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Dream - Terrifying start of a war

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posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 11:01 PM
I just feel obliged to put down in writing somewhere the dream I had last night. It is the first time these kinds of dreams and it looked so real, which is just terrifying and I wonder if there is any meaning to it.

A little bit background info, I am not under any pressure, seldom dream about weird things, and life goes on as it is. Nothing extraordinary, nothing special, just some new career opportunities ahead.

The dream:
It all started with me being in some kind of huge factory/building in which I enjoyed the time of my life, seeing all familiar faces, my wife, friends, even all my ex-girlfriends etc etc etc. Cocktails, party full of light and shining, everyone seem to be very happy.
This building is apparently on the ocean shore (and or huge lake). Then with my best friend and a few others we were standing outside looking over the waters. It looked as it was nighttime by then.
In the far horizon it looked as there is a ship and out of a sudden, we heard a huge boom, and immediately it looked like missiles are being fired from the ship to the far left side of us. A first we might have thought it is just fireworks and not realizing it is a missile, only after it exploded on the land we realize what it is. Before it exploded the ship fired another few missiles in all kinds of direction, and one of the missile was heading directly our ways.
Before we could think we already tried to run and during the hit I guess my right hand was hurt and bleeding. I recall us hiding back to the building yelling and screaming to all others to run run run. And everything turned into all kinds of chaos, with a lot of explosions and bleeding all over the place.
Everyone knew war has broken out and we see all kinds of suffering around us.
The last things I remember before I woke up is seeing maps with all kinds of flags, and tanks going into one of the big black dots on a "cartoonish" map, the dot almost like representing a city.

Any one any thoughts?

posted on Jun, 3 2012 @ 12:03 AM
my thoughts are you just had a bad dream, they happen! today i had a dream that i was climbing and endless spiral staircase, in a twisted fairy tale Alice in Wonderland styled horror house, creepy music kept playing, the kind you hear in a resident evil game, and strange creatures were running past me, yet not doing anything to me at all, suddenly the staircase turned into a giant chess board, and i was walking through the middle of a chess game, being played by invisible hands, a giant jack in the box head was floating above the room, just looking down at me and the board game, the creepy music still present in the change of scenery. That's when i awoke, and the first thing i thought to myself was "dang, what have i been thinking of lately?" and immediately went and got some food. The end.

posted on Jun, 3 2012 @ 01:58 PM
You describe quite well, the type of initial experience one would probably have when hot war just begins. I always wonder about these kind of dreams, and whether they are sometimes prophetic or all of them just dream soup.

Years ago, I had a recurring dream where large bridges were all messed up as though bombed, and like refugees people I did not know and I made our way, by hand and foot, very carefully across very haphazard make-do repairs. Because it seemed so real, and such a recurring dream, with no outside source of the idea, I can't help but think it will someday happen. But then often I have nonsense dreams, like a few night ago, where my Grandparents, who are deceased, were younger and moving to Hawaii. In my dream I had never been there, but in reality I've been there alot, and they had maybe been there once. Dreams are so weird!

Your dream is a bit significant to me, as it seems that the US, where I live, is actively courting some type of worse-than-red-dawn scenario. We're being stupidly provacative in so many ways, that I have been wondering when we are going to see the type of thing that you have dreamed.

posted on Jun, 3 2012 @ 02:03 PM
War dreams, if not predictive (which is rare), can also mean a war within the self (e.g. a disease, inner conflict, a big disagreement between friends or family, etc..) surrounding dreamscape details will help clarify this. Hence the saying, "know thyself".

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