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‘They’re robbing us’: 12-year-old exposes Canada’s banking flaws, goes viral

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posted on Jun, 5 2012 @ 12:47 AM

Originally posted by IronNuts
reply to post by Augustine62

You're not contracted by the Harper government are you? It just seems you almost speak the same ill words as he, "We can not be effective at major economic matters any longer, unless we work with our other economic partners around the world, and work with them closely and intimately, that is essential. I know some people don't like it, it's a loss of national sovereignty, but it's the simple truth." Now in my own mind set I see treason there, he willing admits giving away part of our sovereignty for some extra cash.

"Canada, entrapped in the stupid quasi-Socialist mindset, and thoroughly entrenched in cultural blandness, is not going to be sitting pretty just because circular reasoning is cute when correctly spoken from the mouth of a girl who demonstrates perfectly the exact age and mentality of those who trick us with their older appearance and fancy sounding positions, ivy league education, and total inability to form a personal thought that doesn't myopically pursue a dangerous agenda-- as well intentioned or evil as it may be." You don't think that comes off as arrogant are you daft?

The part you say is self explained about our internationally buying power, who says we have to buy from outside our country? If you don't think we have enough land and materials to provide the basics necessities of life for our citizens, think again. Yes we might not have some precious metals like the ones about to be pillaged out of Kenya, but those are for new electronic devices. As far as I am concerned the electronic technology can be put on hiatus and we can delve into the necessities, health, education and purpose.
There is roughly 50 billion CAD printed currency in circulation. If we were to go and pay of all our dept we would need to bump our supply up 1500%. This means that when we sold a barrel of oil for 90 USD we could cancel out 1400 off of the 800 billion, 57,142,8571 barrels of oil later and we are back on par. Most of Canadian petroleum production, approximately 283,000 cubic meters per day (1,780,000 bbl/d), was exported, almost all of it to the United States. Canada is the largest single source of oil imports into the United States." So 57 million divided by 1.75 million/day means in roughly a month that would be paid off. Only problem is that we sold our land for the US and China to rape and pillage. Problem is it isn't the general Canadian populace that sold our land. Rightfully we the people still hold ownership of it.

I don't even know what Harper government is. I am just speaking what I see. The US is in the same boat, but a different, larger, hold. I don't LIKE that the globalization of the world's national economies has occurred, but it damn well has, and you can't just ignore that.

The US produces a lot of oil as well. More than Canada actually, a lot more.
According to the CIA website, we produced 9,688,000 bbl/day while Canada produced 3,483,000 in 2010.

But that doesn't really matter because we, like Canada, have allowed private corporations to own rights to exploit those deposits which rightly belong to the people.

I'm not criticizing Canada while thinking the US is golden, Canada has actually make a concerted effort to deal with her debt, and the US has not. We have quadrupled in the past years while you have only risen around 55%.

But the fact of the matter is you can't just liquidate GDP. You can't just flood the oil market and not drive down prices. You can't shirk debt of that magnitude because it would rock the entire world very badly. And you certainly can't double-mortgage your entire country by devaluing the currency and expect good results.

posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 09:25 PM
reply to post by Augustine62

The "Harper" government is the Canadian government, Stephen Harper took it upon himself to dub it that, quite sad really. For some reason I just picture a caveman yelling "Me harper, dis mine!" while standing on a small hill waving his club.
Yes the United States produces more oil, but that’s because with a bigger population you have a greater work force. Unfortunately Canada is adopting the same style as the early gold and oil rushes, get it, but get it out quick while the getting is good. Alberta has seen this happen with single work camps that house 80,000 people. Saskatchewan has taken a slower approach but seems like it soon too will join the rat race. The United States has also chosen to drill off shore one thing Canadians refuse to do. We have also refused to let crude oil shipping happen through the more dangerous passages along our west coast to help prevent a ship breach and oil spill.
I regret it now but right after high school I went and worked for the pipeline companies installing the infrastructure up there. I worked for one of the largest construction companies in North America and let me tell you, there was no great standard to be up held. I would hate to actual know the true number of pipelines that have breached underground and are leeching chemicals into the ground soil.
I don't really understand one comment you made, "you certainly can't double-mortgage your entire country by devaluing the currency and expect good results." how‘s this any different than the current model of economics. I think it was 352 billion went to bail out 10 companies from the 700 billion bill. All the time we are devaluing our currency, just look at the price of everything. Do you really think that with all the technological advances that oil production actually cost more than before?
I don't mind that the economies are global; it's just the fact that the system that is in place enslaves a lot of people. If I work for a full year I damn well should be able to pay off a house. When I say house I mean plain jane, 800-1000 sqft home not 5,000 or 10,000 sqft. My reasoning for this is, if I were to go into the woods and work at it for a full year I could build a house from the land. While doing this I could also produce my own vegetables and raise my own animals or fish/hunt. So why should I put twenty five years of work towards paying off a home that took six people two months to build? I just fail to see the correlation between everything, seems kind of ass backwards to me but there are few like me. Which probably is for the best, I get on my own nerves sometimes, and am retarded at least three times a day, but hey, we all have our moments.

posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 09:33 PM
reply to post by IronNuts

but there are few like me.
correction were all like u !!

they just cant hear it yet.
or see it.
or smell it either,,

can u smeeeelllll what im saying????

,, ya its called FUEL,,,,,what is the flash point of the distillate,,that was spilled.

ask an expert u will get 20,0000 answers,

ask someone who drops his cig in it,, and ,,it will only smoke,,

Flash Point.
or a furnace guy

posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 09:35 PM

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