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A way

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posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 04:16 PM
we put so much hope into technology. We forget that a human being, awakened to his potential, educated and trained in his purpose, motivated by the best guidance possible. A people Inspired by ethics, morality, and truth can overcome ANYTHING.

I think if we made a nation of titans we would not fear another country of dumbasses lead by a great leader.

great leaders are useless unless They are so great they can defeat the world alone. A leader is only as good as his people.

If I were POTUS I would make a generation rivaled only by god and itself.
We need for our children to become titans, not good sheep. I would lead free men, not command dumb animals.

If we were taught with the intent of making greater our truth, little things like strength, courage and wisdom would flow from us like winters still water, thrown into the April rains. We would have no rival. We would owe no debt. Free men would walk this earth again. The world they would build would last endless generations.

Who would wage war against their sanctuary? What human would stand against a bastion of hope. Who doesn't want to be free? War is sometimes used to secure freedom. It never produces it since it is an illusion. Control, authority, rights; they are all illusions. A war to secure them is contrived in mad delusion. A want of hope. If not by Gods grace then by my hand shall I hold/Yield it.

My Freedom. Our freedom really. It is for man in his reasoning to become what he forges in his heart. In his core are the deep roots of the human soul. The collective force of our energy that animates, gives life. From the cell to the planet as a living or dead planet. Living things. A rock is soulless but the world is not. A person can be enslaved, but the world cannot.

Don't you see. If by our own hand we secure our freedom which really is our survival. That is what we are referring to. Freedom = survival. So if by our own hand, we to survive must change the very nature of our planet, we risk the very survival we aim to protect. People which we depend on. Little things, society, organized thought, sentient life and its interpretation of life.

We learn from life's interpretation of itself, If we make our world a war torn, ravaged, and utterly enslaved world; we become that as a people.

There is no feeling like being aware of one's freedom/ right to survive. That absolute truth of one's life and its determination to survive.

One free person is a force to be considered. Would you treat a lion the same as a cat? We must become nations of lions. A nation of free people is unstoppable. No pain too great. No wound too deep. Noting would challenge us.

Then we can focus on all the niceties of being smarter/ faster/ stronger/ bionic robot Cylons. Whatever. We could all worship a fig tree and wear colorful cone hats. I don't care.

The first step to transcendence, is peace with your fellow man. To look upon them all as your own. Love them as you can. Help them as you will. To make worthy in the eyes of the "one" self,

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posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 04:24 PM
interesting thoughts

posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 06:34 PM
Very very nice, I appreciate the way you think.

And I agree with most everything you had to say.



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