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Pentagon "plane" crash - Where is the plane?

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posted on Jun, 14 2012 @ 03:52 AM

Originally posted by Six Sigma
Can we please now STOP the madness about these videos???? Jesus H. Christ.

I'm afraid not. Because this time the "truthers" have it right. The FBI lied in the Scott Bingham case and to me (imagine that) during my follow-up case. Proven to exist ...

16 - video surveillance tapes
1 - digital CCTV system hard drive (undetermined number of videos).

This is the footage from the remaining Pentagon security cameras. The FBI for years denied they had them. Now that we confronted them with the evidence that they do, they claim they have found them in their "system", but they are not in the "location" they are logged in at. So, since they seem to be unable to find them, the case is closed and their requirement for a "reasonable search" fulfilled under FOIA.

My (BCR) thread on the subject at JREF.

posted on Jun, 14 2012 @ 06:19 AM

Originally posted by GoodOlDave
Pick a plane crash, any plane crash. Now insist all the photos and video was faked by sinister secret agents. Insist all the eyewitnesses are really sinister secret agents giving disinformation. Insist all the wreckage was manufactured by sinister secret agents. Insist the FAA reports are fake sinister secret agent disinformation. Now, set up a web site insisting that everything you know about the plane crash is fake and they'll only tell you the REAL truth if you give them your money. BINGO, instant doubt.

This is litrally what you're doing with flight 77, whether you have the maturity to admit it or not.

Oh, so now I'm "immature" because I don't believe your convoluted version of reality?

Dude, debating with you is like arguing with an senile old Archie Bunker-type.

Can you link to one of these pay-per-view websites? I'd like to see this for myself.

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