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I make my own liposomal vit C. This stuff is frickin AMAZING!!!!!

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posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 11:47 AM

Originally posted by LerroyJenkins
Is there anyway we can just buy this stuff? I did a google and went to shopping but im not sure if its legit.


I found sources on line but for the equivalent to a dollar a day for the pills, and I would question how long this stuff would stay viable in pill form. I'd much rather make it up fresh every few days.

To the negative posters here (how do I ignore these morons?) every body truly is different. I've had gut surgery 7 times now for Crohn's and my absorption of all nutrients is questionable. I've had several feet of intestine taken out including the very important ileum. When I find something like this that will enhance absorption, it can work like a miracle for me. Finding a way to make it cheaply is doubly important because I have a limited amount of money to spend and something like this can replace $700 worth of medicine I take now that doesn't work all that well. Applauds again to the OP for this and *Go Away!* to the trolls!

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 11:55 AM
I just want to repeat this>>>>>>anyone who tries this.....if you are on any medications....check with your dr..or pharmacist ...or online site like webmd or site that list meds..

make sure your medicine will not be affected >>>>>VIT C CAN SLOW DOWN THE ABSORPTION OF SOME MEDICATIONS

I like that posters suggestion of getting the solution tested.......cover the bases so to speak.
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posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 12:15 PM
OP, just out of curiosity, were you taking lecithin beforehand? I take it regularly and wouldn't be without it; it ups the levels of acetylcholine in the brain which helps with the 'awakey' mode of the brain. What some here have described as awake like coffee without the jitteryness. While liposomizing both the lecithin and the C together may very well enhance the absorption of both, I'm wondering how much of the effect is increased C uptake and how much might be the addition of lecithin? Just a thought and a question.

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 12:15 PM

Originally posted by Destinyone

It's not your money. I'll *waste* mine when I make some early next week.. You OK with me *wasting* my own money...


I couldn't care less what you do with your own money.

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 12:25 PM
Whoops, another thought. Sorry guys.

If most animals make their own Vitamin C, and as Pauling's research suggested, their tissues are flooded with it, and we humans didn't start cooking our meat until fairly recently in our history (20,000 years or whatever, a blip genetically), then our ancestors ate as a nearly daily diet foods that were loaded, saturated with Vitamin C. Between raw meat and berries and roots, everything would have been loaded with it.

Cooking destroys Vitamin C...Fast forward to cooking meats, and we lose that access to VC and fast forward again to just the last 60 years or so of post nuclear testing, 'better living through chemistry' poisoned air, water and food, and you can see that our nutritional intake is vastly different just over the span of a lifetime. Is it any wonder we're all tired (except for the trolls, who suffer from the disease of the inability to consider anything new)?

All it takes is an hour at your local mall to see that most of us are poisoned; not just in ill health or malnourished, but poisoned...

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 12:25 PM
reply to post by dasman888

Good, sensible post.

I am disappointed, but not shocked, at the medical establishment's mind control over the common folks being shown here. It is really interesting that making your own solution here is the issue, there is no other issue.

Vitamin C, ascorbic acid and not citric acid, are a long tested effective measure to improve heath in many, but not all ways. You can BUY the version in question and try it - buy it!!! If the OP had said, "I bought liposomal vit C and had these changes in my bodily expression" there would be no naysayers. At most there would be "ahh, I heard that Pauling crap, so what..." but because the OP MAKES his own C solution the mind control programming starts. The core of this is "men in white lab coats know everything about your body and you don't, can't and are prohibited by law from doing anything the lab coats don't approve of (we approve things like vioxx, thalidomide, chemo, etc.)." "We lab coats also have spent 100 years perfecting the art of the separation of consciousness from the body."

One the best parts of human life is experimenting on oneself to learn about oneself. There is no better thing then learning about you from you. The OP's post is great, brilliant, wonderful, in that he took the initiative to try something out on himself, like all the great inventors who have been replaced by corporate creation via "what will increase shareholder value" model.

What is so brilliantly sad about some of the posts is the "anecdotal evidence is BS" mind control meme. All "evidence" in the health world, is anecdotal, while the idea that double blind blah blah blah is law, it isn't the reality. Here is why, the backside to the anecdotal nonsense is the "we have to rule out placebo effects" for it to be valid. I have news, all the effects are placebo. Consciousness, the internal expression of energy into an external reality is done by choice. People choose for things to work, the native americans used few "external" stimulus to heal folks, but used a lot of consciousness changing work via connection, exchange, lessons etc. We choose for things to work, but we have been so mind controlled into thinking we have no input on the process: there is body and nothing else is the doctor/scientists reality. It is probably true that the OP will have better results on this system because he is doing it all himself, it is also true that his consciousness will soon find something else is required to evolve and the miracle will slow down or stop - to make sure he continues to evolve.

I am saddened that folks just don't see their own bodies as a place to evolve, but rather a place to perform and express what they have been told to express. The idea of saying "hey, I like the OP ideas and enthusiasm, I'll try to add to the connection by doing this myself" is wonderful, but alas we usually get "stupid ass, vit c isn't a cure for anything, double blind by a doctor is both law and truth... piss off with your sonic thingy!"

BTW, it should be said the C will help with the radiation we're being doused with, but I'll stop there as the abuse from the "radiation in bananas is worse" folks are worse then the radiation.

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by RogerT3

Firstly, psychosomatism is indeed a real thing...

If you want to know more about the placebo effect, just have a gander here

It's a controversial subject, but it's a valid, scientific discussion.

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 12:46 PM
Here's another person claiming to be an expert on my body!

Originally posted by Vehemens
lol. so much garbage put together in one thread. Hype and more hype.

Which posts are you referring to specifically, or is it ALL garbage IYO?

First of all, the positive mind effects are from the lecithin. It's known for its cognitive improvement qualities.

Source? Reference?

Secondly, the extra energy is because Vitamin C feeds the Adrenal Glands. They are usually so screwed, that anything you take to help them gives you more energy.

Source? Reference?

Your claims may be 100% accurate, but until you at least reference some source, it is just your opinion! Having said that, the OP claims a concoction has given him more energy and mental clarity. You state it is all garbage and then validate his claim with your own version of reasoning. Nice

Thirdly, most supplements you try look like miracle drugs the first times you use it. Some look like miracles for longer, sometimes even months. That's called the honeymoon period. Eventually the body adjusts and you'll get back to your old normal self.

This may be your personal experience but it is not mine. Most supplements I have tried had no apparent effect. No honeymoons for me!

Contrarily, the superfood still gives me the same effect, 20 years later, having consumed it virtually every single day (so about 7,000 doses). The odd occasion I go without, I notice the difference within 2 days, and when I start up again I notice the renewal of body balance/function within 24 hours.

And last, all the health benefits are a load of crap. I did the experiment myself. I took the following stack for months:

Chlorella -3g day
Spirulina - 6g day
Vitamin C - 10g+ day
Coconut Oil. (varied dosage every day)
Good Multi Vitamin.
Micronized Zeoilite - A couple tsp/day
Lugol's Iodine - 52mg /day
MSM - A couple tsp/day

This isn't the experiment the OP has suggested.

I though I would never get sick with this stack as most of the things in the list are promoted as cure all. So I figured, everything mix together will make my body a living hell to bacteria, viruses,etc.
Well I took it for months and the first day I got some drops of rain in my head...bang... sick for the next two days. Sneezing like hell, running nose all day long. etc. Got better and got sick again the following week.
That was the day I stopped believing any of these miracle supplement crap. The crap can't even prevent or cure a simple cold, let alone cure something worst.

So you discovered it takes more than a few supplements to stay healthy, but you then threw the baby out with the bathwater. From your confrontational posting style, and your obvious anger and disappointment, it's not that much of a stretch to suggest you look at the psycho-emotional factors of health

At least, it improved my mind and thought process. It' wasn't a total waste of money.

I wouldn't call increasing one's cynicism an improvement, but I may have misunderstood your point.
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posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 12:57 PM
This stuff is unfreaking believable! Phenomenal!

The contrast to what I felt 2 days ago is literally like night and day.

My physical strength is much improved and recovery time greatly reduced. I've been lugging around 7 gallon water cans (full) today.

My mind is razor sharp. Vision crisp. And energy level? I'm bouncing off the walls!

I know that this new feeling will eventually become my norm (and God won't that be nice) and the initial contrast to the way I was will fade. But holy crap I can't even believe how thick my brain fog was before. I can't hardly believe that it is possible to feel this good.

I am so glad I found this. No supplement - juicing - or the countless things I have done has ever had this kind of impact.

I really did not expect these kind of results. I thought the OP was probably exaggerating. Now I think he is understating the truth.

You know if you're in top condition it may not affect you the way it has me. For me this is nothing less than a miracle.

To the OP, thanks so much for deciding to share this with us.

To the Skeptics ... its too bad for you that you know so much.

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posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by crankyoldman

I see a lot of wisdom in this post.
I also think it will be mostly lost on those that would benefit most from it

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by DevolutionEvolvd

That's a rather long and rather dull wiki piece - the first few paragraphs were kind of obvious and didn't inspire me to go further.
Can you respond to my comment that Allopaths tend to dismiss the 'woo-woo' modalities of healing (faith, laying of hands, Resonance machines, chi/ki/prana energetic cf. Reiki, prayer etc) but are totally ok with the placebo effect.
You seem to be on the white-coat side of the fence and have mentioned placebo in an alternative health thread, which is why I am asking.

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 01:10 PM
reply to post by MegaMind

Hahaha! Megamind, welcome to the super energetic i feel awesome from making and taking my own liposomal vit c club. It indeed is night and day and i should be screaming this stuff from the rooftops. Your anecdotal experiences on this stuff is now an additional person vouching for how awesome it is

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 02:43 PM
This from :
I have separated the sentences for easier reading. Bolding is mine.

"While we have not conducted detailed analyses using calcium ascorbate as the vitamin C component, there seems to be no contravening reason that would seriously modify the excellent results we enjoyed with sodium ascorbate.

However, the coefficient of absorption for sodium ascorbate in higher mammals does indicate to be superior to calcium ascorbate (so I am informed).

The principal reason calcium carbonate is utilized by most commercial vendors is to mitigate against the alimentary challenges presented to some by the acid form (ascorbic acid).

The absorptive ability of sodium ascorbate in humans as against that of ascorbic acid, demonstrates to be over two orders of magnitude ( about 3000 times according to Dr. Gerard Judd).

One comment I might add: If a subject is orally consuming LARGE quantities (over 20 grams daily) of vitamin C (especially in the ascorbate form), additional improvement levels, via liposomal additions, in addressing the existing insult may be less than striking (especially if the subject presents with excellent systemic absorption characteristics)....if only because influence levels of the current dosage regimen are reaching near the upper "practical" limits for vitamin C in these cases.

However, I have no measured corroboration for such a phenomenon."

Now then, If I understand this correctly, he is saying that Sodium Ascorbate I the better choice, but that Calcium Ascorbate should also be good.
And that Sodium Ascorbate is absorbed 3000 times better than Ascorbic Acid.
Does this then take care of the over-acidity problem?

For sure you will know if you body is acid when you have to use under-arm deodorant.

The article also says that you will get smaller particles if you use the Larger unit from Harbor Freight. $75

But then if you seriously want the best....

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 02:51 PM
reply to post by MegaMind

Ummmm, gosh, how do I say this?
This is kinda awkward.

I guess I'll just come out and say it.
It is better that you hear it from me than the experts who will tear you apart.

Here goes.

You don't feel the way you feel.
The experts in this thread have already proven it with science.
It is impossible.
I should know, I hear it from muzzleflash and rockpuck.
You are not feeling this way despite what you may think.
If you want proof, just look a few pages back and you can see for yourself.

Gosh, I am sorry I had to break this to you.

I wish you would stop challenging all of my deeply held firmly planted beliefs in science and logic.

Who do you think you are anyway?
Thinking that you actually KNOW the way YOU feel.

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 03:55 PM
I'm in it all the way,

Got the ingredient from my local heath food store and got the large Ultrasonic cleaner from Harbor Freight, It's on sale for $74 and Sunday flyer could have 20% off.....the smaller one was on sale too but my store was all out...

I will be making some in about an hour and will let all know what effects me and my wife have.

I will be using "Zero Water" filtered water just as a start since no distilled water was available cheaply. $5 a gallon at the "organic" store. What a crock or should I say crook.

Just finished making it and have just had my first tablespoon at 5:15pm.

It tasted salty sour and my wife did not like it, but took her 2 teaspoons like a trooper.

I did the recipe with the blender way and did double the portions since I have the bigger Ultrasonic cleaner and needed to have a fuller tank.

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posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 05:25 PM
dominicus....Thanks for turning me on to the liposomal vitamin C elixir. I'm into my 2nd day now.
My energy levels are high, with the sense of well-being even stronger today. No supplement has had this effect on me, and this stuff is pennies per dose!

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 05:52 PM
reply to post by ColeYounger

dominicus....Thanks for turning me on to the liposomal vitamin C elixir. I'm into my 2nd day now. My energy levels are high, with the sense of well-being even stronger today. No supplement has had this effect on me, and this stuff is pennies per dose!

No prob my friend. Thanks for dropping by and giving an update. Please check back in over the next few days and let us know any other effects you feel.

So now we have positive reports from 3 ATS members:
Myself. Megamind. and now ColeYounger to add to the mix.

posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 06:00 PM
reply to post by ColeYounger

A improved "sense of well-being" is a tell tale sign of the placebo effect. Even a "feeling of having more energy" can be directly attributed to the "sense of well-being".

Think about it. Depression, pessimism and negative thoughts are associated with what? Not having the energy or will to do anything. A crappy sense of well-being. Conversely, optimism, happiness and positive thoughts are associated with feeling energetic and having an good sense of well-being.

People in marketing and advertising, the experts, will tell you that if you pitch a product/service that creates a positive emotional attachment, they become more likely to repeat as customers than if the pitch didn't have that positive attachment. It's because of the effect described above. If you're excited about a service or product and everyone else has great testimonials, you're going into it expecting to have the same results. This creates a false "sense" of positive experience (energy, well-being).

And you guys have to understand that the controversy associated with the placebo effect is in measurable, physical manifestations. Perceived energy levels and sense of well-being are not those things and are generally accepted as a very real effect.
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posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 06:08 PM
Would this work for any vitamin? Potassium? Magnesium?

Would this be useful in a sports drink to replace electrolytes?

What about this for C, Na, Ca, K, Mg, and then combining a teaspoon of each in a mixture with Honey and B12 and diluting it to an 8oz drink?
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posted on Jun, 2 2012 @ 06:21 PM
reply to post by getreadyalready

Could you create liposomal minerals and other vitamins? Sure. Is the efficacy of surrounding these compounds with liposomes worth it? Probably not.

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