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If evolution is not proven, why do we share 96% of our genetics with monkey?

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posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 08:16 AM

Originally posted by Barcs

Originally posted by swan001
reply to post by Barcs

A pressure does trigger evolution.
This pressure came from the Ice Ages. If I remember correctly, the last one was in -100 000. We started to cloth, hunt, stay warm (and that meant we had to build tools).
But why only "we"? Why this pressure didn't trigger that same evolution unto other human-like mammals?
Why were evidences found that our ancestor's brains literally outgrew its skull capacity?

I'm not trying to be a smart alec, but a brain can never outgrow its skull capacity. The skull can change, and the brain size is directly proportionate to cranial capacity. Looking back at our ancestors, brain size shows slow change over time as well. Last "ice age" (glacial period) was from around 10,000 BC to 110,000 BC give or take. That's about a hundred thousand years. Humans aren't the only ones. We once shared the earth with several hominid species with similar intellect as us. We survived while they did not.

For reasons unknown, too. I personally don't buy the "we forced them out", "we invaded them", "we killed them off" or whatever. Those other hominids were here long before we got here and had survived several ice ages/interglacials/interstadials so they were clearly adapted to the conditions.

Toba, around 74,000 years ago, pushed all hominid species to the brink. That's what created the genetic bottleneck. The world was already heading into the most recent ice age (cold period) and Toba pushed the global temps into the freezer. By some estimates it took the populations 20,000 years to recover. We were that close to checking out for good.

My guess is that we simply outbred them. All you'd need is just a slight drop in the birth rate in the other hominids, combined with a slight rise in the Cro Magnon birth rate, and in pretty short order you could replace an entire population by default. No violence needed.

And let's not forget H. floresiensis, which was totally unknown till just a few years ago. They survived right down to about 12,000 years ago.

We are the only animal who achieved high technology... just because of an Ice Age?

Certainly not JUST because of an ice age. For the past 2.5 million years we have been in an ice age that has bounced back and forth between warm and cold. We are in a warm interglacial period right now. Humans are the sole survivor out of all the hominids, probably because of our intellect.

Well, I don't know about that. Neanderthals had a larger brain volume than Cro Magnon, and both of them had larger brain volumes than we do now.

You don't evolve a big brain unless you're going to use it. Big brains require lots of energy--half of the calories you take in every day go to feed it. Your body will shortchange every other organ just to keep it running. Those energy requirements mean lots of food and calories (meat in particular), which means a big expenditure of energy to get it.

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 08:54 AM

Originally posted by GmoS719
Don't forget about pigs, we are closely related to them to.
Doesn't mean we evolved from them.

I always thought Humans shared DNA with Cows...and Pigs:

The diabetic who is part pig

Man's pig-cell implants still active after 10 years, reports Roger Highfield

A diabetic man described yesterday how a pioneering transplant of pig cells helped to keep his disease under control for the past decade, a hunch that has now been backed up by a scientific study.

Michael Helyer
Michael is the first patient to receive the pig cell implant

In 1996, Michael Helyer, then a 41-year-old diabetic, was injected with prototype treatment based on pig cells to help regulate his blood glucose levels and control his diabetes.

About a year after the implant of the insulin-producing pig cells, encapsulated in seaweed gel for protection, he became more dependent on insulin injections. He concluded that the implanted cells had become "worn out".

But over time he noticed a "curious phenomenon," usually after several hours with no food or insulin intake. Helyer suspected the pig cells were still alive because he found it easier to control his blood sugar levels. The effect "would come and go - that's why I noticed it", said the 51-year-old who was diagnosed with Type I, or juvenile, diabetes at age 22.

His theory was that "a few implanted islet cells from 1996 are still alive and functioning," he told The Daily Telegraph. "After some hours of hard work they were able to reduce high glucose levels".

A year ago, "after some nagging, because they couldn't believe my theory" he convinced the researchers to have a look. "I felt that the insulin producing pig cells were still working inside me and I had to convince the doctors to do further investigation.

The results were surprising" said Mr Helyer, the world-first patient to have received the pig cell implant.

Of microorganisms and man: First large-scale test confirms Darwin's theory of universal common ancestry

Greater Than 98% Chimp/Human DNA Similarity? Not Any More.
Human Beings are directly related to all of life, everywhere in the Cosmos. Our Creators experimented quite a bit as we can tell from the carvings from Early Sumerian Times, some of these even show the DNA mixing. I think what [they] were attempting to do is create what in their view would be a perfected being, a being like them. The Spirit that inhabits all of humanity, Dolphins, and Whales is of Divine Origin, and in this way "G-D" can in fact experience Earth Reality Life in a general way of living, and having the ability to interact with not only itself, but with all of life.

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