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The universe as I see it.

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posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 08:07 PM
Hello, everyone. I have an interesting thought, I didn't quite know where to post this. It's a little out there, and If I had a better grasp on physics as well as Graphic software I would propose a model, however given the nature it's also some what philosophical in nature. We are all aware that something can not be created from nothing, and yet regardless of our belief whether it be in religion, or science the universe began at some point. Well, as far as they can explain so far from nothing. Well, if this is true what if the universe goes through cycles, meaning it depletes, big bang, then depletes once more. Following me so far? Good. Okay, so through out the universe the most common shape is a sphere, and the energies within/around those objects are toroidal. So my thought, ureeka moment came to me while reading an article by Steven Hawking, the universe is a toroid. There is a positive, and negative side to this toroid, and at the center of the universe there is a large black hole. This black hole is the same on both parallels of the universe and acts to maintain balance between the two sides.

On the positive side of the universe we have stars of various types, as well as black holes of various types which we are only beginning to understand.

On the negative side of the universe everywhere there is a black hole there is a star, and everywhere there is a star, there is a black hole. Are you following me?

All matter absorbed by a black hole is passed to the other side of the universe, eventually matter collects and is compressed by both the gravity of the black hole as well as the collection of matter starting nuclear fusion and a star is born. When this star burns out if the conditions are correct it burns out in a massive explosion known as a supernova creating a collapse on one side of the universe to the other, which will in turn pull matter to the other side of the universe to recycle. An equilibrium of sorts, as long as both sides remain in balance all the universe remains in it's glory.

However, if at any time the universe become inbalanced a runaway effect will occur, keep in mind this could take an unfathomable amount of time. At this point the matter predominantly on one side of the universe will be so dense it will be more likely drawn the the Neutral( best way I can describe it) Black hole in the center of the universe. At this point matter will be compressed in to an infinitely small dense space as both sides press into the center. The massive amount of energy and matter compressed into such a small space would case an immense explosion greater than anything in the universe dispersing matter to all corners of both sides of our toroidal universe starting the process over once more.

If we are to believe that the big bang happened, and that something can not come from nothing, I feel this is a very plausible explanation and perhaps this process goes beyond two layers. With the theory of anti-matter becoming reality, and the theory stars and black holes could be used as gate ways through out the universe would this not make perfect sense? From a philosophical stand point the universe would be an infinite loop. Harmonic perfection. All things, create all things and are born of all things. If I had the knowledge to break this down scientifically, and produce a graphic model I would, but this is a rough theory at best. What do you all think? Am I completely insane? Or did I just have a stroke of genius? This breaks know laws of our current understanding of physics yet brings a whole new light to the universe. Should I be persuing my Phd in physics, or should I be sleeping more, or less.

posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 08:24 PM
Black holes are very flat discs that suck in and shoot matter out the opposite side at near light speed, this is why we can observe jet streams coming out the top and bottom of galaxies.
I remember hearing about a theory that the cores of suns are star gates/wormholes but black holes as wormholes would be impossible. My 0.1c

posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 09:23 PM
I have no understanding of physics nor space, but based off of what I have experienced it seems the universe does work with in balance of energy's. As a poster said, it would be impossible but then again we dont know much about black holes. Seriously keep thinking, this post is amazing. Even if its not right at least it will get people to discuss their idea's.
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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 04:06 AM
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Thank you for the encouragement, I'm trying to find as much information as I can. I'm actually quite stunned as to how I came up with this, I was actually looking at a diagram of a gravitational field when it hit me.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 04:09 AM
reply to post by OmegaSynthesis

Hmmm, can you provide me with evidence to prove this theory? I've always been under the understanding a black hole is a gravity well. Nothing can escape it, and for it to have another side it sort of goes hand in hand with what I'm saying. Yes, there is matter being beamed out of galaxies but isn't this evidence of a quark, quasar, or pulsar and not a black hole? Black holes are seemingly endless and thus far there has been no observable exit of a black hole.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 04:15 AM
The big bang is banging right now. It goes on and off and on and off and on and off.......
Appearances are seen (like a firework going off) and then they are not seen (there is nothing) and then they reappear looking different each time. Notice that what is appearing is always changing. But you the witness of the changes stays constant. You cannot see the nothing between the appearances because it is quick but you cannot deny that the appearance is constantly changing.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 04:17 AM
Emptiness (nothingness) is form.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 04:18 AM
According to wiki, once matter enters a black hole it's just " gone " according to understood science. It can not escape, nothing can.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 04:24 AM
reply to post by Itisnowagain

That is beautiful.

I believe, and it may take another unfathomable amount of time, once a black hole has consumed enough matter it blooms into a new star. The biblical immaculate conception. It would appear as if something is born of nothing, but it is simply the moment in which enough energy is created to exceed that of the gravity restraining it. Black holes are said to be so dense that their gravity is so great that not even light can escape them. It's one of these two, it either goes to the other side of the universe or over time it gains enough energy to escape it's own mass, which would break the rules of physics. More matter, more energy, more density, more gravity impossible. It has to go somewhere.
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