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Syrian President Bashar Assad Innocent and Set Up by TPTB?

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posted on Jun, 3 2012 @ 10:29 PM
World News Article

I was reading the above article and kept coming back to things that Assad kept repeating like:

What we are facing is (an attempt) to sow sectarian strife and the tool of this is terrorism,


The issue is terrorism. We are facing a real war waged from the outside,

Which kept me thinking about all of the articles I've been reading about "False Flag Terror" and US and UN sponsored terrorism, and started to wonder, and I will tread lightly, could it be possible that last month's massacre in Houla of 108 people, (mostly women and children, which triggered global outrage and warnings that Syria's relentless bloodshed which could ultimately engulf the Middle East,) be a TPTB created event to pose as the catalyst to WWIII should the "fear of a Nuclear Iran", "Rising Tensions with Russia", or "Korean Skirmishes" not prove sufficient to gain the backing of the US population to launch into a full-on WWIII?

The Powers That Be seem to be setting up multiple reasons to launch, whether through a Nuclear Iran, Korean clashes, the Missile Defense that has "nothing to do with Russia", and now creating another villain in Assad...Its almost as if making it seem so unstable that they want the world BEGGING for interference...

Could Assad have been set up to take the fall for Houla, in order to create another nemesis in the Middle East?

Thoughts anyone?
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posted on Jun, 4 2012 @ 12:36 AM
Yep you hit it on the head.

Remember in Libya at frist were the secret special ops forces on the ground causing turmoil and then came the air strikes.

There is much chaos being caused by the NATO funded rebel terrorists to soften up the Syrian army and pave the way for an attack and removal of Assad.

Watch the propaganda pieces:

Fake CNN syrian danny
Fake Satellite pictures of WMD
Fake women and children pictures being blamed on Assad
Terrorist attacks of the 'rebels'

It is all adding up

posted on Jun, 4 2012 @ 06:37 AM
This whole middle east uprising thing , we have been seeing unfold over the last 18 months or so seems to me to be a planned destabilization of the region (Arab spring) CIA or MOSSAD anyone ?

posted on Jun, 4 2012 @ 06:48 AM

Originally posted by pillock
This whole middle east uprising thing , we have been seeing unfold over the last 18 months or so seems to me to be a planned destabilization of the region (Arab spring) CIA or MOSSAD anyone ?

Thats it exactly, TPTB are going after those who will not bend to their will before any other power can rise to defend them. And if you do defend them, LOOK OUT. you'll get kicked out of the Junior Woodchuck fan club and excommunicated terra non gratta.

It is likely at this point that Assad did something to buck the system which put him on their sh*t bucket list of things to do before TPTB lose their reign...and if you've noticed...the more they tighten their hand...the more that slips through their grubby lil fingers.

Lybia, Iraq were taken down because they wanted to sell their oil for something other than US Dollars. Doing such a thing destablizes a currency thus plunging the western nations into a hell pit of hyper inflation.

Funny thing tho, India, Iran,Russia, and China are also on that list....even what? we gonna invade them? We can't LOL we're broke. And they are way to big to try and assert force easily.

Syria on the other hand...just the right size to trim around the locus of control. Maybe thats why Russia still backs them, as does iran.


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