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About Memorial Days...

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posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 10:47 PM
I know I'm a few days off of it, but I wanted to share this thought I have about any commemorative days there are for the soldiers.

My grand-father fought in WWII, in Europe, got shot at. Went back.

My Uncle was sent in the Korean war. By that time, they were doped before being sent to the front, to forget fear. He came back a real wreck, hiding under the bed each time he heard a plane...

My brother enlisted too and served on peace keeping missions.

My family situation is not different from any others about that.

Where I have some trouble, it's when people say we should remember and thank those who fought for our liberties, while in truth, they were/are victims of the games the elites play with our very lives...

So, instead of thanking those who fought, I would like, with this thread, to offer my prayers of sympathy and condolences to all those who were sent to combat for the unquenchable thirst for power and material possessions of our "leaders", a highly overrated word these days.

We know they lie, we know they cheat, we know they will stop at nothing to start a war.
We know casualties of war should NOT be.
Because there should be no wars. Not anymore, not with all the tools we have in our hands.

Again, to all those sacrificed for no good reasons, let's hope for the day when wars are obliterated from our ways of life.

( I put this here because I had no ideas as to where it should be put... )


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