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Rift Builds Between Obama and Unions

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posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 06:15 PM
story from Breitbart
by John Nolte

Rift Builds Between Obama and Unions

What's next for the public sector unions ?

It sure seems that The Democratic Party and Obama have all but abandoned the cause.

The feeble support for the Wisconsin Democrat candidates indicates a shift in Obama politics.

Perhaps it's the citizens that have made the message crystal clear ?

The MSM is scrambling with board and committee meetings to rethink their reporting strategies.

With State and Local governments strapped for money under Obama donkey economics, what choices are left ?

Even though the corrupt MSM changed their tune after polls showed a likely Scott Walker blow out, that didn’t change the fact that last night's recall election was the last stand for Public Sector Unions. Wisconsin is a liberal state Obama won by 14 points and if unions can't win there, they're unlikely to prevail almost everywhere else.

Granted, it's unlikely any in-state rallies headed by Obama might have made a difference in last night's outcome. Walker trounced his Democrat challenger, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, by a full seven points. But here's where Obama might have helped his union supporters save quite a bit of face…

Last night, Walker beat Barrett by a wider margin than when the two men first squared off in 2010. To lose by a wider margin is the most devastating of all rebukes to public unions -- their Waterloo. What Obama could've done by doing what he does best -- simply showing up and voting present -- would've been to shrink Walker's margin.

At the very least, had Barrett managed to narrow the margin over the 2010 results, Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) would've had a talking point that said Walker's reforms had cost him support.

That, at least, is something.

If anything, just knowing the President had their back and was in the trenches fighting for them as hard as they fought for him, would've at least bolstered the morale of union members. Instead, he very publicly and cynically abandoned them.

What should be especially galling to public union members is that over this last crucial weekend, Obama was but a two-hour drive away from Wisconsin as he gorged on a record fundraising binge with the Top 1%. But the President. couldn’t be bothered to make even a single stop. Rather than risk even temporary political capital, Obama assumed his favorite position, looked out for himself, and left his union supporters swinging in the wind. But…

If the era of the public union is over, he no longer needs them.

Did Obama & Co. throw the Unions under the Bus ?

What's the "New" agenda now ?

posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 06:27 PM

But one thing in Obama's favor is the fact that no President does any real 'agenda' in his last year, since its an election year!

However, that doesn't mean that he shouldn't be trying!!!! Obama actually has a few things still left that he can do to recapture his 2008 image. But his ego is getting in the way and he feels so sure that he can win the election that he is pushing everything away until after 2013. If he made peace with Iran and did some type of peace treaty, he would recapture most of the left the next day!
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