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Realities of EU: Can you humankind see it clearly what's it's all about now?

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posted on May, 31 2012 @ 11:52 AM
It is sad to see how thoroughly the 1% had sold and screwed mankind on debt bondage, and not many realizing it or are even defending it. As the EU unravels today, very much of revelations can be discern clearly on its enslavement of humanity.

1. When the 08 financial crisis occurred, thanks to banks' reckless lendings and gambles, many economies went on a tailspin. Suddenly banks worldwide found itself NOT on solid ground, should depositors demand their deposits back, and would NEVER have enough to pay them all back.

They can't, simply because most of those funds had been lent out recklessly, into unconscionable mortgages, gambling punt creations and gambling on casino stock markets, building construction projects that exceeds demand needs in the belief that suckers will pay or rent those apartments, as well as funding help for corporations to offshore their manufacturing to slave nations without realizing that by depriving local workers of jobs, no one will buy those goods, not even the chinese or indians who can't afford them and have no need for them.

2. Thus, they turn to their puppets in governments, whom had been corrupted by easy money for years, for some payback obligation. Bailouts went first priority to Banks, then to their cronies - Corporations, by using TAX REVENUES as well as FUTURE tax renues through loaning them from banks by creating BONDS.

With those monies, or the illusion of it as in the case of bonds which are merely promissory notes recirculated by bank holdings. they SHORE up their balance sheets to prove that they are solid, able to pay back every dime to restore confidence.

And they don't loan it out anymore. Money is hoarded up, by both bankers and depositors. As such money is not circulated, companies fall, unemployment sets in, GDP drops.

Worse and MOST UNCONSCIONABLE of all, they and their economists lapdogs had the cheek to place the blame on the People as the ones whom had been prolifigate, overspending on themselves and social expenditure, not paying taxes, lazy, etc, etc, till many believed those lies.

It was a lie because if those money had not been used for bailouts by govs to bail out banks, loaned WITH interests, those revenues and future revenues could have been used for social expenditure, such as in Greece and create jobs in Spain by targetted infusion of expenditure to groom selected private enterprise.

Any UNION of humanity that relies on the root of evil-money, will be doomed from the start, worse espacially if bankers were the one in control, as many of US founding fathers had prophecized. Today, those prophecies had came true.

Today, we mankind are enslaved. By the Tyrants of bean counting.

We gave up our taxes, future taxes,and pension funds to shore up the banks, to enslave us and future generations. We did ourselves in. Take a bow.


' I owe, I owe, its off to work I go' - so goes a song, but sadly, there is no work now as money is not circulated. The only solution left now, to break off those chains of enslavement and build a true unity of human, based upon moral principles of kinship than of greed, - PRINT MORE MONEY TO DEVALUE HOARDING, and allow wise monetary circulation to flow.

Inflation may rise, but if goods price shoots too high, none will buy and exporters will suffer worse, watch their goods and own future rot.

posted on May, 31 2012 @ 12:11 PM
A very enlightening hypothesis on a very stinking situation.Here's a very good doc. about some or all you have you have emphasized on

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