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Has American Defense Outsourcing Become a National Security Threat ?

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posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 12:10 AM
Breitbart Article
by Jason Bradley

American Defense Outsourcing Has Become a National Security Threat

With the continuing policy of buying raw materials and parts from foreign countries, it seems the U.S. may have a national security problem according to a new Senate Armed Services Committee report that highlights a stunning fact that a high percentage of counterfeit imported electronics parts (as many as 1 million !) have flooded the system for years !!

Many of course are traced to China.

Many parts are used on military aircraft and missiles.

This is alarming for more than one reason.

Somebody somewhere must be aware of all this.

And why can't things we use here be made here 100% ?

Is budgeted money all they worry about ?

Seems that way sometimes.

Read the entire article.

It is true and widely known that the US military readiness rests on outdated planes, vehicles, and parts. Severe budget problems affect all sectors of spending and the military is usually often hit hardest despite a huge annual Pentagon defense budget. To meet its demands, the Pentagon has increasingly turned to cheaper and often unreliable foreign parts and weapons technology. The consequence of course impacts high-end prime US contracting companies that are forced to seek foreign markets to maintain revenue even if some of their oversea clients and partners are considered war adversaries. The trend toward foreign suppliers has only increased in recent years. The Defense Department recently revealed that an estimated 80 percent of all defense components are bought from foreign countries.

WHO is watching ???

This happens in despite of regulations that encourage the Defense Department to buy American products. The problem though is that American made defense products and weapons technology are dwindling. The myriad of regulations and policies make it impossible for the American private sector to produce the vital materials needed for modern weaponry.
WHAT ??? ... This is Unbelievable !!!

Where is Obama on this ??

Where is the Corruption with this ?

I KNOW it's hiding somewhere.

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U.S. must stop using China’s fake military parts

posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 12:17 AM
Outsourcing defense procurement and materials has been on the uptick for over 30 years. It really is amazing that we are even having a discussion about this problem that should have never occured.

When the government cuts defense this is the result.When government regulates business this is the result and while I put most blame on government I also blame DOD for letting this happening.

Staking national security to people who have no dog in the hunt is an act of treason.

An Act of Treason!

Those practices and materials need to be thrown out and replaced with American Made there are no if,and's or but's.

So yes outsourcing has become a national threat to this entire nation and to those we send in harm's way.

There is no excuse for this to be happening.
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posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 12:19 AM
reply to post by xuenchen

At some point the worker in the factory will "spill the beans".

Our technology is only as secret as the least common denominator is honorable.

Our super secret technology is being produced in a different country?

If that's the case, it's over folks. No laughing matter.

posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 12:44 AM
Check this thread out OP...
Former Mossad and IDF are running security at our international hubs with software the designers themselves literally equated to the Minority Report film.

posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 12:59 AM

Originally posted by neo96

Staking national security to people who have no dog in the hunt is an act of treason.

I agree.

At some point,its going to bite America,in the rear,if it hasn't already........

posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 01:28 AM
Hitler knew he was going to war with the allies all along.

So he gave Germany Autarky. He traded with other nations as little as possible. He had to a tiny bit because the brutal 'Treaty' that Germany was forced to endure after WW1 included having territory stolen from them amongst other things.

So he obviously avoided trading with the allies (BritanFrance....) because to trade with these nations would be akin to funding the enemy. It would be stupid. Idiotic. Moronic. Flat out dumb to be trading with these nations. To be econimically self-sufficient,is a matter of national security at the end of the day. National Socialism offers that.

America is funding the enemy. It is insane. Not only is America funding the enemy,America has sent manufacturing to the enemy as well.

When the great General Isoroku Yamamoto advised his superiors on strategy before WW2 he correctly pointed out that Japan could not match America for manufacturing because America was such an industrialized country. He knew you guys could pump out battleships like nothing. He had been to America and seen. The Japanese strategy was to try to draw the US into a decisive Naval battle as early as possible as the Japanese military was the match of any in the world before they entered the war. They failed and as Yamamoto predicted,the Americans ability to pump out ships proved too much.

Losing manufacturing is aiding the enemy. Also insane. America cant even produce a tv. All you guys make is trucks pretty much. And China has factories on factories and an army of workers. America will lose a prolonged war with China. Manufacturing is a matter of national security. The economy of countries during a future World War will collapse America does not have in place a good set up for prolonged war and it will be hard to set up when War begins. China has that advantage.

The American Military is overstretched. You have forces in the Pacific in Australia even though there is no problem here. China like us. We are their friends. With diplomacy,we could be Sweeden. Easily. We are their second best friend and pretty much only friend other than North Korea. We are great trading partners and have been for many years. The Chinese make up a large part of our population. Go to Sydney and you will see that. Lots of hot Chinese chicks. They will not want to spend resources on us if they can avoid it and like I said,we are great friends. There is no sense having troops in Australia. You are just putting our Mothers and Fathers and Brothers And Sisters lives in danger for no reason. And you are overstretched. You need all of your troops on home soil. You certainly dont need them way over here in Australia risking my brothers life who lives in NT right near where you send troops.

The US must stop trading with China,bring back manufacturing and bring home all troops. It is a matter of National Security.
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