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Anon Quebec leaks video of Desmarais (Power corp) wife birthday, 5 ancient PMs, Current PM, George H

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posted on May, 30 2012 @ 04:34 PM
None less than 5 ancient prime ministers at that party, even George H Bush in person. Financial elite and oligarchy take all their senses in this video.

Sounds to me like a bunch of people having a great time.. Until I wondered where the money to do all that probably came from..

The comment on youtube states that "the recent wave of privatization of state owned businesses went mostly to this man, Paul Desmarais. One thing for sure; leaders from both left and right which are opponents in the public seem to be getting along pretty well there.

(And George Bush seemed pretty bored early in most of the video; haha! Until the dancing and music began where we can see him having quite a good time... hey! does that prove hes not a reptillian or something? haha j/k)

Lucien Bouchard (Used to be PM of QC) @ 13:50, 16:15, 18:13, 1:40:05, 1:40:36, 1:40:54
Brian Mulroney (Used to be PM of Canada) @ 14:10, 15:29, 19:25, 1:36:25, 1:38:49, 1:41:13, 1:42:50
Jean Charest (Current PM of Quebec) @ 14:29, 15:52, 19:35, 20:07, 43:48
Jean Chr├ętien (Used to be PM of Canada) @ 15:00, 43:15, 43:35, 1:40:19, 1:40:36, 1:40:41
George H. W. Bush (You know who he is!
@ vers 19:32
Liza Frulla (Former Politician) a 14:55
Marc Hervieux @ 35:30
Yannick Nezet-Seguin @ 41:30
Adrienne Clarkson (Used to be Governor of Canada) @ 16:15, 18:20, 1:40:38
Couple Desmarais @ 16:23, 38:54, 43:07, 43:58, 44:18, 44:25, 44:50, 42:20, 1:38:58
Jean Charest and wife (current PM of QC) @ 18:00
Desmarais @ 18:35, 19:08, 19:25, 19:55, 43:50, 1:40:09, 1:40:30, 1:40:46, 1:40:51

MSM - (TVA) Anonymous cible la famille desmarais

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