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This is a Sexist Thread! (Men's Rights)

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posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 01:18 PM
Just sayin. This goes right along with what I was saying in my last post.
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posted on Jun, 28 2012 @ 01:43 PM

Originally posted by ninepointfive
I feel like I need to add my two cents to this, since I've been through the court system and subsequent, "treatment" for a domestic violence charge. If you personally haven't gone through this system in the US, even if you know someone who has, then I don't think you have the awareness of how it works to form a complete and honest opinion of it. Because after all, these cases mostly exist of he-said, she-said.

Without disregarding situations of absolute and brutal violence which are serious matters, did you know you can be jailed for simply closing shut a cabinet door a little too hard, or raising your voice?

What I did landed me in jail. Which was restraining mom while she broke things in the house. She then started fighting me, which led to further altercation.

You put your hands on someone, they retaliated, and then it escalated and you went to jail. Not really seeing anything out of line here. Completely take away the gender element from this situation to understand that gender had nothing to do with it.

A restrains B. B retaliates. Escalation. B says A attacked B first. B goes to jail.

However, with that said - as a male, no one in the system cares about the abuse I suffered physically and emotionally for the year up to the point where the incident occurred. I've dealt with threats, entry doors broken down, house walls and property broken by things being thrown, forced entry, harassment, and all the while mom was taking overdoses of prescription drugs intermittently while pregnant.

Did you report the abuse you suffered before the incident involving your arrest? I mean, if the mother of a child is taking overdoses.. someone should be taking notice.

The system could care less about what I've said about any of it. But no matter what she says, it's taken as the complete truth. Had I not tried to live through the crazy hormonal pregnancy as advised by people I knew, she would have been landed in jail for child abuse for overdosing on prescription drugs while pregnant. In this case trusting the police to intervene in my personal life is something of a last item on my list. I just dealt with it silently which turned out to be a very bad idea.

Bingo. Answered my question. You didn't report any behavior. This is a mistake on your part.

So here I am with my first born child, kicked out of the home I lived in for 7 years, after she was there for a month - while I still pay rent for mom and her two other daughters, risking jail violating the mandatory restraining order to even see my newborn. All the while I'm still being threatened and harassed.

Just by sharing this online could put me in trouble, because I'm supposed to completely submit to the entire system, or I never get out of it. My record was clean before this, and clean after. Her's is chock full of criminal and civil history of drug abuse and indiscretions.

Sounds like you made a poor choice of person to give birth to your child.

It's damaged my reputation, my ability to be a father, and have been completely uprooted in life. I fear having to pay lots of money in child support, and not being able to see my daughter. No one cares but my family, and I'm glad I have them for support.

I would imagine getting mixed up with a criminal drug addicted single mother and deciding to have a baby with her has damaged your reputation even before this incident happened.

I wish the battle of the sexes would just go away, but I fear it will only get worse with the ever increasing power of the state, and the ever increasing laws, regulations, and litigation in court. It makes it almost impossible that there will ever be neutral ground. More of just an ever increasing war that's being waged in courts, under the threat of violence or jail carried out by the government.

I'm tired. I'm depressed. My only hope is that I can still be a father to my daughter, and move past this.
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Family law sucks, hope it works out for you.

posted on Jul, 3 2012 @ 09:24 AM
In the Future
Only GOLDMEMBER Has The Key To Activate the Large Hadron Collider

Eat your Meat, Kids.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 06:09 PM
I have a unique perspective on this topic I think.

Firstly,in the general view......There has been a De-masculinisation of the male population for the last 20 years,take a look at all the beauty products that have targetted men,a simple shave these days could last an hour if you exfoliate,then apply your skin desensitising pre-shaving cream before you slap on the shaving foam,then shave,then use abit of moisturiser and finally abit of post shave cream to close up the pores and give you that 24hr skin protection from life's daily grind......meanwhile,the girlfreind is banging on the bathroom door yelling "How long are you going to take? its only a bloody shave!....ffs!...Its like living with a diva!".............well you bought me those products hunni,I'm sure there would also be hell to pay if i didn't listen to your suggestions and ignored these products.....oh...btw i'm shaving my chest after!.

Then when i log on to social networking sites and see loads of women's statuses with the same rhetoric along the lines of "why are men all after one thing or complete tossers?"........All the replies are sympathetic,I often wonder If I was to put up a similar status regarding women.....what reaction do you think the replies would be based on? It would certainly be a good test for comparison.
My unique perspective is that i am a single father,my son lives with me.Aside from the general ignorance from companies,government and law.I have to deal with public myths like a mother's bond is stronger than a father's,yet i am living testiment breaking that myth,in the street i live in, i am one of three parents who's son's mothers simply don't give a #.A scientific study showed that ADD and ADHD children are more likely to occur with single mothers than single fathers as parents.In 2010 the police crime report for the whole of the UK showed that 70% of drunken street brawls were between two women.The truth is the media do not cover the other angle enough.

posted on Jul, 16 2012 @ 07:35 AM
reply to post by 8pointed1

You make a very good point. I also think that another good point is that it is women of western culture who have bought the feminazi BS. I.E. British, and American women, maybe some others I am not aware of, but these seem to stand out in my mind. I have friends who have crossed cultural borders on purpose to find a wife, and they are very happy.

While some old world cultures cross the line by demeaning women, and treat them as lesser people. It has become popular in western culture to do so to men. Portraying them as the lost bungling soul that must have a woman "to straighten him out." No real person man, or woman surrenders their autonomy to another.

So take note western women. Keep treating men badly, and in a generation or two you will simply be bred out of existance. There are many research articles demonstrating how this is beginning to happen already. My good friend married a Kenyan woman, and they have so much fun, and are so happy together. Another friend married a russian woman (no not mail order, lol.) She prides herself in being able to work just as hard as him, and he is a farmer, and she is HOT!

Next time you want to berate men on how inferior they are, and how you aren't being treated like the diva you are... Remember there's a chick from the old world ready to take your place, and respect that man, and make him happy. Western men, don't get caught up in cultural boundaries, and realise that there are awesome women in this world that will appreciate love, and respect, and return it in kind. They don't have to be non-western either it just seems to be a trend in this day.

My friends with cross-cultural marriages have found that american men treat their women much better than a lot of other cultures, and american women don't appreciate it at all as a whole. My wife is american, and an exception to the rule, but I can see the trend, and so does she. She likes hanging out with our cross-cultural friends, and can't really stand american divas. It's the lack of respect, and entitlement mentality that is really nauseous.

posted on Aug, 2 2012 @ 09:13 PM
I'd love to chime in here, even though I'm just back on ATS for the first time in over a year, and haven't read the entire thread...

It seems that we're finally discussing this at least somewhat politely, that's a relief and a change, for sure.

This discussion seems to be focused more on the social aspects than the law itself (not MY usual approach, but I'm certainly game) as such, let's look at patriarchy and its complete and total rejection by first, the woman's rights movement, and feminists in general, and later by the larger population by degrees, over time...

OOPS, Paternity based anything, much less child support, IS PATRIARCHAL! Of course it is, silly. (no one in particular, I just like the phrase) It is actually based on the "right of kings" so its not just patriarchal in nature, its directly, and on its face Medieval and Patriarchal.

Thanks for letting me in...have fun with that one....

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