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Tonfas and a labcoat

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posted on Jun, 4 2012 @ 03:10 PM
"Almost over." The teenager thought to himself as he watched the small army close in. He doubted that he and his small group of five people would survive the attack with what little weapons they had left that they used to get this far. He stood there, wearing the clothing he wore when the outbreak occured a few weeks ago. He wore a touchscreen watch he bought from the internet, briefly checking the time and date. When the outbreak happened he barely had time to go to his car from school to retrieve his sleek black tonfas, which now rested on his legs. held in his arms was his old hunting rifle, a gift from his father to him, along with his tonfas which his mother gave him, and the white lab coat he wore, a symbol of who he was before the outbreak. The clothing he wore was clothes he preferred that he acquired from a mall him and his group stayed in for a few days, raiding the stores to get some new clothing to protect themselves.
In total, Samuel, the leader they decided held only his hatchet, having ran out of shells about a day ago when a horde attacked them. Though armed with only the hatchet, the older male was dangerous with it. The others in the group were all down to melee weapons as well, except Luca, as he watched the horde approached. He put the old hunting rifle to his shoulder, taking aim at the zombies. "If I shoot a car or something I can distract them for a few minutes." He thought as he shot the nearby car, setting off the alarm. Immediatley the horde swarmed the car, hitting it repeatedly as it beeped in frustration. Sam saw the oppurtunity and ran over to Miranda, helping her to rise as they walked to higher ground, awaiting the helicopter. She was injured from a fall after fighting off a few of the infected to protect her best friend. Though the five people were friends, th bond between Miranda and Ky was always the strongest, similar to how with Sam and Luca, Sam always knowing what the plan was without Luca having to say anything.
"Let's go. We're almost out of here." He said as they limped to the landing pad. Luca walked off and hid himself in the shadows, readying himself to stop the infected if they came nearby. He saw one exit the staircase, and before it could catch the scent of the survivors, Luca shot it in the chest, knocking it off the edge of the building. Years of hunting and living with his shoot-first-ask-later family taught him how to not feel anything. He felt pity for his friends as they were forced to kill, not having expierence with even animals before hand.
"Luca!" Jason yelled. "The copter is here!" He was standing there, wearing simple khakis and a v neck as he held out his weapon of choice, a set of metal nunchakus. Like Luca with the old .243 and his tonfas, Jason owned weapons before hand, but never used them to hurt people. Luca kept hidden, still shooting the infected as they tried to run over, until he knew the course was clear. He stood up with his gear and ran over to the helicopter, getting a hug from the person he loved as they began to walk over to the helicopter.
"I'm sorry, there are only enough room for four people. One of you will need to stay behind and wait for my next trip."
"How long till your next trip?"
"About an hour." The pilot said, saddened by the situation he was put in. He wished he could take them all, because he knew how the one who stayed behind was likely to perish.
Luca looked at the others before nodding his head and walking off, handing his rifle to Sam and reaching for the tonfas at his side. They were made of some synthetic material and were supposed to be unable to break, which he hoped was true as he stood there, ready to survive. He heard someone else land next to him as the helicopter went up. He stood in shock as his lover stood there next to him, armed and ready to fight as well.
"Don't start with me. I would rather die right here with you then spend the rest of my life waiting for you to arrive in one of those helicopters." Luca just sighed to himself as the two of them moved away, trying to keep hidden.
"Tu eres un bunno. Pero te amo." He said to his lover as the horde encircled them, The white labcoat flowing freely in the breeze.

Good, bad, or what? I thought of idea today when i got my new tonfas

This the outfit that Luca is wearing.

posted on Jun, 11 2012 @ 11:42 PM
reply to post by locololo

Dam loco tonfas are one of the last weapons you would want to have against a zombie horde. I would rather take a bat or a very big stick, your story is totally unbelievable. No way would anybody chose tonfas to fight with against zombies.

Tonfas are mostly a bruising weapon even against real life people the only damage you could do is when you attack the head, and even then in some respects you would still be better off with punching your opponent because you can generate more pressure per square inch with your fist on the jaw then you could with tonfas. And against zombies who feel no pain, they would be basically useless.

Really loco you trying to be sadistic, at least give the poor fool a sword...A big ass sword, one of them really big and shiny swords, if you ever watched the anime berserk you know what I am talking about, a really big ass freaking sword. Or a Katana, that would be better and a lot easier to handle...But tonfas, come on that's just plain insane. The lab coat is alright, that is if you want to be dragged around and be easily pulled around by zombies, then its alright. If you dont! then you may want to chose a different attire.

No No No this story makes no sense, we need more swords, other then that and the whole run in sentences with a wall of text may need to be broken into paragraphs or something. It's a work in progress I would say.

Here I got a idea you can set it at Christmas time, and the whole mob of Christmas shoppers could be somehow turned into zombies, think about makes sense, it would be a whole lot of zombies, since there all gathered at one place during that season...We can even have a zombie bomb or virus released on them, by some evil doers, or aliens or a curse or whatever...Then bam that's when the story starts...Think about it. Plus I still remember your Christmas massacre thread you were talking about in chat last Christmas, I see you never got around to doing that eh. I guess you must meant Christmas Massacre of 2013 right?

But no really think about it, Christmas zombie shoppers massacre from hell, you know it makes sense in fact somebody may steal that idea if they hear it.
And remember swords guns and lots and lots of bullets, forget tonfas there totally not all that cool.

posted on Jun, 13 2012 @ 08:27 AM
reply to post by galadofwarthethird

You do realise one of the manners in which tonfas can be wielded is a club with the handle portruding correct? You could easily put the force behind that swing to kill. Also the tonfas and his rifle held sentimental value to him, because he was forced t owatch his family kill themselves to keep from turning after giving them to him.

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