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Israel airport security demands access to tourists’ private email accounts

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posted on Jun, 5 2012 @ 11:17 AM

Israel’s Shin Bet security service has been demanding access to personal email accounts of visiting tourists with Arab names, according to the testimony of three U.S. citizens who were interrogated at Ben Gurion Airport and subsequently refused entry into Israel in May.

Najwa Doughman, a 25-year-old architect from New York, landed in Israel on May 26. Doughman, who had already visited Israel three times in the past, planned to tour the country for ten days with a friend, Sasha Al-Sarabi, 24, who was visiting Israel for the first time. Both women were born to Palestinian families who were expelled from Haifa and Akko in 1948.

Around 5 P.M., approximately an hour after landing, Doughman’s interrogation began. She was questioned by a female security guard who did not divulge her name or position. Another female questioner was also present.

The first part of the interrogation began with questions like: “Do you feel more Arab or more American?” (to which the interrogation supplied her own answer: “Surely you must feel a little more Arab.”), “Will you go to Al-Aqsa?” and “Why are you coming now for the third time? You can go to Venezuela, to Mexico, to Canada. It is much closer to New York, and much less expensive!”

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I think it is funny that Israelis ask American with Arab name if they feel more Arab than American. It is like asking an American if he feels more Irish than American because his name starts with an "O" apostrophe. Then they ask these Americans if the will be visiting al Aqsa Mosque; again this is like ask the same American with Irish ancestry if he is going to church.

While these creature do this to American citizens touring the land of their ancestors, they have thousands of American citizens in the US who spy for Israel just like Jonathan Pollard.
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posted on Jun, 5 2012 @ 11:45 AM
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