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RE: something positive for a change

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posted on May, 31 2012 @ 03:01 PM
this thread was posted a few days ago by Facchino.
i think the title says it all.
any way,i replied thus:

i've been unemployed for a bit now (like many). given a few 'temp' jobs for 2 or 3 days,but thats it. (thats more depressing than having no work!) it often plays heavy on my soul. last nite before i went to bed i prayed. not in the traditional sense,but in my own way. i just mustered up all the positive energy i could,all the good things in my life like family and friends and love for them and myself. i squished all that positive energy into a little ball and 'put' it into my solar flexes,and just kept telling myself ' things will get better', and 'put out positive energy and it will come back to you'. well i fell asleep doing this. this is the strange part. i dream't i fell over some pails of water and landed face first in the water. i felt like i was drowning and i actually felt like i was slipping away! (it is 6:30 pm now and this experience is still freash in my mind 12 hours later!) then i felt someone pull me out of the water,and i awoke with a jolt! well as the morning progressed i carried on as usual cleaning and stuff,then the phone rang. turns out i have a job interview tomorrow at 9:30 am!!!! and it looks like they want me to stat the night shif on this sunday!!! an hour or so later,the welfare people got a hold of me (i applied a month ago cause i'm broke!) and they said they can help me with any start up money i might need for my new job!!! crazy eh!!! been down for so long,then in a matter of a few hours my life may have changed for the better!!!

well anyway,i just wanted to let you guys know that positive thinking does work!
i start my new job on monday for pretty good money, and its a 5 miniute bike ride from my house!!!
my neighbor came over today and re-paid the $50.00 he owed me,i didn't know he owed me,but it came in handy cause i was broke!
i thought i was out of gas to cut the lawn,but i found a full can in the shed!
it was supposed to rain all day,but the sun has been shining all day!

things are definately looking up!
i know its gonna take a bit to get outta this hole i dug for myself,but i can see the light,and ive been keeping positive since that night!
thanx again for your post Facchino!

you have renewed my belief in myself! hope i can help you some time!


posted on May, 31 2012 @ 05:09 PM
reply to post by reficul

Awesome - I'm glad that several things have took a positive turn for you in the last few days...hope it's the start of something good for you.

Good luck to you and long may it continue

Ps - you just need to change your mood under your avatar from "dire" to something more upbeat.
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