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Fukushima Nuclear Reactor 4 Has Lost Most Of The Wall On The Sea Side

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posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 12:36 PM

The latest helicopter pictures of Fukushima reactor 4 from South East show it has lost most of the wall on sea side.
Pictures of reactor 4 from South East side.

It lost most of the wall on sea side.
Click link to see the pictures taken from above

Here is another source:


posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by Nspekta

And check out these related stories as well.. pretty interesting:

New photos show what remains of No. 4 reactor building’s eastern wall


Facebook Disables Fukushima Diary Following Anti-Nuclear Photo And Comment
- So facebook is also in on trying to cover this up?!?!?!

posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 12:50 PM
I for the life of me don't know why the hell we put these things on the ocean in fault zones? theres even one down near here in San Diego right on the beach

posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 12:54 PM
reply to post by Nspekta

So... has there been another explosion? Or just the ongoing "de-commissioning" efforts?

By the way, when you mix hydrogen with just the right amount of oxygen...

If the implication is further hydrogen activity at #4 that resulted in (another) explosion, then that denotes re-criticality, since hydrogen is only produced during fission.

posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 07:48 PM
reply to post by intrptr

I'm pretty certain this is due tone ongoing disassnly of the reactor in the process to remove the fuel rods from the SFP.

There is a continual release of noble gasses which is to be expected as the molten masses if corium outage for the next several thousand years; at least in R's 1-3.

Since Turdco's data is highly suspect, and from the obvious destruction of the R4 building, I would not be surprised to eventually learn that the fresh core along wih many of the spent assemblies in the SFP of R4 also melted down.

posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 08:37 PM
reply to post by jadedANDcynical

Since Turdco's data is highly suspect, and from the obvious destruction of the R4 building, I would not be surprised to eventually learn that the fresh core along wih many of the spent assemblies in the SFP of R4 also melted down.

Turdco, lol. Yah, dunno from a pic either. Haven't been keeping up. We have yet to see footage of the first time building #4 blew up either. On going explosions are surely occurring on some level, just carefully edited out.

Must be some kind of Keystone cops thing working over there. Big steam cloud... Klaxon, "Runnnn!!!". Then all clear and everybody gets back to work when (Minor Tremor)... Klaxon, "Runnnn!!!" Then all clear and everybody goes back.... BOOOOMMMM!!!!,( no Klaxon) "Runnnn!!!!". People scurrying around all the time. How they expect to clean that mess up?

posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 08:52 PM
This is relevant how?
Wehave nothing to compare it to say a week or two ago......
if the damage is from the initial event so be it...if its recent, then id say it is probabl some kind of exposive damage, whatever the case....we have heard warnings about #4 and if this is recent they were right on.....
Next question...where is the spent fuel pool if this is #4? it looks as if the spent fuel pool could be that big empt space atop the building......if so we definately have seen some re criticality
This is a dangerous situation if the fuel pool is gone already............

posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 10:41 PM
reply to post by stirling

Going by the information we have the SFP can be located here:

In looking at the above two diagrams, the SFP goes from the second floor to the fourth floor. The segment to the left of the reactor well on the fourth floor would be the equipment pool as can be seen in this diagram:

Here is a shot from the top of the reactor looking down on the SFP:

It is difficult to tell, but the Tyvek suits these people are wearing are not the only layer of protection they have. Those bunny suits are merely there to capture dust, and the real protection comes from the suits they would be wearing underneath the Tyvek.

Here is a piece from Fox News (blech, yeah I know only here to illustrate the type of suit which I believe to be under the Tyvek)

Thing is, I don't think everyone there has the high tech suit as if you look closely at the following picture, you will see that some of the people appear "chubbier" than others, those would be the ones I imagine wearing the high tech suit beneath the Tyvek, the other poor sods are probably wearing normal clothing...

If you look ever closer, you will see that the "chubby" people seem to have a darker color under the Tyvek suits, this is another thing that makes me think that some are wearing the hi tech gear and others are not.

All photos courtesy of Cryptome

With the exception of the technical schematic of the GE Mark I reactor, I don't remember exactly where I foundit, but if you do a google search, you can find it hosted at a large number of sites.

posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 11:19 PM
This is soooo typical "Fukushima-Diary"

This Guy do not know what he is doing!

Everything is Okay in Daiichi and the Building is stable.

1. The SFP is made of reinforced concrete which has a thickness of approximately 140 - 185cm, lined with 3mm-thick stainless steel plate. The pool is supported by a steel and concrete structure, mostly isolated from the 4th and 5th floor walls of Unit 4 Reactor Building, which has been damaged by the explosion.

2. The pool water is circulated by injecting from the top of the pool and collecting the flooded water from the upper edge of the pool which is sent to the Skimmer Surge Tank*. There are no pipes or drainage holes that pass through the concrete structure of the pool, either on the side or at the bottom of the pool.

3. We continuously monitor the water level of the Skimmer Surge Tank*, adding the appropriate amount of water to the pool, the amount which evaporates from the surface of the pool. We could detect any water leakage as an abnormal water level fall at the Skimmer Surge Tank*, should the pipes get damaged. Furthermore, the pool itself is equipped with water leak detectors that lie inside the gap between the reinforced concrete and the stainless steel plate.

4. A backwater valve -which is not driven by motor, is installed in the pipe that injects water inside the pool. Should the pipe gets damaged, the backwater valve shuts down automatically, preventing the pool water from flowing out.

5. The pool depth is approximately 11m, about 7m above the top of the 4m-long spent fuels.

If the pool loses its cooling function by the stop of water circulation, it takes about 3 weeks for 5m-level amount of water to evaporate.

It is possible to add water into the pool either by restarting circulation by making necessary repairs or by directly pouring water from the concrete pump vehicles which stand by at the station.

* Skimmer Surge Tank A tank which is placed to catch the flooded water from the SFP.

For the People who are in Fear: Don't read Fukushima-Diary,
even Enenews is doubtful but when you compare it with the Tepco Roadmap
and use some other Sources you will be able to get the Clue!

In the case that it's getting Hot in F'Shima the Cameras are Offline,
the Fall-Down will be not televised!
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posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 11:34 PM
They have been decommissioning this reactor for a little while now in order to build a building around it to house a crane to remove the spent fuel. They needed to remove the wall because the turbine building is on that side. this is not a collapse. Plus only one vertical and one horizontal column are gone. Also they are about to remove 2 of the unspent assemblies in order to check on the integrity of the them

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posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 08:28 AM
looks to me like they are removing the broken and unstable structure so that they can take care of the SFP problem. notice the no structural rubble on the ground. and the clean cut on the still standing structure.

posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 08:40 AM
reply to post by Human0815

So after downplaying the event since the beginning you tell us to trust tepco's info?

Man this really cracks me up...

posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 08:47 AM
reply to post by Juanxlink


Stop reading my mind will you Juan!!! Haha! My thoughts exactly!

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 03:04 PM
Nuclear is unclear. Hopefully the cement will start flowing onto this disaster soon; it's been way to long a wait. The lack of any definable containment during the last year only shows the severity of the ongoing problem. Nobody seems to have any definite answers to what may happen next. Nobody seems to have have any definite plans to solve the ongoing problem. Nobody seems to be offering a 'transparent' view of wtf is being done to defend our planet from the deathtrap that the United States, through G.E. of course, forced onto the Japanese after WWII. Just another nail in our coffins brought to you by Corporate Amerika. For those of you wise enough to put two and two together...there are nuclear facilities here in the U.S. of the same design and of the same age. Good to know the buck stops here...

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 06:44 PM
To add to this ongoing problem the NOAA is posting a warning for Typhoon Guchol to carry right over top of Tokyo and continue north to the Fukishima Diachi plant, sustained winds @ 120+ with gust significantly higher. Lets all hope that we see no further damage to this already hot powder keg!!!!

SaneThinking" target="_blank" class="postlink">Link to article

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