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Why is Axelrod still there?

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posted on Jun, 5 2012 @ 01:37 AM
story from The Washington Post

Why is Axelrod still there?

With Obama's top campaign "adviser" making gaffes and pointless comments lately, some people are wondering why David Axelrod is still on the prowl ?

Some are wondering why Obama hasn't put his foot down on this.

Axelrod seems to be fumbling, stumbling, and unsure of himself.

It's almost like he's campaigning for Romney or something ?

Maybe that's precisely the plan Watson ?

President Obama likely can’t do anything about the economy at this late date, but he can control his own campaign. And that raises a critical question: Why hasn’t he fired David Axelrod?

A longtime Republican operative described Axelrod’s performance as akin to the performance of “Baghdad Bob” in the Iraq war. Seriously, he insists on putting himself front and center, rather than deferring to more endearing and skilled operatives. He winds up bolstering Mitt Romney’s message, getting shouted down or pummeled on TV.

Axelrod seems clueless about how to run anything but a “change” election, which is problematic, if not disastrous, for an incumbent president. The brass-knuckles campaign he has devised has made Romney a more effective and attractive candidate, while turning the president into an angry and petty figure. Not since Mark Penn helped drive Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign into the ground has a famed campaign guru stumbled this badly.

Rumor has it that the head scheduler for Obama is putting out the word that the President's calendar is clear starting after next January !!

They are welcoming all offers for speaking engagements, TV shows, book signing events and the like.

I bet Obama knows he can make more big money on the "circuit"

Axelrod is expert at disguising liberals as moderates and convincing already committed liberals that the opposition is evil incarnate. But neither of those talents is much help to Obama now. In fact, the entire strategic vision of the campaign — things are improving, Romney is a right-wing kook — isn’t convincing anybody beyond the 45-48 percent of the vote-Democratic-no-matter-what portion of the electorate. And even Axelrod will admit Obama can’t win the race with that level of support.

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