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Airbus Airworthiness Directive

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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 05:26 PM
EASA has issued a new Airworthiness Directive for the A319/320 and variants, concerning a tail cone failure in flight. They are reporting that a crack found in a rib in the tailcone, caused the failure. The directive, calls for a visual inspection and repairs, followed by a report to Airbus on any findings.

EASA just issued an airworthiness directive (2012-0100), effective June 20, for Airbus A319/A319/A320/A320 variants due to an aft pylon moveable fairing tail cone that failed inflight.

EASA reports a crack in the fairing Rib 5 caused the failure and says similar cracks have been found in other A320s. %3a63c29ba8-ff91-483e-8c54-3e5a0a6ad473


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