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[MAD] Close the window

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posted on May, 30 2012 @ 09:50 PM
This is my first story, so bear with me. If the grammar or punctuation is off, my apologies.

As Grandpa looked out the window, the deafening sound of chants reverberated throughout the entire neighborhood, like a shockwave echoing in his chest. His heart was beating faster, his pulse was elevating, perspiration began to bead on his forhead, streaming into his eyes, burning like the midday sun.

The sound of rain clapped on the sidewalk outside the complex, a few stories below. " George," Grandmother said, "close the window," "for what Mother," Grandpa said, people are coming out of their houses, look this man has a bat, "let me see" said Anne, as she rushed to the window. Dammit George, close the window,"yes Betty," said Grandpa. "But Grandma, I want to see," said Anne. No, get your butt inside and up to your room too tend to your homework, and enough of that T.V., it's driving people mad.

When George stood up, a thought had crossed his mind, one which brought back memories of a not to distant past, where he as a child had lived in a war torn country. A place where peace was once common, until the riots and protests began. "George, are you going to close that window, the rain is getting in," said Grandma. As George was shutting the window, a bright flash lit the horizon, illuminating the area outside all the way to the lake, where the lighthouse sits.

"Holy crap, did you see that," as George fell back onto the floor, I think a transfomer or something blew in the city." Anne came running down the stairs to see what the commotion was. Beep, Beep, Beep. This is not a test, I repeat this is not a test. This is a emergency Aler...The T.V. went silent. "Anne," said Grandpa, get the bug out bag under my bed and the truck keys, grab yours too, "okay", she said, and went off into the house.

Betsy looked perturbed and confused, not sure of herself. George seen the worry on her face, and went to comfort her. Honey it's not like we are unprepared, as George touched her arm, it's just like we have been practicing for the last years. "Yes I know dear," said Betsy, I just thought it was not going to happen here you know. And what about Anne. George looked into her eyes and seen the tears swelling in them, he reached up to her and gently wiped her cheek and kissed her hand.

He could hear Anne running around the house gathering the items he requested, she was now coming down the stairs. It's time Mother, "yes dear," she replied. George stood up, knowing the challenge that lay before them. Do you have evreything Anne," said Grandma. Yes, everything else is already at the shelter Grandma, just like me and Grandpa prepared. Okay, well let's be on our way.

The sun was hot, and beaming through the window. As the light made it's way onto Georges' face he shuffled around and opened his eyes, realizing he was in bed. He was sweating, his heart was pounding. "Hi Grandpa, said Anne, I brought you breakfast with your favorite juice, and Grandma is right behind me. "You know I had the strangest dream." Really Grandpa, was it about zombies. No dear, but will you close the window.

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