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Christians (or not) for Ron Paul

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posted on May, 31 2012 @ 09:44 AM
If someone ever accuses Ron Paul of being a fake, or part of the New World Order, or a Jesuit, or anything else bad, I would show them this video. 30 years he has been like this. This guy is the real deal. How are American's not seeing the blatant lies and the manipulations?

Besides....why would latino's cry foul and make the naacp cause the delegation redistricting? Because this redistricting BS is merely a tactic to confuse and rouse the voters. They held Texas off. / and SOMETHING happened here that had Romney win Texas. It doesn't make sense for Ron Paul to lose to his home state.

Besides...if you do a search on youtube....on Romney videos, he's hardly got any support...most of his videos had so much thumbs compare that to Ron Paul. There seems to be signs everywhere for Ron Paul....hardly any for Romney.

The election process is rigged. And since Ron Paul "lost" it's even more apparent then ever he was the real deal.

Romney wants pretty much the same thing Obama does. They are both one in the same for the same ruling elite. Check out this parody banner. It's got Obama's trademark and a pretty accurate tag line.

posted on May, 31 2012 @ 10:17 AM
It seems as if Ron Paul is our only hope for America. It also seems that this entire election process TPTB have tried their best to stop Ron Paul from getting anywhere.. Unfortunately for them, you can not stop an idea whose time has come. Though things don't look too good for the Paul campaign right now, I still think there is a chance he can pull through at the RNC. Let the nay-sayers (Romney and Obama supporters) come in and say that its over because Romney won Texas. From my understanding, the delegates will not be decided until the RNC. Considering Paul's campaign has been a delegate strategy, and that most of his supporters are loyal and dedicated, odds are that Ron Paul will have a good number of delegates at the convention in his favor.

Either way it goes, the campaign has been a huge success. He has gotten his message across to a good number of people. Soon, the masses will wake up, then perhaps we can have revolution, freeing ourselves from TPTB.

Ron Paul 2012.

posted on May, 31 2012 @ 01:09 PM
Paul was the only major candidate with a fresh message, though he's been saying it for the past three decades. Liberty and independence is so implorable to TPTB they've consistently tried to shut Paul out of the media and distorted his image in hopes keeping people in the dark about such revolutionary concepts as freedom and the Constitution. The ATS Obamorons and Romneramouses who push authoritarian elitist fear agendas have been hard at work invading every Ron Paul thread with their distortions and derisive name-calling - it seems all too appropriate to tag them with their own amusing handles.

Too late for them, the revolution is underway. Even law enforcement persons have come to recognize that people are more orderly, more responsible, and compliant in a free society than those with draconian and invasive laws. Anti-Paul fear-mongers will claim you can't just let people run around and do whatever they want, that they must be compliant and disciplined or severly punished for the slightest infraction. People will never respect society when it does not respect them.

America was proud, productive, and responsible when they were a free nation. The American people were innovative and strove for excellence in making their own path when they were unrestricted in choosing their own direction. Where are they now? In this millenium they have given up their ultimate rights and strengths to authoritarian control who demand they must do so. They have lost world prestige and are in a decline. They've tried to regiment their behavior and now a society clones march off to the slaughter.

The anti-Pauls insist we line up behind our hand-picked and manufactured leaders. They somehow cannot fathom that such a notion is repulsive to anyone desiring to live free and proud. There is no surrender. Like for Patrick Henry our acceptable choices are liberty or death. Enslavement is not living merely an existence.

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posted on May, 31 2012 @ 07:54 PM
The media has made the campaign look like crap from day one when he beat them ALL in the very first straw poll, except for the female, Bachmann......nothing has changed except Paul has a ton of delegates and Mitt doesnt have a clue as to how many will vote for him. Im a Paul fan and I would die before voting Romney, much less worry about some half ass letter that is merely threatening the delegates to vote for Romney or otherwise go to jail........Seems desperate to me,,,,I imagine intelligent christians like Paul,,,They would only vote Romney because they were told to and dont know any better.

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