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Kent Walls Rant IV: Did not quite make ATS or had no staying power

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posted on Jun, 5 2012 @ 10:50 PM
This has been a week were little details are missing. Some stories never got posted...

You are probably still foaming at the mouth one way or another over a dead adult in Fla. If not that it will be over the recall election special influences. Or how mainstream is rigging the election and purposely ignored Ron Paul.

This is what we have allowed this country to come two

An attempt to over turn self defense

A lot of untaxed dollars being spent on controlling tax dollars (union bribes versus business bribes)

Why exactly was RP dropped from mainstream media? For a short time they tried to say he was out of it? Is he?

The problem is that this is part of the problem

Comissioner avoids questions...

The 62-page affidavit paints a damaging portrait of alleged corrupt behavior by Commissioner Price. He is accused of bribery, money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, and alleged kickbacks from vendors doing business with Dallas County.

This has been going on for years and the citizens have tolerated the corruption

John Wiley Price

Price has aroused local controversy during his time in office. During the 1980s and 1990s Price would lead protests for racial issues in the Dallas area. In 1991 during a protest, Price was accused of breaking the ankle of a white construction worker. In May 1992, Price was found not guilty of felony assault charges from the incident. The verdict was rendered just days after the Rodney King riots in the Los Angeles area, and several jurors reported to have received threatening phones calls during the trial.

a crook is still a crook

Next Up Liberal bigotry

Vet Fights Discrimination

A Massachusetts veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has filed a civil rights lawsuit against an anti-war activist who reportedly declined to rent him an apartment.

An anit-war apartment owner decided not to rent to a vet because he was a vet.

video states vets are a protected class, and the vet is suing

I want to know how it is that this is even allowed to take place. How do the anti-war people want to justify this. The Soldiers and Sailors defend your rights and you want to deny them theirs.

Again a sign of decay

The high state of music in america

Toby Keith's red solo cup

Clearly, plenty of people agree: Despite the clip's un-P.C. elements--including strong language, scantily clad women, and a cup transformed into a poorly disguised bong--it's escaped serious criticism. In fact, as of this month, Keith's video has racked up close to 16 million views (the official Glee version has nearly 2 million).

High class music...

The top country song, anyone want to mention rap ectra (I reference the thread about a meeting that destroyed hip hop

Next State Greed trying to justify need for money

States explore new ways...

Among the leading ideas: Taxing drivers for how many miles they travel rather than how much gasoline they buy. Minnesota and Oregon already are testing technology to keep track of mileage. Other states, including Washington and Nevada, are preparing similar projects.

seems the green people have caused another problem

States are worried they are going to lose tax dollars

Then I caught a slight trip up

When Oregon ran a pilot program six years ago, motorists' major objection was to in-vehicle boxes used to track miles driven, says James Whitty of the Oregon Department of Transportation. "They didn't like the government boxes. They didn't like the GPS mandate," he says.

Now this makes since. The government does not want to track the location of your car..

They want to track your mileage so they can charge you for road maintenance to make up for the lost money

Whats worse you will allow this to happen? LOL... it will be your own faults....

In Conclusion,
You have to start deciding right this minute the type of America and thus the world you want to exist.

We as a nation I believe are entering our Transference Phase. The pains are rippling out from various sectors. The main question is what is emerging on the other end of that Phase.

The evidence is clear as day..

With a singular question...

Do you trust your government?

Want to bet as to why... before we even head to the Top of the ponzi scheme, think local... The corruption at the local level is why people have quit trusting their government. You get burned by the locals

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posted on Jun, 5 2012 @ 11:05 PM
A related ATS thread


The Supreme Court handed down a unanimous decision.....

main story is that the administration is saying that they have legal right to still GPS cars...

pretty much they want the money in their pockets

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