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Apollo 15, Jim Irwin's historical narrative in review

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posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 10:24 PM

L-R: Worden, Scott, falcon, Irwin

This is Jim Irwin's fluid and elegant presentation given to a public audience at Connecticut Space Camp, in Hartford, Connecticut, 1991. The link is down below but I've written a review to give you a good idea of what you could see by watching the full video.

In this rare video document Jim superbly retells the captivating story of his life and experiences as a test pilot and astronaut. He also shows a short film, "highlights" of the Apollo 15 mission, of both animated graphics and some (possibly rare) NASA Apollo footage. He plays this for a younger audience. This is a unique chance to see his full presentation from start to finish with Q&A at then end.

This is a 1 hour 39 minute youtube Uploaded by usmc7242 on Jul 16, 2011
I take no credit for this video. Here is the link
Normally I would embed the video or show you screen shots of it but the uploader has made some specific comments about his ownership of this video in the description area. I have no contact with the uploader.

This is amateur video and audio. The picture is from a April 27, 1991 video camera with on-board sound which captures all the fussy babies in the audience, sometimes making Jim impossible to hear. He ended his presentation by making some very profound statements about moon rocks at about 45 minutes.

Here are some notes about what I saw.

During the presentation Jim showed some detailed closeups of the surface of Mount Hadley and seemed to think it was quite remarkable and significant - but this video is too low quality to see much about it.

Astronaut Irwin also relates the story about his plane accident, his health recovery process, memory loss. He showed a picture of himself and admitted it didn't look like him because he's changed over the years.

After the presentation Jim does Q&A session with some answers about his search for Noah's Ark and the Genesis Rock.

At one point, Jim is handed a green piece of paper loaded with interesting questions about space debris and the Apollo sub-satellite, lunar gravity anomalies and more!

One youngster asks Irwin why we stopped going to the moon. At 1 hr 3 minutes Jim is asked about cosmological theories and UFO's! and makes further radical statements about moon rocks, using nuclear power on the moon, the temperature on the surface of the moon,

I won't spoil the ending for you.

At about 1 hour 15 minutes the mayor appears and there is a prize drawing for Jim Irwin signed memorabilia. Jim Irwin is seen attending to an aluminum briefcase with unknown contents.

Nearing the end we see some CNN coverage of Space Shuttle Endeavor is projected onto the screen. At the time it was the newest shuttle in the fleet. Patriotic marching music is played as Endeavor is rolled out onto a runway in Palmdale, California.

The recordist keeps the video going as the show part is now over. Time for the autograph hounds to get their goods. Jim, is surrounded by people and signing books and pictures, doing it all so patiently. Then...

At 1 hour 34 minutes some guy is getting a one on one with Astronaut Jim and getting a lot of books signed.
One last handshake, the video cuts out, the historical narrative of Apollo has been made more complete.


This is a very rare, unique glimpse at Apollo 15's LMP Jim Irwin. It is a treasured artifact in the historical narrative of Apollo.

Astronaut James B. Irwin died on August 8, 1991 as the result of a subsequent heart attack in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, less than four months after this video was made.

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posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 10:48 PM
That is real source material. Or is it? If I quote Jim Irwin as saying

Moon rocks are the same as Earth rocks. - Jim Irwin, 1991

Would that get a discussion rolling?
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posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 12:59 AM
This is an incomplete look at Jim Irwin's world on July 12, 1972, just a small glance, of what was going on that day. All from a single news paper. Front page, The 1972 Democratic Convention in Miami, Florida.

Pic related. Pages 8 and 9.

The daily war report from Viet Nam. Three choppers down. One crew missing. "The communists remain entrenched" Daniel Ellsburg, gives statements to the press in Los Angles where the Pentagon Papers trial was underway. NASA announced to the public that Apollo 15 astronauts were reprimanded for the Postage Stamp Incident. "400 unauthorized covers"

Stanley Kubrick's latest film A Clockwork Orange is panned by a reviewer. "At best A Clockwork Orange is vague and boring." Senator Edward Kennedy goes for a boat ride at Hyannis Port on his "new 54-foot sloop 'Patricia'".

Elsewhere in the paper, a University of Michigan loan deal describes the classified DoD radiation research , radar tracking and electronic counter measures research, at Willow Run, Radiation Labs, Cooley and Bendix. Jim earned a Master's Degree in aeronautical engineering at the University of Michigan in 1957.
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posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 01:23 AM

Ten years before his Apollo mission (1961) , his plane crashed on a routine training mission, leaving him with two broken legs, a broken jaw and a concussion that wiped out his memory. It took extensive psychiatric treatment and hypnosis to restore his memory and enable him to resume flying, 14 months later. Source

In the 1991 video Jim recounts that his foot lost circulation for awhile leading doctors to suggest to him that they would have to amputate it. But he recovered. Could this be a genuine example of faith healing? He also mentioned the memory loss problem but did not go into details.

posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 09:22 PM

How does one know a "genesis rock" when one SEES one ? Boy them ain'tstronauts are smart (NOT) !!!!

To be sure SayonaraJupiter, it is hard to know where to begin with James Irwin. You've done nothing less than declare it OPEN SEASON on one of Fraudulent Apollo's most intriguing charlatans.

When I think of Jim Irwin and Apollo 15, one of the first things that, BING !!!!!, comes to mind, is the "Genesis Rock" business. Talk about a PLANT, and this is a PLANT inside of a phony story to begin with. How do these guys know this rock is so special to begin with ? I mean I know the story about how Harrison Schmitt went and talked Lee Silver into being a lunar geologist and got Professor Silver to train the astronauts. But come on now, you are on the moon, just strolling along and you see this rock and know it to be that special ? It is one of the most contrived, flat out bogus stories in all of Apollo, and THAT !!!!, is saying a lot coming from these, THE MAVENS OF CON.

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posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 09:35 PM
reply to post by decisively

The most interesting point about Jim Irwin's testimony is the period of memory loss and hypnosis. If you have access to any of Jim Irwin's book it should shed some light on his beliefs in the area of faith healing.

And decisively, I would offer you the idea that Jim Irwin might not be a PERP but actually the victim of a CIA mind control experiment. It is shown in the transcripts and the Apollo mythology that Jim Irwin was known to have an irregular heartbeat after exercise. The Apollo mythology also shows that Jim Irwin was dangerously close to death on the moon. Numerous sources can be found - you probably have those sources by now.

posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 10:50 PM
reply to post by SayonaraJupiter

Mind Control and the Heiny Jive of Lunar Bigeminy


Fascinating, I like it. The mind control thing fits.

Check this out SayonaraJupiter;

See the part there about "Health Problems on Apollo 15" ? Specifically this, the Charles Berry quote;

"It's serious, if he were on Earth. I'd have him in ICU being treated for a heart attack."[10] Endeavour's cabin atmosphere was 100% oxygen (when in space), so it was decided that he was in no serious danger by Dr. Charles Berry.[10] Specifically "In truth,...he's in an ICU. He's getting one hundred percent oxygen, he's being continuously monitored, and best of all, he's in zero g. Whatever strain his heart is under, well, we can't do better than zero g."[10]

Berry is utterly CRACKERS .......

This is so much goobledygook. We can run the details later, and to be sure SayonaraJupiter, our strength is indeed in our running of the details, but for now, suffice it to say, WHAT NONSENSE !!!! Bigeminy=A heart attack ???? Since when does supplemental oxygen do any good if one has a good oxygen saturation to begin with ? And what in the world is this idiotic "best of all, he's in zero g" nonsense ???? So we are going to treat bigeminy, its underlying etiology at that time indeterminate, with a zero G environment ??? Excuse me while I fasten the seat belt at my desk here in preparation for laughing my rump off. Don't want to laugh myself out of my chair and hit the deck so hard that I flip into bigeminy. I mean really. Can anybody believe this complete BULL ??????

EECOM Sy Leibergot once said that during a drill they showed the flight surgeon on duty an EKG pattern unequivocally characteristic of/diagnostic of a myocardial infarction, and the guy when showed this thing, as it rolled by his eyes, continued to blankly stare at his console and report everything was fine when asked. Leibergot's point was that the flight surgeons were useless.

I think they did this stuff, injected details to give the fraudulent story a bit of texture, substance, anecdote, that would otherwise be absent.

So its not unreasonable to postulate bigeminy, an abnormal heart rhythm occurring in the context of various forms of stress ( or can be entirely benign by the way as well) for these guys up all day, 23 hours or what ever and exerting themselves, but all this other stuff Berry says doesn't apply. You'd want to have an acutely bigeminally converted stressed out patient on a monitor, try to figure out if he was hypoxic, or dehydrated, or anemic, or hypokalemic, or hypocalcemic, or hypomagnesimic , had some weird newly discovered space travel associated thyroid problem, run a 12 lead EKG to see if for some weird reason his heart was ischemic. That makes sense. But Berry doesn't say that, he says, "in truth he is in an ICU " WHAT ????????? Are we that dumb ?????? NO !!!

This is complete jive.


Is Charles Berry THAT DUMB ???? YES !!!!! In more ways than one. The Lander is an ICU because its atmosphere is 100% O2 ? WHAT ???? Excuse me while I fasten my seat belt. I am about to laugh myself into Bigeminy....
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posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 11:53 PM
decisively, Berry is a vitamin peddling quack doctor NASA truly doctored the Apollo narratives

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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 12:00 AM
It doesn't make sense they sent Jim Irwin up to the moon when Berry must have known that Irwin had irregular heartbeats after exercise. Berry is a cover up artist, qwack doctor, a CIA doctor. Richard Nixon co-wrote this script.

posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 12:21 AM

The Apollo 15 in flight press conference

The Apollo 15 in flight press conference is particularly interesting . If you do not have a copy of this video to pull up and check out right away SayonaraJupiter, look for an upcoming link from me to one of our YouTube sites. I'll load it there.

As a matter of fact, I am planning to use it as an intro to a thread on the whole business of the "weightless in space" illusions, the 1/6 G pendulum swing , the feather/hammer drop and so forth. There is this whole collection of videos which as I have pointed out in a recent post have become the official story's "evidence of last resort", which is an interesting phenomenon in and of itself. It has literally gotten to the point where the other side's best evidence for "Apollo authenticity" is the pendulum trick, the weightless in space scenes, and so forth.

This is quite telling, and its significance cannot be overemphasized. Neil Armstrong's best play is no longer to simply flash a grin and so make reference to his his once sterling integrity and mind boggling capabilities. No, that time has long passed. Now, Armstrong's best play is to HAVE OTHERS POINT OUT THAT OUR SIDE HAS NO ANSWER TO HOW IT IS THE PENDULUM SHOT COULD BE "HANDLED" WERE THIS THING REALLY FRAUDULENT, OR HOW THE THE WEIGHTLESS IN SPACE STUFF LIKE WE SEE DURING THE IN FLIGHT PRESS CONFERENCES OF THE APOLLO FLIGHTS COULD BE EXPLAINED.

Actually, we have lots of things to say as regards how these things may have been done, and it is indeed important for us to make an effort to address these "illusions" rather than simply say, "well we have shown Apollo fraudulent so they must be contrived". That statement is certainly true, but we should be attacking on all fronts, including this one, the explanation of the "this could only happen if they really were in outer space illusions" front. I'll give my reason for why I think that it is so important for us to work in this area when I do introduce my dedicated thread on this subject fairly soon.

Of all the topics that merit a dedicated thread, it is this one more than any other. I am sure you feel as frustrated as I do when you are discussing this that or the other thing and someone hits you over the head with Alan Shepard's Apollo 14 pendulum. Shepard, the same guy that we know for a fact never in a zillion real or imagined years could have been a genuine astronaut for the simple reason that he was NOT certain that the stars he sighted in the aligning of his IMU/platform were indeed the stars he had intended to sight and mark( is standing before a pendulum that we, the owners of Apollo's Truth, the demonstrators of Apollo's now more than well established inauthenticity, are oddly being pressed to explain, for it is a pendulum that swings slowly, just like it would be swinging were this man we know that could never have possibly been on the moon, were really to have been on the moon. Such silly interjections are more than distracting. Hence the need for a dedicated thread. Though here, in the context of your bringing up Jim Irwin, I would like to bring up the Apollo 15 "weightless in flight press conference", as it is one of the illusions for which I believe I have made a great deal of headway as regards its explanation, and since everything here on this thread is "IRWIN", who knows what we shall discover as we simply go through this that and the other thing, listing all of the details about him in and out of the context of the Apollo fraud that we know of and are yet to discover.

If you have one now, take a careful look at your Apollo 15 in flight press conference video SayonaraJupiter. If not, I'll be posting a copy on YouTube.You'll note that David Scott at the left of the screen bobs up and down, almost rhythmically(as though he were in bigeminy, and each PVC gave him a little internal "kick", conservation of momentum ? couldn't be).At any rate, Worden and Irwin are on the right and FROZEN more or less.

These sorts of things are on some level impossible to prove, though I suspect for this particular "weightless" illusion, David Scott is green screened in. The other two are fixed at the right with the spaceship background and green screened Scott moves up and down, and so, VOILA !, there is this feigned weightlessness.

I'll have much more to say about this in my own thread dedicated to the unraveling of the illusions, Neil's last and pathetic only defense (NOT). But it is worth mentioning here. I have found in my own experience that reading widely and considering EVERYTHING, just bringing this that or the other thing to mind as regards a person, in this case Irwin, can lead to something significant down the road.

So for what it is worth, one way in which I see Jim Irwin, is as a man who may well have been a participant in an in flight Apollo 15 press conference that employed green screening as a technique for creating its weightless illusion.
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posted on Jun, 7 2012 @ 12:23 AM
reply to post by SayonaraJupiter

You can say that again, and again, and again.....;

posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 05:56 AM

The Apollo 15 In Flight Press Conference

I understand this thread is more of a character study than a "conspiracy thread" per se, and for what it is worth, in my opinion, more of that would be a good thing, forum postings that work toward gaining something more broad in terms of an appreciation for an individual, whether that individual be a participant in a fraud, as the case is here, or what have you. There is a lot more to Irwin obviously than just the fact he participated in the Apollo fraud.

That said, I would like to do a bit of conventional "conspiracy stuff" here, present a few ideas as regards the Apollo 15 in flight press conference. It is such a rich rich rich piece of video. It's so flat out worth checking out. Studying Irwin here in this narrow sense, may lead to more, so for what it is worth, here's a few thoughts of mine.

The "conference" took place on the "astronauts' flight home". It runs about 45 minutes total. I of course had to section it, 10 minutes per. Looks like two sections loaded up, so will post those now and the others when they surface.

1) Only Scott Bobs around like he is in outer space. Obviously they are trying to "fool" us into thinking that this is a genuine space mission by having Scott float up and down as you see him doing there. Worden and Irwin are sort of painted on there, glued if you will, to the CM backdrop. Bit of an exaggeration, but not much. This is an example of a "weightless scene" which we may have "figured out". Keep in mind, all weightless scenes were NOT done the same way. This one more likely than not employed a layering technique, like green screening or something similar. Scott is the overlay. He would have been shot with nothing but GREEN behind him and then when layered, the only thing one would see from that filming would be Scott, the green having been subtracted out.

2) Note as regards my point number one above, the interaction between the astronauts is only apparently direct. It is as though they are making an EFFORT to interact with the other "layer", the other layer containing there colleagues. They are all not together there. They are not in the same plane. By that i do not mean airplane, i mean geometric plane.

3) Note that this could have all been prerecorded. If you knew the script for the Apollo 15 flight, if you had foreknowledge, then of course you'd know these questions would come up, for example, the question regarding the genesis rock. AND, what's more, you could choose your own planted journalists' questions in preference to all others. This thing may have been prerecorded with the cap com editing it by way of quindar splicing. I have mentioned this sort of thing before. Apollo cannot be all LIVE. Some must be live, but most must have been taped. The video stuff for the most part has to be taped because the chance of making a mistake would be too great and carry an unacceptably high risk. Say Armstrong came off the ladder and burped or something, stuttered, etc.. This Apollo 15 conference is probably taped , not live at all. The CapCom knows the questions. When he triggers the microphone, once to start and once to stop his "transmission", he splices himself into the tape. Take a look carefully at this video with this in mind and you will see that it makes a great deal of sense.

4) The genesis rock thing. Is this complete outrageous bull or what ? How is Dave Scott qualified in any sense to know this rock is gonna' be so outrageously old ? They are already calling it the "genesis rock " ? Complete nonsense. These guys are not geologists. They are Eagle Scout types, have walked around with Lee Silver, the CAL TECH geologist for a bit. That is it. Their finding this rock is jive. The rock was obviously planted , not on the moon, but into this fake story. UGHHH This one is bad..

5) SayonaraJupiter's point about the mind control possibility is fascinating. Take a look at Irwin here with that in mind.
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posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 11:11 PM

The Balance of the Apollo 15 I Flight Press Conference.


See my post just above for background.

posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 11:12 PM
doubled and so deleted
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posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 11:39 PM
reply to post by decisively

The genesis rock thing. Is this complete outrageous bull or what ? How is Dave Scott qualified in any sense to know this rock is gonna' be so outrageously old ?

They had been trained in some specific things to look for (anorthositic rocks, for example) and they found some. It was the first time a crystalline rock had been found, one reason for the excitement.

145:42:23 Scott: Yeah. Let me try. (Pause) Yeah. Sure can. And it's a...a white clast, and it's about...

[Dave may have been about to call the rock a white clast breccia when he cleaned some of the dirt cover off and saw the predominant plagioclase. Jim sees the characteristic reflections almost before Dave does.]

145:42:41 Irwin: Oh, man!

145:42:41 Scott: Oh, boy!

145:42:42 Irwin: I got...

145:42:42 Scott: Look at that.

145:42:44 Irwin: Look at the glint!

145:42:45 Scott: Aaah.

145:42:46 Irwin: Almost see twinning in there!

145:42:47 Scott: Guess what we just found. (Jim laughs with pleasure) Guess what we just found! I think we found what we came for.

145:42:53 Irwin: Crystalline rock, huh?

145:42:55 Scott: Yes, sir. You better believe it.

145:42:57 Allen: Yes, sir.

145:42:58 Scott: Look at the plage in there.

145:42:59 Irwin: Yeah.

145:43:00 Scott: Almost all plage.

145:43:01 Irwin: (Garbled)

145:43:02 Scott: As a matter of fact (Laughing) Oh, boy! I think we might have ourselves something close to anorthosite, 'cause it's crystalline, and there's just a bunch...It's just almost all plage. What a beaut.
But it turned out they were wrong about it being as old as they thought.

The rest of your "analysis" reflects your biases.
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posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 12:04 AM

Thanks for bringing those videos to the thread. I learned some things already from the first video.

First video:
Jim Irwin answered a question, what are his greatest highlights so far on the mission. He said the lift-off and he talked about the layering on Mount Hadley. This must be one of Jim's most important discoveries because he remembered the same story for his audience in the 1991 presentation he gave at Connecticut space camp 4 months before his death.

Another thing I learned, was this simple fact of chronology. The Genesis rock achieved the famous nickname on its way back from the moon. And the rock presented itself to the astronauts almost like it was on a pedestal. They did in fact use the word "pedestal".

I should like to learn who first used the 'Genesis rock' nickname, because of it's important place in the timeline.
I wonder if was someone at NASA coined the term or maybe in the USGS or one of the astronauts themselves.

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posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 12:25 AM
When 40 years ago the Apollo 15 news conference revealed that the Genesis rock presented itself to the astronauts on a "pedestal". And today, the Genesis rock sits on a pedestal.

posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 12:42 AM

Here is Al Worden holding his nose while Jim Irwin talks about a bouncy ride on the moon buggy. And then Al Worden wipes his fingers on Dave Scott's arm.

I think it's a very bizarre thing for Al Worden to do.
If you watch that moment closely Al Worden maybe tugs on Dave Scott's pocket button of his sleeve. Take a closer look.

Was Al Worden trying to tell Dave Scott to "button up" Jim Irwin's big mouth?
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posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 01:34 AM

I watched the entire Apollo 15 video series that you posted. Did you see any 0G floating pens? Did you see any 0G floating film canisters or maps or floating sunglasses or headgear? Did you see any 0G floating fruit bars or orange drink containers? That Dave Scott runs a tight ship!
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posted on Jun, 10 2012 @ 02:49 AM
reply to post by decisively

found it hahaha you boys have been having a field day...

ok bigeminy..

what is the cause of it, and whats the purpose of supplying 100% oxygen?

be concise i dont want to read an essay.

also why do you think zero g will be completely useless during bigeminy?

i repeat keep it short and to the point please.

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