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Survivalism as insanity.

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posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 11:19 PM
reply to post by Narcissous

I saw the Georgia Guidestones on Brad Meltzer's Decoded show on the History Channel...everything about the guidestones is chilling.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 12:12 AM
to the OP

may i suggest you take your gear and any provisions and do say a weekend camping trip ... that way you can familiarise your self with local vegetations and conditions.
that's two birds with one stone.

You build confidence in your survival skills and you get away from those dreadful folks.
look up urban camping very cool concept
oh and stock pile rations and learn about edible vegitation, also see what its like to build a modest little camp
leave that crossbow at home sounds like more trouble than its worth

no excuses bro!

Time to grab the bull that we call life by the horns:
keep your chin up.-jplaysguitar
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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 12:49 AM
reply to post by jplaysguitar

good thinking!
I was a boyscout for ten years, in which we went to fifty different campings(five each year) We slept in tents, and after a few days, when our rations started to go out, we started eating stuff from the nearby woods. I am familiar with this sort of thing, though I have not yet done it in this particular area. I'll try it out. Plus the border starts at around 150 kilometres down south, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to explore it after. I still can't figure out whether I should go towards the mountains, or down south, but the latter is more appealing(a place where in winter, you don't get freezed to death certainly sounds better than anything else)

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 01:34 AM
reply to post by Narcissous

lol every winter i swear that will do some snow camping. never do get to it thou haha
i alway keep the native eskimos in made if they can thrive in the article conditions hopefully some of us could survive a winter ells where
but in all seriousness nothing and i mean nothing takes me away from the often depressing monotony of evryday life like a 3day to even a week of camping will i always come back so calm and un-wound and hey if you got someone to tagalong that is just as fun
:brsh up on the skills

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 01:48 AM
reply to post by Narcissous

You seem like a very intelligent person.

I think you posted this thread to back up what's in the back of your head.

I will only contribute this, you'll find your way. You have the intelligence and the resources to take care of yourself. Follow your instincts. Get away from the people that are imprisoning your mind with religion and politics. A previous poster said to take a camping trip with your gear, that's a great idea!

Best of luck to you.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 02:11 AM
reply to post by Narcissous


I feel for you.


III. Leftist Groupthink: How Intellectuals Lost Their Ability to Reason
In brief, the history of “liberalism” covers the development of every precious idea to the Western mind, including the Bill of Rights, Constitutionalism, the free market, etc. The root word means “liberty,” after all. Yet this “classical liberalism” gave way to liberalism as socialism, as the term is now understood today, and all hell broke loose.

The main driving force behind the socialist worldview, which is the default view of the American Democratic party, is the writings of Karl Marx. This is important because the project that most distracts today’s typical Western leftist is Political Correctness, which is a tendril of cultural Marxism. Likewise, the central debate tactic is another Marxist trope called Critical Theory.

But as modern liberals have walked away from the Western canon of Art and Literature, and revealed religion, they have moved further into a very murky swamp. This Slough of Despond swallows them as they call out to lure others into its reedy interior, to sink and drown. Misery and insanity crave company. But once society trades a set of core truths for increasingly tenuous and farfetched philsophies, the ability of the average person to debate important topics disappears. This is because there is no longer a baseline from which to evaluate the statements and ideas of the self and others. In its place comes a politically predetermined set of goals that will eventually be installed, without any regard to logic or consistency, like Nietzsche’s Will to Power. And this is where Critical Theory comes in.

I gotta get back and finish reading OP...

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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 02:29 AM
reply to post by jplaysguitar

I camped a few times in frozen ice. Of course, then there was a building, but there was one night(assignment of some sort) when we had to sleep out in the snow. Managed, but vowed to avoid it whenever possible. it was terrible. though maybe it would have been better with a tent.

I was thinking. I have one of these rectangular ones. If I could build a snowwall around and on top of it, maybe it could retain the heat(like an igloo) the rods would probably support it.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 02:35 AM
reply to post by litterbaux

I would, but the day I get away, will be the day I leave the system.
I cannot possibly express myself enough when I speak of it. I am so fed up with the 'grid'
Every day is a battle. As long as you are part of it(indoctrinated zombie citizen) you manage somehow, but if you know what I know, it becomes pretty much a constant warzone in your eyes.
Maybe it is just me, but this situation(even without the family and the fiscal instability) is unbearable.
I was not born a slave.
My mother always tells me to keep going to school, to get a degree, to be able to go to university, and then work my ass off for 250 bucks a month.
It was around four or five years ago, when I suddenly started to see this system for what it is, and it started to disgust me to a degree, I can't even survive it.
I have psychosomatic problems from the sole thought of this crap. My stomach starts to hurt and my brain becomes all fuzzed up. I become angry, and nobody seems to understand what my problem is with the 'civilized world'. I just can't take it anymore. Call me a madman, but personally I am waiting for SHTF, for everything will be better than this exact thing. The first few years will be hard, but at least they will not break my back while extorting the last drop of blood from my veins.

Anyway. Thank you.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 02:45 AM
reply to post by loveguy

Great quote.
What compare this to, is science. Science originally was the other way(the non religious) which strived to understand the world through empiric understanding. Nowadays it is a most rigid system, alike to christianity. Money keeps it going, and they refuse to accept anything that contradicts their base theories for it would be very counterproductive to admit that 'everything we thought was wrong!' I was all for science until I have seen it with my own eyes. The way of burying contradicting evidence for the sake of the machine. Just like the Catholic Church.
I support scientific understanding, but as much as in anything else, the so called 'mainstream' science is now my enemy.
Just like wikipedia. I worshipped that. Until I have realized that they(unlike their claim) don't seek the truth, but rather the accepted consensus of what most people think is true.
The infamous moment the man turned his face away from the last-thought bastion of free thinking.
They too will do anything to serve those on the throne, and unfortunately, this was a very dark day for me.
Those were the days 'when I finally saw: Everything I thought was wrong.'
At least I admitted and immediately(after gathering my pieces) started looking for the absolute truth.
Speaking of terrifying...

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 05:39 AM
just be it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ignore them and be it!!!!!!!!!!! life is too short and subconsciously they are winning by holding you back with all this nonsense, ignore it. find some inspiration and be it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 05:49 AM
Dude i left when i was 15, was it hard? you bet it # was, did I make, damn straight. can you? you know you # can

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 06:38 AM
Don't drink the kool-aid!

On a serious note it sounds like things are definitely not right and you've been forced to put up with allot of quite simply crap and abuse over the years.
Beatings, deprivation of food and constant abuse both physically and emotionally.

I would personally consider moving out and finding a new place to stay, their are protection services available if you have been abused depending on your age, maybe someone from the US can update you on these.
You will need a fair bit of money to do so and clean state of mind, leave a letter saying you don't want to be found and forward a copy to your police department.

You sound like a smart person and certainly not someone who has to put up with this business.
If you feel as if your safety or welfare is at risk staying at home then I believe you know whats best.

If you need to speak to someone about this make sure you do to someone you trust.
I applaud you for speaking publicly about this, it was a very brave move and I hope it works out for the best for you.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 07:36 AM
reply to post by Narcissous

Please stay Strong!! Try and focus on School and Work!! Find a way to survive among them!! You must create a foundation to stand on, and this will require school and work..Please stay in school and work youre way out through going to college!! You can go away to college and get away from them!! I come from a screwed up family and I have ditched all of them! The only people I care about are my children and boyfriend!

Keep the survival stuff to yourself!! Play them if you have to..just to get along until you can stand on youre own!! Please dont ever run away!! Work youre way out through going away to college..or check out JOB CORPS..go to them and they will take you!! You will go away to school and be able to Focus!! Job Corps is like a College Campus..everything is paid etc..all you have to do is focus and learn!!

Regarding youre family attempting to send you of something called Involuntary Committment Papers..basically anyone can go and make up things about someone and have them thrown into a do not want this to happen..this can screw youre life up forever...they torture humans in these kinds of hospitals!

Call Job Corps today please!! I wish you success and happiness!! I hope you will be ok!!

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 07:47 AM
reply to post by Narcissous

Please child..dont run away!! Do you have something called Job Corps in youre country?? I thought you were in the US. You have to have Food, Clothing and Shelter to make it!! Find a way to get along with them until you can make it own youre own!! please!

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 08:40 AM
reply to post by repeatoffender

The problem is the financial status. My mother makes around 250bucks a month(min wage) minus taxes. with paying for the #tiest of apts, you have no money left. not for eating, not for anything.
Which is funny because she has a college degree.
The only thing I am good at is writing(besides some things this country is very much against). This place is famed for authors starving to death. with a 35-65 employed-unemployed ratio, where people with a much better degree work in the f*cking McDonald's and selling maps off the street, I find myself in a pretty bad situation if I consider working. Also, I know no people around here.
I tried looking for jobs, but only found gates closed(such a bad pun)
Believe me. If I could, I would be in a far away place. Maybe in Canada, making the highest end products to cancer patients, or writing hard science fiction. But life ain't for the trained and the knowledgeful. It is for the rich and those with good connections(awfully often, these two things come together)

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 08:57 AM
reply to post by phantom150

I would, believe me, but I see how my mother(who is highly trained and works at the university) makes a salary you can't possibly live from.
For personal reasons I won't discuss the exact country in a public site, but consider this:
The minimum wage is 60'credits'
The minimum amount of money you need is 80'credits'

The tax of the minimum wage is 15 credits.
the crappiest of apts is 20 credits.
Which leaves me with 25 'creds' which is, however I count, is not enough to live out from. Certainly not enough so save something to be able to move out.
IF I can get a job. The unemployment ratio is somewhere around 65%(maybe I am not entirely correct) which makes it pretty darn impossible to mop the floor at the McDonalds without a college degree.
I am a very positive man, but still as I see it, there are two ways I'm leaving this country. Illegally, or in a box.
Thank you for the kind words. It was always my priority to obtain information.
Certainly, it will not help me obtain a job or salary I can live from, but at least I extensively understand why.

Money is hard to come by, if you are in the lower middle class. Personally, my highest priority around now, is to what to eat tomorrow. Doesn't bother me though. I eat more often in a week than not.
Of course, I could always call of the net, but I'd rather starve to death than suffer from lack of obtainable information. I have about three thousand books in my room and this thing. If it weren't here, I'd probably choose the box-y way to go. And no, selling books is not an option. Every one of them is a kind memory, more important than a kg of bread. Also, no one reads, but perhaps you know that(less than 3 percent reads a book annually) so if it weren't for me, these books wouldn't worth a thing.

This speaking/welfare thing also does not suit me. I am a science fiction writer, not a beggar, and going down that road would kill me. How could I liken myself to my personal heroes if I had to sit on a corner with an eyepatch on and a tin cup in hand?
I would look like a goddamn pirate.(actually, that does not sound bad at all

I don't really know what to do, and besides one single person who still gives a damn about me, I don't trust anybody anymore. When you come into this world, with a father who leaves, and a mother who blames you for it, you never really learn to trust.

There isn't any kool aid sold here. I was always interested in it's taste, but I believe you. What comes from powder is rarely good.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 09:13 AM
reply to post by Apollo7

I decided I'll only reply to this one(this is the latter) I have read both.
You know, one with asperger's really suffers in an environment like school. I'd do it if I could, but my stomach nearly broke down because of it. The sole thought screwes my guts. It makes me nauseated, and restricts me from sleep.

As for college. Well that is only for rich parents' kids. The government really cut back the financed education.
Like 80% of it is gone from yesteryear. The rest is reserved for ones with protection(you know, if you know the people who run college, you can get in) You can't possibly go down that way without a few million of our currency.
The work market is full, more people are on the streets than in the jobs. Even the people who work make radically less than what you can live off from.
I honestly thank you for trying to keep the soul in me, but as a logical man, I see no point.
Also, I am a very honest person, always speaking the truth when asked, and this kind of angers the teachers with their authority complex. I failed english when I outspoke my english teacer, after that, the crapstorm started.
It was a long and bloody battle, but I finally gave up, and offered my life upon the altar of knowledge.

I know people with two degrees mopping the floor in fast food restaurants. I have no degree, and don't wish to obtain one either if it means I too can mop the floor. Either I'm going to find job as a writer(writer of anything I don't care now) or I'm going to starve to death. I will not give my life away so rich people can get richer off my back.
After a long and careful consideration, I see now. I'd rather die a free man than live a life as a slave, full of misery.

I know about torture. I was fed with half a dozen of different antidepressants and nerve calmers, without my knowledge.

But I am good at writing, and it is the only thing I am able and willful to do. I know, I shouldn't be choose-y, but I have heliophobia. Which means I fear of sun, to the extent I can't force myself of going out in the day. I start to get panic attacks. I can't work like this.
Anyway, constantly I am looking from a home desk job with article writing, because I know that people much worse than me are doing it right now, but I haven't seemed to find any.
I don't even need much of a payment. Virtually anything I would make would make me higer middleclass, in this bankrupt one of a country.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by Narcissous

OK first, your handle is a little curious.

Second, to answer your cant....there is no word thats going to get them to come around to your reality. F em and stop trying your wasting your time.

3rd, if they were that harsh to you......and your able to do so.......Leave.....leave, dont call, dont write....your better off without them. Start over. Once out of that enviroment, you can accomplish anything.

sad to say but if thats what yer living with, its best to just be off on yer own. At least then you will have a better idea of where you stand as opposed to someone telling you were you stand.

and if TSHTF, your better off leaving them to their own created misery.....maybe God will save them when the TV tells them everything is ok.

You can lead a horse to water........

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 09:50 AM
reply to post by GrandHeretic

That is mostly the conclusion I have come to. Thank you for supporting it.
I will leave them to the mercy of the tally.
Financial freedom, however is impossible in this country without good connections or money.
Mostly is SHTF I am waiting for. Not for me, but for the people to have a chance to face the hard reality, and to have a chance to lead a life on their own. I believe it will get better on the long run

I love winchesters. Good accurate, and reliable guns, with a fine range.

If I ever leave, I will completely go off grid, leaving the system I can't bear anymore. But for that, SHTF will serve a good cause. A reason for me to do what I want to do. Free myself from slavery.
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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 10:29 AM
reply to post by Narcissous

I don't want to sound upsetting given all the stress you're under right now, but it seems that your entire existence revolves around the 'end is near' scenario, which, obviously I am not excluding as a possibility. Wouldn't it be better to prepare yourself, worry, get ready etc like the world's going to end soon and at the same time live as though it's going to last forever? It's not impossible, although it may be close to impossible to change your conviction that the end is near.
Think about it, if the system doesn't collapse this/next year , what will be of you? I'm not trying to advise you to 'choose life' as they say but in order to change the world or if you choose the escape path, you have to advance according to its rules. at least for awhile.

I'm wondering. If it weren't for the person you need to take care of, where would you go/to do what exactly?

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