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Herman Cain to replace retiring Neal Boortz

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posted on Jun, 5 2012 @ 09:25 PM
I used to love Boortz - now I can't stand him. The radio air waves will be fresher without him, now if we could just get that bloated Limbaugh to retire as well.

Anyway, everyone said Cain was just running for the notoriety and publicity - looks like they were all right.

Wags who predicted that Herman Cain was really running for a talk show sinecure during his farcical presidential have just been vindicated. The popular conservative talk radio host Neal Boortz announced on Monday that he is retiring and that Herman Cain, the former restaurant executive who briefly led the Republican presidential field, will replace him. According to the press release on Boortz’s website, “[Boortz’s] last day hosting The Neal Boortz Show, which premiered on News/Talk WSB in 1993 and now airs on more than 200 radio stations with six million weekly listeners, will be January 21, 2013.” That, of course, is Inauguration Day. “If it’s Barack Obama, then I’m going to disappear into the mountains and come out after he has destroyed this country. If it’s Mitt Romney, we’ll start drinking as the show begins,” Boortz said on his Monday program.

Cain offered fulsome praise for Boortz, saying in a statement, “Neal has spent his career as a bold, vocal advocate of what is right in this world and condemning that which is not. I promise the torch Boortz is handing off to me will blaze as bright, as bold, and as loud as ever. Also, I am ecstatic that Neal has kept the radio host’s chair warm for me all these years. He may be ‘The TalkMaster,’ but Neal’s listeners know I’m the ‘The Dean of the University of Common Sense.’ ”

As an Atlanta resident, I can attest to the fact that Herman Cain on the radio daily is a painful thing. He had a local only talk show on WSB that was canceled. It was awful! Often he didn't even understand the question callers would ask or even know a thing about the topic they were referring to. He just talks in sound bites and repeats himself over and over.

I'm honestly shocked Boortz wouldn't hand off to someone more meaty and intelligent.

posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 09:51 AM
And republicans actually thought he could be president -- skeery

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