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This is a Sexist Thread! (Men's Rights)

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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 10:27 PM
Okay... Full transparency: I only have a little bit of time to write this, so I skipped the last two pages of responses. I've been entertaining my 5-year old daughter since leaving work today. I took her for a haircut, and to the mall's playplace, drove an hour home, and took her to her grandmother's house for a while, and I have tons to do before I get to sleep. Then tomorrow, I'm taking her to a breakfast at her school, then to school proper, then gymnastics on Saturday, and I'll get her to help me plant the garden and mow the lawn. Sunday, we'll see if she can get signed up for Brownies.

That's all background. I will take down anyone who tries to suggest that a woman would be better at my job than me. Being this child's father is the single greatest job in the world, and frankly, I do a damned good job.

You know what gets me, though? Most of the commercials you see on tv, or hear on the radio borrow their humour from making guys look stupid. Any spot where you see a guy being a dad, he's got to be the gruff, sports-loving bear of a guy, because some poseur got the idea that that's what a real man is. He can't show emotion, certainly in front of his kids, and he'd rather be shot in the stomach than go shopping.

A real man doesn't need all that garbage. A real man will stand up for what's right, fess up to his wrongs, take on more to make the burden less on others, shield from harm, and occasionally get really hurt in the process. He'll sacrifice of himself even when he's given up so much it feels like he'll implode from the nothing that is left there. Then, given a good sleep, he'll do it again the next day. What's more, since it's in service of something so awesome, he'll love it till the day he collapses from it.

I haven't had a day off in at least 6 years. All of my weekends away include my daughter. But there's still this "motherly love" thing that I have to compete with. I can't hold a candle to it, or understand it, and if I try to suggest that a dad can fill that gap, I get glares of disgust from these elitist moms.

Stay at home dads, I salute you. Flirting with destitution keeps me from taking that step, but it seems like the greatest thing a guy could do. Who needs to fit what people say a man should be, when being a dad is all you really need!

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 10:31 PM
reply to post by tw0330

You don't have to thank me. Your points are good and fair, and I can see that you aren't gender bashing, just pointing out the obvious ways that seem unfair.

I'd be proud to have you as a friend, and I'm sure you have chosen a good woman who I would be proud to have as a friend as well.

Thank you for being you, and starting a discussion that makes us all think about fairness.

All the best to you and your family.
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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 10:39 PM
reply to post by WhisperingWinds

you have been added as a friend here. (actually my first.)

Yes you do deserve thanks, as I was beginning to lose some faith in women. it was looking as if women of ATS only believe in fare equality, only if they get the most rights.

you honestly helped to empower me, and feel we (men) do have a chance in this world.

Not to say that women still don't have a fight with equalities in other areas, which I will stand with them to fight for their rights as women.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 10:43 PM
l women excel at things that men dont and vise tend to be stronger physically than women but women tend to be stronger mentally..
i had this argument the other day with my gf about the whole make me a sandwich thing...

i said as a joke go make me a sandwich when she got really mad, but then i told her its the same thing wen she tells me to go fix her car....

im not bashing on women butthey do get irrational sometimes and really freak out for nothing but on the other hand men do some pretty stupid stuff themselves......
we are all human male or female and should be treated as a race itself and not divided

men would fail without women and women would fail without men

i found the love of my life and couldnt be happier but even some days i wanna just punch her once to make her snap out of her crazy. i obviously dont

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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 10:46 PM
Why does this always happen?

Newton said " For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction."

Women's rights are the clear result of masculine over rule. Same thing happened in civil rights, gay rights etc (they all are the results of their opposite).

Men's rights? Haha...tell that to the WNBA.
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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 10:47 PM
reply to post by tw0330

I'm a woman, and I don't find what you're saying sexist at all. It's the most of these scenarios you males did get the short end of the stick. I believe in equality for all human beings regardless of their gender but, unfortunately, I don't think that those scales will ever be completely balanced. I mean, there are things that suck for us too. It's just one of those times when that old "life isn't fair" cliche really rings true.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 10:47 PM
Fantastic thread

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 10:50 PM
Many of my posts/response on here are attributed to this very topic. Some are in the rant section and long lost as you mentioned and many have been removed by one particular MOD (who's moniker I won't mention as then this post will be removed)....women don't care (why would they when everything is working out just fine for them), other men are blinded by this false illusion of chivalry where they think they will somehow, get rewarded or be first in line for sex when the woman's crummy husband or boyfriend leaves them, or when the woman leaves the crummy boyfriend...they will see what a great guy whose shoulder they had been crying on all the time....but they never break up and they always go back to the bad boy.

They have girlfriends as confidants and that is exactly what every man is that sits around and listens to this crap.......A GIRLFRIEND! You will not get any by being the nice guy, you haven't ever and you never will..but they have traded the dignity and strong image of all men by turning into pushover, pansy, metro-sexual, meat heads dis-illusioned by the natural sexual charm of women which have been our Achilles heel since chapter one of the bible. I have made twitter accounts and have been hitting forums hard with a constant stream of information and proof of this silent conspiracy against men.

It is not a conspiracy BY women...they just benefit greatly from it. It is actually a conspiracy by the government to emasculate men and destroy the strong image of the man who's in charge, "wearing the pants" of the family, the man that was like the man of 1776 who beat their English carcases all over the battlefield!

If the government, who is controlled by the International bankers, can convince men and women that men are of little value and no longer a protective force and can depress men and make them feel of less strength than a will be easy to install a government that can rule both women AND men with an iron fist and there will be no one to stand against them because the women will be weak as always and they won't turn against them anyway, because they are protected by the gov't.

Men won't attack or defend because they will be convinced by all of the divorce hearings and child support payments and losing their jobs (so that women can wear the pants in the family) becoming the new "bread winners" as almost every mainstream corporate business today has nothing but female managers. men who were managers have all been replaced by those filling a quota for something called "affirmative action" and many men have been replaced by threats of an attack from the many feminist organizations out there.

There is actually a wiki-feminist page with over 500+ popular feminists on it and we know there are thousands and thousands more out there fighting for men's rights as well as women's right?? Right??

There is not one wiki page for the rights of men and the only ones out there are buried in a sea of feminist hate and disdain for men.

Men are waking up though, and I amongst many men have finally gotten this word out and it is finally getting noticed.

To all the men out there, you are strong by proven history....not by shows like Wonder Woman or Zena Princess Warrior or the myriad of other illusory based "Girl Power" videos where a woman is kicking the @sses of 15 men all by herself....oh, and she's hot too...just like reality. (sarcasm, of course to all the females who actually believe this) yes, there are women who can beat men up but they are usually 350lbs. of steroids or a natural behemoth who might as well be a man anyway.

I support you sir, for being the smart guy who doesn't fall for all of this illusory BS and for not succumbing to the sexual hostage-taking that is the female sexuality.

I like you want true equality where women and men are treated equal INSIDE the courtroom and outside of it and have the same decisions as women regarding children and if we have to prove to a court that we paid so much a should they. They should have to legally prove that they have spent the same amount as the man is required to.

This comment of "I had to carry the baby for 9 months" is not a good enough excuse for me. I would MUCH rather have 9 months of discomfort, followed by an epidural, than 18-20 years of financial hell and being neutered by a female protecting gov't.

The men that I spoke of before? The intellectually challenged children, who can still be seduced by women into giving them whatever they want in the hopes of getting remunerated by sexual services. They will respond in this forum will know them by their fruits. (or the fruits they once had.)

I would give you 10,000 stars and flags if I could. Fight on man.

Say what you will about men like us, we were the ones who didn't change, who can't be ruled and if you don't like us..we don't care. The men who come to the aid of strong women..YOU are WEAK!

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 10:50 PM
reply to post by tegz_1

That's kind of funny

But, I like making sandwiches so I guess my guy got lucky. I also like to clean.... I suppose I'm sort of old school when it comes to gender roles. I DO work and I bring home a sizeable pay check but, I like doing the things that are generally considered "women's work" because I'm a nurturer I guess. I like taking care of others.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 10:50 PM
reply to post by denver22

Domestic Violence by a Woman...well...that is what a Car...a Bar...and a Far Distance away you want to be when she get's like this. But seriously...getting beaten up by a Woman!? We are talking about a MAN HERE RIGHT?

I very rarely have this happen to me but...if she wants to take a swing at is HER HAND that is going to be hurting! LOL! Split Infinity

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 10:53 PM
reply to post by SplitInfinity

Yes, if my wife wanted to beat up on me, she would easily be able to.

Not because she is stronger than me, but because I would never lay a hand on a woman unless it was to protect another woman, or a child. This was deeply instilled in me.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 10:55 PM
reply to post by tw0330

You shouldn't let anyone hit you, whether it be a man or a woman. If someone hits you they should expect to get hit back, whether or not they have something dangling between their legs is irrelevant.

In my opinion anyway.

(this response was for the person above me.)
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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 10:57 PM

Originally posted by tw0330

Originally posted by unknOWNmirAGE

Originally posted by albertabound
Pretty much when I hit JH the anti-male propaganda hit full swing. Male teachers started disappearing and the women teachers became less and less ashamed to chest thump and show how they really felt about men.

Don't even get me started about the ball kicking.

Basically, the anti male propaganda in our schools is sickening and BLATANT.

If people really wanted to oppose your opinion, they could say, "how many woman do you see raping men?" along with plenty of other things. Not that it doesn't happen, but we take advantage when possible, apparently. Brains vs. Brawn? 1+1=WHOLE? zZz

Actually the correct response is, how many men do you see reporting the rape. What chance would they have in court compared to a woman?

Now let's talk about false accusations of rape. An ex friend of my wife made a false rape claim putting the guy in jail for a 10 year sentence, but after a few month proof was found that it was a false accusation, and she eventually admitted to it. what did she get, 2 months and a years probation.

Or domestic assault for that matter. How many out of 100 cases of abused husbands/male spouses ever get reported do you think?

I watched my mom do it to my dad for years. Flying pots and pans or anything within arms reach, fists, nails, feet, knees, incessant nagging and complaining, blame for everything bad in life, constant threats to leave and divorce/take all the kids, etc.. She was a stay at home mom by choice, and he worked 50-60-70 hours a week as a carpenter to support 8 kids and a wife who never showed appreciation, and spent his money like crazy...
He never raised a hand toward her (nor his kids for that matter whereas mom put Joan Crawford to shame).
I had 4 older sisters, 3 of which took the cue of ol mom and made my life hell. One has been divorced 3 times and can't figure out why the men always leave (just like my mother), and another where the bro-in-law confides in me all the time that he's not sure how much more he can take...

Female dominated households, not Martha Stewart type where it's just a fussy OCD type lady, but mean, vicious, domineering, overwhelming, hyper-emotional. I gotta think that is more common than just my family. I see the same down and depressed look on alot of middle aged cats at the hardware store on the know the getaway place that doesn't have a cover charge.

Don't ask me to chime in on what I think about equal rights. And don't ask me how long I think a society completely run by women would last before total global annihilation occurs. My opinions are skewed for life and therefore should be crossed off these opinion polls.

(I married someone kinda similar to my mother and I have 2 children / both girls....sigh... I often wonder if that karma/reincarnation thing is true. I must've been pretty darn bad way back when. Maybe I was an Alpha? )

(and I love my girls and they are the reason to wake up everyday, so therefore I have to reserve my men's lib rants for this vague interwebbie place that they'd never be able to find or associate me with).

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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 10:59 PM
reply to post by CrikeyMagnet

If I could give this a million stars, I would. Amazing response, seriously

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 11:00 PM
reply to post by U4ea82

I'm not saying she does, but fact is, some of the guys are correct, if a man defends himself and in doing so the woman were to get injured, he'd more likely go to jail than she would.

No one should allow abuse whether from a woman or a man, but there are many fathers that deal with it because of the pure fact that they know in a matter of divorce, they will not get custody. Courts more often than not will take a womans word over a mans in custody cases.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 11:06 PM
reply to post by tw0330

You're absolutely right, and that sucks. No one should have to stay in a volatile relationship because they fear they might lose their's just not right. Sex should not be the first thing considered in parental custody situations because honestly, I've seen enough in my own life to know that children aren't always better off with their mothers.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 11:07 PM
My wife has a friend that has six kids, one adopted the others have 4 different fathers.

She has been married 5 times, and to this day loves to get sympathy from other women when she tells them how bad her exes are.

5 times, obviously she was never at fault.

She has a nursing job similar to my wife's job, but because she gets so much in child support she has a brand new house and drives new cars, and always goes on vacations. while my wife and I barely make ends meat some times.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 11:12 PM

Originally posted by Numino
reply to post by tw0330

Men take their illness as it is. Don´t say it isn´t that way. Every guy in my family does not care about being ill, because someone told them: men have to be strong! bull'+§! This makes me angry.

Pretty sure you're look at that through the wrong kind of eyes. It's not that we Ignore illness because we're "supposed to be strong". It's because for years, calling in sick would get you fired, still will in my experience. I've been pretty sick before, but either not sick enough to go to the doctor, or couldn't afford it. but with most jobs if you call in sick, then they will fire you if you have no doctor's note, especially if you're a man. Also, the not putting on because you're sick mentality comes from the days when if you didn't work, the crops wouldn't come in or the cattle wouldn't be tended to, whatever, bottom line, you'd better be bedridden or dead to not work. I'm not saying that it's all sunshine and roses for women, because it isn't. Anyway, that's my two bits.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 11:14 PM
reply to post by tw0330

Even if her exes were horrible, perhaps she needs to look inward and figure out why she's attracted to losers and abusers. That's not stick your hand on the stove once and get burned, you don't stick it back on there 4 more times. People like that make zero sense especially when they expect you to offer up sympathy for their own stupidity.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 11:15 PM
reply to post by U4ea82

Maybe it's the Alpha Male in me but...I CAN'T TAKE IT! MEN AND WOMEN ARE NOT EQUAL....PERIOD! That's why the Girls get a few perks. If you are acting like a TRUE MAN....then many of the issues discussed here will not present themselves.

My PERSONAL PET PEEVE....a Couple are on their first date...and I have witnessed this more times than I can stand....the Woman looks disinterested....the Man immediately goes into the...Oh...What's wrong? Am I meeting your needs? UUUHHHGGGH!

A Woman will by her Genetic Nature gravitate toward whomever in the Room that is Male shows a Aura of Confidence as well as cool composure. It is an instinctual response that is ancient and is on a Subconscious level. Displays of Strength or Toughness are not what a Modern Woman Subconsciously responds to...and we are talking about an female age group from 18 to 35. She responds to whomever brings out a curiosity in her as she will ignore her date and check out the Guy who is behaving as if...He is comfortable and confident and would be so in any setting. She sees this by the way that Man responds to others and communicates to everyone around him...all the while he has not verbally said a thing.

Sure...a good body and looks help but Woman will gravitate to a Man they feel is worthy of her attention. At this point...if she displays interest in that Man...his move is to be polite yet respond appropriate to the circumstance. But never does he EVER SHOW his possible attraction. To not over react is like CATNIP. She will pursue this Man to the point of even embarrassing herself. But the TRUE ALPHA MALE WILL NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN. He will either let her down easy or TAKE HER! Split Infinity

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