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Here's the catch 22!!!

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posted on Jun, 3 2012 @ 10:05 PM
Here in lies the dilema with present day politics. Everybody continues to voice" left versues right", republican versus demicrat or rich versus pour, and so on. One side against the other is what they would have you believe. Us against them. Thats our God givin right, our constitutional freedom, a place were we as individuals get to choose. GOOD VERSUS EVIL.

After all, who wants to be on the loosing side? I know I don 't, nor does any body I know. So herein lies the dilema, how does One choose the correct path.

Some wohld say it 's conviction to your morals, some would say it 's conviction to your conviction. Some might even reference money, however most of the people who worship at the alter of finance generaly find a fluxuation in their opinion that can be corilated to the recent market place conditions.

My point being, where lies the certainty? Where does an individual of discerning nature look to today for guidance.
Obviously it 's not the MSM, they lie through their teeth. SO WHERE DO WE GO?

I am very interested in your thoughts
. I hope you respond with a constructive critique

Besides my grammer!

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