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McDonalds - Political - does this have something to do with being Exempt from ObamaCare ?

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posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 11:22 AM
Is McDonalds getting into the Divide and Conquer Politic's Game ?
Why does McDonalds allow Racial Based Associations ? its in every country on earth.

anyway - I thought of about 20 different angles for this poster. and I have dug dug dug
and I can not find another Poster that makes McDonalds Political. just this one.
I'm sure there has to be an example out there somewhere - lets examine it if you find one.

McDonalds Vote Poster

I was in McDonalds yesterday and I noticed this banner on the window. harmless enough - they want you to go out and vote.
but at the bottom I noticed it was Racial - I mean why must it have the word "Black"unless someone wanted to make a distinction - based in Race. It kept me awake most of the night thinking about it - so this Morning I went back to McDonalds and took these pictures for you guys.

Why Not Just McDonalds

Poster Link I noticed this site is not Racial or at least its mutli-racial'

but this site is clearly McDonalds out reach with messages - look at all the plump people... yeaup~! big mac with cheese Pleaze.
Organization who paid for the Poster (chicagoland mind you)

hey - and there are Asian Owner Associations too. but not a single White one - go figure - I guess white people dont see any use to be associated with their own kind. I guess they dont want to be called a Racist.

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posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 02:12 PM
McDonalds is not exempt from the healthcare act It may have a waiver that is good until 2013 when the pertinent part of the act is passed.

BTW I think your hair is on fire.


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