and truthful?

I suppose if I were to be a prolific liar myself, I would assume other people would be the same - you've heard the saying....."Monkey knows their own tricks"

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 12:07 PM
reply to post by w810i

You lucky so and so, I wish I had contact with anything not human. Even it was only for a few minutes.
2nd line.

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 01:47 PM
Sounds like they might be angels. But don't leave nothing to chance just because they seem to good. That all i got to say.

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 05:05 PM
reply to post by w810i

ive come across things such as this in my life.

It is just simply amazing. S for your post. thanks you the inspiration

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 05:21 PM
Fascinating stories OP. I can't honestly recall any event like this in my life except for this one time in nursery school when I swear I had this friend who was a little black kid named Ben and he would always walk with me to take the trash outside to the trash can. I always told my mom about himand she got extremely concerned when she asked my teacher who he was, and she replied that there was no one there named Ben. My mother was worried I was talking to some stranger hanging around outside the faciity.

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 06:51 PM
Thanks Guys. Glad you enjoyed it.

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 09:44 PM

Originally posted by w810i
Thanks Guys. Glad you enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed your experience! When you have the time I have a similar account I would like you to read, though it was not an Angel, it was divine non the less.

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 09:46 PM
reply to post by BLKMJK

reading now

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by BLKMJK

I dont think angels are limited to just those from on high. I think they are our fellow humans well.

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 09:57 PM

Originally posted by w810i
reply to post by BLKMJK

I dont think angels are limited to just those from on high. I think they are our fellow humans well.

I agree, the experience certainly straightened me out and gave me hope and peace once again.

posted on Jun, 12 2012 @ 10:24 PM

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 01:18 AM
Right, let's understand something. Being consciously aware of angels does not make you righteous or somehow more sacred than others. Angels are messengers, period. How you see them depends on many things, not least of which is what you would need to be convinced of the words they speak. There is absolutely no reason to even for a moment think that these visitations make you holy or something. You needed to hear that message because you were heading off in a very wrong direction and intervention was the only way to set things right. Or perhaps there is something very relevant to the situation you're in right then and you need a metaphorical slap in the fact, as was the case when I spoke to an angel. That's the kind of thing that has you see them.

You're all basing your beliefs on really bad and wrong information from your various churches. They are in the business of control. Do you honestly think you need an intermediary to speak to your creator, to God, to Jesus, to Buddha, to Allah, to Zeus, to Odin, to any name you might like to call your god? What made those men "good" enough to speak to God themselves? They studied? Do you need some intermediary to speak to your parents? A child psychologist or a pediatrician? Wtf, people. Think a little.

Angels come to you all the time. There are signs and messages coming in to your lives every single day. You are oblivious because you think you have to be special for stuff like this to happen. The only "specialness" here is that he was aware of it (after a little while) and accepted it for what it was. And if you do that every time you get a message via whatever channel - because angels send messages not just in human form, friends - you will see those messages all around you, like flowers in a field.

You know, when you follow your heart you will occasionally say things to others that are profoundly important. It's those things that make you an angel for that person just then. That's how angels work too - through you. Angels use whatever method they need to so that the message is received. We could make their work a lot easier by simply opening our eyes, our ears and our hearts.

Change your awareness. Change your beliefs. Change your existence. Make it rich and beautiful and magical. Open your hearts.

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 03:21 PM

Originally posted by OtherSideOfTheCoin
89 FLAGS!!!!

Excuse me, I thought this was a website for intellectual debate with a view of denying ignorance not for entertaining delusions and lies while actively embracing ignorance because that is what this thread is.

For my next thread, rather than going to the effort of researching a topic and seeking out the concealed truth I think I might just write a thread about a dream I had last night where Jesus appeared to me dressed as Ronald Macdonald and told me I was “special”. Then I might rabbit on about how hard my life has been but it’s all better now that Jesus (posing as Ronald Macdonald) told me to build him a alter and bestow upon you all his Devine truth conveyed to me in a dream. Because it seems to me form this thread that is what people on ATS are really interested in, the spectacular and fanciful rather than the truth and intellectual debate.

It is exactly threads like this that lead to people viewing conspiracy theorists as “conspiracy nut-jobs”.

I don’t have a problem with the OP posting a thread like this as such, what I object to is the lack of criticism form members who like to perpetuate this delusion that they are in some way the intellectual elite of the internet. The thread it is a mirror of the times on ATS, whose members seem to be systematically destroy this fantastic website with such silly childish threads like this one. Why am I not reading page after page of cross examination of the OP, proposing other alternatives to his testimony other than a visit from Angels and demands for some level of evidence, where is the critical analysis of this thread. ATS is dying slowly and it’s because of threads like these.

So to my fellow ATS members Why are you all so blindly accepting this story, why are more of you not at the very least challenging the OP. I noticed that when I wrote a thread criticising the OP in my first post on this thread I was ridiculed by my fellow members. Not one of you actually bothered to think that it might indeed be possible that the OP is lying, Schizophrenic, otherwise mentally ill, was intoxicated at the time or even that he might have met two people that were just a little bit strange.

I cannot emphasise enough my dismay at the way this thread has gone

And before someone says the inevitable line “why are you posting if you hate this thread so much”, I am posting to save you from your own ignorance and try to provide some balance to this thread, so please do not post that question, I have already answered you.

This subject isn't intellectual it's more spiritual. Many people who believe in aliens have no proof of aliens yet this conspiracy site accepts that kind of thing here. (I mean show me a dead alien so scientists can dissect it and confirm it to be real and not a hollywood effect?) How is that different from people's accounts of angel/demon encounters?

Being skeptical is ok but you have to go beyond speculation and try to provide hard evidence before you accuse people of lying for us to take the skepticism seriously. Ignorance goes both ways. For instance if I accuse you of being a demon I have to show my reasoning for why I think so, give good evidence to back up my conspiracy theory ( pictures of you shapeshiftng into a demonic form? demonstrating supernatural ability that defies physics etc) and then allow my work to be scrutinised by others.

Merely doubting someone for no reason than you think they are liars is not good enough. People's belief in supernatural is based more on faith than actual ability to prove their claims in front of everyone. That does not mean they are liars and that it wasn't real. Merely that there is no evidence for them to back the story. (similar to UFO abductee accounts where they say aliens went through solid walls, levitated them out of their room while they were paralysed and into a spaceship. No video evidence of that exists!

But does that stop people from a belief in aliens? No. No more than the belief in ghosts, bigfoot, (still has not been captured even in this age of high tech sensors) or interdimensional beings that can only be seen when you take certain mind altering substances like dmt to modify the brainwave frequencies or whatever for them to open the gateway to communicate. (something shamans believe)

The supernatural is not something that is easy to prove or disprove but people who experience something firsthand have a right to at least share their account of the event. Much like a guy who is abducted by a telepathic race of beings may want to share the message of what the beings told him. Those who want to know what the message was may still be skeptical of the existence of alien beings but might still want to hear the account without wanting to draw a conclusion either in favor of the storyteller or in favor of people saying they KNOW they are lying but who need more evidence still. Merely having the right to share the story should be allowed on here imo.

Sure the guy telling the story could be lying, but is the evidence the accuser brings forth enough to say you KNOW that they are lying? (enough to gag them from speaking?) Until you can confirm it is lie then it should be allowed since many believe in angels from their own personal experiences much like people who practice magick totally put faith in summoned beings and act out on the belief. (Aliester Crowely who was an influential figure to many people)

Hitler had a belief in super race. They held beliefs in UFOs and under project paperclip many nazi scientists were bought to america to work on secret stuff which is the stuff you are seeing in area 51 and other bases. Seen pictures of "the bell"? The nazis researched ancient atlantis (mythical land of advanced civilisation) and went to places around the world to find the ancient flying machines the indians called "vimanas" and "vailixi". Normally you would assume such stuff to be fantasy but that is only because information is secret. How do you know that ufo/aliens/angels/demons are not linkedtogether. The channeled being Aliester Crowely summoned known as "LAM" looks shockingly similar to the "grey alien" you see in hollywood movies. Now do you understand why it is important to keep an open mind without drawing conclusions either way?

People who have researched this topic are serious researchers who have actually found a connection with demons/aliens and ancient religious beliefs in an advanced civilisation giving them their knowledge. What are angels in the bible? They are "messengers" giving message from god/gods. Are you open to the idea that some aliens may have been considered gods in ancient times? Google CE4 research group and their findings about UFO abductees in relation to their religious belief. Also look up ant people:
Could the ancient accounts of aliens have been the ant race we call greys today?

What about lights in the sky? UFOs could just as easily been interpreted as angels to people in past times. If they did not tell their story people would not know about that stuff.
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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by Snake Plisskin

While I agree with you for the most part what a person says reveals much about intent and if you look through the posts you will see where he stated he would "enjoy" ripping if not for the T&C's. In fact from the very first post he began to "rip" "his word not mine" any who who posted of angels because he can't believe.

We are all opinionated in matters of Faith and being so deep in ones core belief system passionate and hard-hitting truths needed to be employed otherwise we would still be hearing about how we are all liars because he can't accept that God does indeed send angels to further His will... both good and evil people are visited for this purpose and Judas too was led to "betray" Christ to bring about the crucifixion.

Being skeptical is one thing, demeaning and ridicule aren't of a sincere desire to see all sides of the story... or other side of the coin. While he professed to believe in God he betrayed himself by his intent which was to belittle others reality.

He accused me of being patronizing and insulting and yet truth will always set us free of dogma, My byte bred of understanding is only made evident when I bark so should I hold back truth to keep the peace when peace isn't what he was looking for? He sees it as piece and sought to divide and conquer and for whatever reason he justified his attacks with, when someone knows without doubt what their own reality is they shouldn't be attacked for sharing. A simple I don't buy it would have sufficed but instead it turned into a barrage of assault on our experience.

Hopefully he looked up
Hebrews 13:2

New King James Version (NKJV)

2 Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 04:34 PM
One thing to remember is that many people can be accused of something and then sent to prison because of false accusations.

And then later through advances in forensic science that person in prison is later found to be innocent and set free.

One such example is the woman who was accused of killing her baby and nobody believed her about a dingo stealing her baby.

She was later found to be innocent.

What's the lesson to be learned? That just because someone can not gather enough evidence to prove their claim does not necessarily mean they are lying. We as humans make mistakes even IF we are intelligent. We are not an all-knowing god who has all the pieces of the puzzle. That is why I like coming to ATS because to me some of the more far-out there stuff interest me as much as the stuff that can be backed with evidence.

I think people need to remember that what you experience (that you can't explain) may be just as real as what can be easily proven scientifically and observed by many others to be true and obvious.

Not all of it is about intelligence or logic where by-the-book laws can be applied. There are truths beyond the physical and natural laws which we call supernatural that can be real but we are just not in a position to observe it yet with ease. An example is if you were born blind and someone told you about color. You as a blind person have no concept of it and can not observe reality with this sense (you just have to believe it exists on the face of it) that only the brain of a non-blind person experiences. To a person who was born blind, color does not exist. It is only later when science can bring back vision (or miracles take your pick) to that person born blind that they can confirm to themseles that those people were not making stuff up. We all have some blindness. That's why if you keep an open mind, (but not draw conclusions either way) you will be in a much better position than a guy who is a know-it-all and automatically doubts everything but won't share their proof because they hate scrutiny of the skeptics and only want scrutiny of believers. ie the "just believe me because I am more logical and rational than others" crowd. You can still be logical and rational, and at the same time open-minded to the "hard to prove" things too.

If everything was easy, we would not see deliberate cover ups of information all the time by gatekeepers and organisations with agendas. (much of the media which does not report on Bilderberg meetings which as a result is not able to be open to public scrutiny.) Lying about the existence of things and lying about the non-existence is not as important as what is the truth. Both skeptical people can lie and believers can lie. You see con-men who start cults all the time to get rich or control people. You see trusted sources paid to hide data. Lies are not exclusive to people who simply can't back up their story with evidence. Much of the time people who can't back up their story with evidence tell the truth, but just can't prove it.Sometimes those tha can't prove something (but are telling the truth) end up in jail because they are accused of lying but the evidence isn't conclusive. Only God knows.
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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 06:59 PM

Originally posted by OtherSideOfTheCoin
reply to post by mellisamouse

I think it is fantastic that your getting something out of this really I do, but and its a big but

Threads like these need to be critiqued, if we were to go around believing everything just based on what the OP has to say, his or her own testimony we would be allowing ignorance to thrive. I understand that this forum is for such personal testimonies but even in this forum the motto of this site should remain, deny ignorance. You cannot deny ignorance if you willingly believe everything that the OP writes without having it critiqued. With out this you would have to believe everybody who wrote a thread about being visited by some paranormal entity, every UFO case, Every abduction case and every case of someone claiming to be under surveillance by the Illuminati. It is vital that threads like this are dissected and critiqued otherwise all we are doing is entertaining ignorance.

Furthermore I think it is truly sad for a website dedicated to denying ignorance that we have a thread like this earn so much attention when other threads that really do expose truth go unnoticed. Why is it that when a member put the effort into researching and writing a truly excellent thread that really does deny ignorance that it gets relegated to the trash when threads like this thrive? For members who are interested in such thoroughly researched threads it is so frustrating to lose them because of threads like this.

I do not need a hug, I get enough of them as it is.

Nobody is saying you can't critique the far out there stuff, but what if it is all true? What if tomorrow is the last day of your life and great cataclysmic events happen and people cry out for supernatural help and angels come down to help? Visible to all the world to see much like the 911 and broadcast to the whole world?

You going to get angry that the thread discussing it is not intellectual and well-researched?

If a fleet of UFOs is seen flying in the sky above your home you wouldn't post it on ATS to tell people about the experience? Just because nobody believes it or research isn't good? I think people here would want to know what went through your mind and have your personal account (regardless of the thread quality) of what you experienced (like missing time) not just what other researchers know about aliens from video they analyse on youtube and third hand info. Interest in something shouldn't just be gauged by how great the research is.
There might be reason people want to see personal accounts of what is experienced. Not all topics are easy to provide good evidence for, so they only have their own personal account of the event to share with the community. (no cameras, no other witnesses, or reporters on the scene)

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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 07:39 PM

Originally posted by OtherSideOfTheCoin
reply to post by anoncoholic

The vast majority of the people who are claiming to believe the OP’s story seem to either have a need to believe or they claim to have had similar experiences themselves, they want to believe this is just all part of their and I suspect yours confirmation bias.

My issue here is with the lack of people ripping the OP to bits there should be people challenging the OP yet it seems I am the only one who is doing so. I also take grate issue with the number of people who seem to give this thread more attention than some of the really well researched and educated threads posted on ATS.

This is not right.

Also would people please stop making assumptions about me, your post was rather patronising.

Member are not obligated to respond to everything they don;t believe. I don't believe a lot of stuff and just lurk the forums. People lead busy lives. Does not mean that a lack of skeptics in this thread means no skeptics of the story exist here or that the the community at large agrees with the believers.

There are probably dozens of people who just don't show much interest in the topic to bother to come inside it to tell people their opinions, that's all. It would be like getting angry that you put up a good youtube documentary to share with others and nobody clicked the like button even though many have said they enjoyed your documentary in the comments section and thought it was well researched. Some people don't click the like or dislike button. Lack of button clicks is not indicative of what people think. It could just be people forgot or didn't have time to click the button.

I can see where you are coming from. You think that something that is receiving lots of popular hits or likes or flags or stars or whatever is flooding the place to a point where the good stuff sinks to the bottom but this is a problem of all forums on the internet. It's not unique to ATS. But I think unless you can prove someone is outright lying to everyone it would be unfair to just censor the board by deleting ones you don't like. It would be like banning a book from an author you don't respect. At least having that book available to read so others can critique it should be an option.

I think you are taking this as if the people are trying to spam the boards with junk when that may not be the intention. They feel like talking about stuff that perhaps the more hardcore members may not think is worth time.
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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 08:08 PM
This generated a lot more conversation then I ever expected.

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 08:52 PM

Originally posted by MAC269
reply to post by w810i

Dear w810i

Well I guess that is fine then so long as you do not feel that you are being messed with and are enjoying the experience.

Personally I would be so paranoid that these beings knew all about me, I would want to know how. What technology they are using to keep track of me this way and why me.

As Arthur C Clark said “sufficiently advanced technology well be indistinguishable from magic” yes well that is fine but as I said I would want to know why use it on me.

It doesn't necessarily have to be technology. One of the most ancient spy weapons of humans is the tapping into spirits (whether demonic or angelic) to gain information about something you do not know of.

Here is a documentary on the origins of magick:

Many of the new agey types on this board who engage in remote viewing, psychic readings, channeling spirits, talking to their dead relatives (not really what they claim to be) use the information gained from the underworld for guidance much like a christian may have the holy spirit indwell in their body to perform laying on of hands, (healing) word of knowledge, angelic visions/dreams/prophecy etc the human can tap into knowledge about you through demons and stuff. (this is forbidden by orthodox jews and christians and is a form of witchcraft. (but done secretly by masonic priests and the elite without the knowledge of the people who follow under them)

You got to understand that part of satan's plan is deception so he needs followers who are willingly to go all the way and secret socieities test the loyalty of their followers by getting them to do humiliating things in front of the other member so as to give them a weakness in their character or reputation. The weakness is then used against the new members who join, should they ever decide to leave the society or go against them. (this is why blackmail, bribery, murder, persuasion are used as tools for the bad guys - those weaknesses would not be there if the person asked God for protection against evil and never commited sins for the satanists to exploit, or if the person never compromised their belief system to be replaced with luciferianism doctrines. It is kinda like a gang but with a religious code of behavior with oaths.)

Innocent people who try to walk the walk, have the armour of God (this is the protection a christian has to defend them against demonic influences who look for weaknesses to manipulate them with to get legal authority to influence their thoughts and behavior in subtle ways undetectable to the person) so whatever demonic spy there is has no effect since the person has the fear of God (or love of him enough to respect and love his way of handling things without questioning the actions).

God has ultimate power over the demons/angels since he created all things. But if you choose to not follow god that is ok, just that you lose the moral high ground to complain if the world turns to crap, and you forfeit your right to blame him if you decided to go with satan's way. (he is at the top of the illuminati pyramid)

Humans still have free will which also means taking responsibility for mistakes you make and not asking others to clean it up. Demons can give power but it costs you something. (rock n roll stars make the bargains and enjoy fame but then lose their soul) With God you get free gift of life, but you are forbidden from 'cheating' so to speak and must live life on "hard mode" and work hard in service to others that are like yourself. (known as the body of christ - this is how man is meant to live but not everyone can resist temptation to rebel so they stray from it. This is part of the sin nature of humans which was inherited from the fall of man into a soulless beast)

The war in heaven can be liked to spy vs spy. Or conservative vs liberals.(there is good and bad mixed together in both groups but the good ones are the ones who just want everyone to benefit) That is to say we all have evil in us, (when compared against God) and should treat each other as equals but God is the judge of where you go after this is all over. Just as the victor in any war gets to decide the fate of the loser. The losing side is obviously those who make wars and lie and cause suffering since they only shoot themselves in the foot (even gangs have some form of code to maintain order) when they are allowed to freely do as they please.

If these being are angelic perhaps you have a purpose later on. Or maybe it changes based on your actions? Like you will screw your purpose when you do too many wrong things and go down the path that is beyond changing in time for a certain event? We know the various freedoms are going to be taken away at some later point in future so only those who have strong sense of doing good for others and understanding people will be useful. (looks a bit like WWIII is coming)
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posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 09:52 PM
reply to post by chewielvr

Yes I see all the hardship as lessons. When I see a person in trouble I ask them if they are ok or "are you alright?" instead of "how are you going?". Once people know you care they feel loved. Get to know the people in your neighborhood, ask them if they need help on anything, and offer to be the best you can be.

Let's use 911 terror attack as an example.

When 911 happened the tragedy was terrible but humanity was at its best to help those who had suffered. People pulled together to support one another.

If only people were like every single day? That would make depressed teenagers, suicidal people and angry guys in the world reconsider.

But notice how every single day people are forced to compete for resources in the world that don't really matter in the grand scheme of things? This causes stress. it creates a sense of "if you don't perform a certain way you may not survive", and the fear of losing makes you desperate which makes people sad.

This is what spiritual warfare does: it is fighting the evil inside yourself and overcoming the fear, sadness, hopelessness, selfishness that is part of your physical "beast nature" that we see so common in animals and the jungle of survival of the fittest. Helping and co-operating those just for the sake of feeling good helping (and not for reward like doing business and trading) is the key. People matter, Not the things people want. Getting things people want is not the meaning of life. They are like a drug that has temporary effect. It's not a replacement for real happiness. Some people do things to keep themself happy because seeing others happy and not suffer is the reward and goal of all this.

An example is when a person who works hard loses his work. Say a farmer who has to deal with drought. They lose sense of purpose and want to commit suicide because they are used to being the breadwinner. When you take away the purpose of the person's life they feel there is nothing left to live for. This would not happen if people didn't measure themselves only by what they DO but by who they are: Children of God.

Everyone has value, every suffering person has reason to go on. But perhaps suffering for the sake of others happiness can BRING happiness? Is that not what Jesus did when suffering for the sins of humankind on the cross? God would not do stuff like that if he was not happy to help. Suffering may in some ironic way bring happiness if the end result is taking care of others so that they don't have to suffer and seeing the "happy ending". Of course the opposite of that is people causing suffering because they enjoy seeing others unhappy. (I know some bitter people who are like this - they want others to suffer because they suffer so they need someone to share suffering with and not feel alone in their suffering)

But like I said maybe the lesson is helping the suffering, bringing those suffering some happiness and that is what gives us purpose?

Many people think community work is punishment, but if you had a friend who was dying and asked you for help, would you care about reward for helping him? No. And that is the problem. Unconditional love is what the end goal of humans should be. But you don't see this today. All you see is competition to screw each other over and pass the responsibility on. lol That has led to war, manipulation and lying. The hard path is the one that makes people strong. The easy path makes you dependent on others which causes them strain.
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