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Dream Involving Black Creatures, Rainbows, and Warnings

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posted on May, 30 2012 @ 12:29 PM
I had this dream a few nights ago and I woke up feeling really odd and understood it was some kind of warning.
I can decipher some of it, but interested in your opinions as well.

The dream began in Virginia Beach, VA. (I grew up in VB but moved away a decade ago).
I was standing at a crosswalk in front of a Methodist church (that exists in real life) and waiting for a walk signal. I do have a small connection to this church in reality, as I used to attend Girl Scouts/Brownies there as a little girl. However, we did not attend it for services. In the dream, I understood my family was there, inside the building.
Anyway, I looked to my right and there was a Hispanic gentleman waiting. He was pushing a bicycle. We got halfway across but then had to stop in the median as the lights changed too quickly. As we waited, I looked to my left and there was a little brown hare munching on the grass in the median. Only he had been mostly spray-painted red and had a road stripe down his back. I tapped the guy next to me to show him and we were wondering what arsehole would have painted the poor thing like that. Suddenly I looked up and realized that the hare had distracted us from the light and I apologized to the man as we would have to wait another turn of lights to cross. He shrugged it off.
Then I became aware of a strange buzzing sound high above. I tried to pinpoint its origin and looked North towards the overpass of the 264. I watched as clouds were being made by planes in colours, in stripes that looked like rainbows (only not in an arch, just a straight line). They did not look like rainbows and the colours were off. It was not your usual Roy G. Biv, but rather Red, Yellow, White/Black (kind of striped and hard to explain), Blue and Green. It hit me that they were painting "warnings" in the sky for people to see. I looked up and saw little tiny bright lights in many colours..they looked like stars at first but got closer and I could see they were little circular ships and it hit me that we were being invaded! Panicked, I had to run against the traffic as I had the distinct feeling I should not be seen by the ships. I ran to the church but then thought twice and realized that I should collect some stuff first. There were lots of people about and no one seemed to be paying attention to the rainbow clouds or the ships. I ran past an enbankment and saw alligators swimming below. I got to the bridge overpass and grabbed a cardboard box and began to fill it with supplies. I put bottles of water, and fresh wheat (still in its plant form) and some other things I cannot recall. I opened a box and found black crickets which I took as "bait". I opened another box and found a mass of black snakes writhing about. I thought about taking them but realized I could not use them for anything. I opened another container and inside were thousands of black beetle-bugs running around. Again, I thought about taking them but decided against it. I looked up under the bridge and saw lots of cages of sickly looking cats that appeared to have been rescued. Normally, my animal loving heart would have rushed to help, but something told me to leave them alone.
With the box of supplies, I rushed back to the church. I passed another man riding a bicycle and he had a radio on. There was a news report that was saying "There have been lots of reports this afternoon of booming sounds and artillery but no one can pinpoint where it is from. The military has denied any involvement."
Looking around, still no one paying attention to all the signs in the sky.
I got into the church and found my family sitting on a floor in a room, chatting. It was my mother, brother, and children. I started to enter and realized there was a ginormous black shiny animal I can only describe as a mix between an orca and a hippopotamus. Startled, I stayed back. A keeper was washing it's face with a hose. It was watching me with beady eyes and an odd smile. It had nostrils like a hippo and skin like an orca. I crept slowly past it. The keeper told me it was harmless and would not hurt me. I knew instinctively that it was a very real danger and wanted my family out of the room. They said calmly it was a big animal but probably harmless. It swung its leg back and nearly struck my children and I told them "No, it is quite harmful, we need to get out of this room." They agreed and we left. All the time, that creature's eyes were on me. I got them safely out, we had walked carefully along the back wall to avoid it.
We were then in a corridor and I directed them to another, safer room and handed them the supply box. I told them I would be right there, only I wanted to know where the big creature was going. It had occurred to me that although I did not want to be near it, it would be better to know its location. I hid in a room and pulled a curtain in front of me to watch. The keepers got the animal up on its feet and it started out along the corridor. However it paused and made eye contact with me again. It made my heart start beating hard and I hid even more. It slowly walked past the room I was in and I realized if it wanted, it could charge in and crush me. It watched me through the crack in the curtain as it went past and kept moving.
I felt relieved it had gone back to its pool and I slipped out and rejoined my family.
Then the dream ended.

It is rare that I wake up and remember so many details in a dream, and still even days later can recall almost everything.

So, have a crack at it..what is with all the symbolism?

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posted on May, 30 2012 @ 12:31 PM

dreams are DIRECTLY influenced by a person's belief system.

posted on May, 30 2012 @ 04:02 PM
reply to post by bastet11

I had a dream that is bizarrely similar to yours in '93. That your mother just dreamed it's time for higher ground is something else that i've been wrestling with. And it all ties in with something mentioned in the thread where you mentioned that you were going to post your dream.

Before i presume to blather on about what i've dreamed, i thought it might be polite to ask you if you'd be interested in discussing all of it in PMs. Customarily i wouldn't mind discussing it in the thread, but the naysayers create a difficulty.

I cannot interpret your dream any more than i can interpret my own. But the similarities are downright spooky.

Please PM me if you're willing to discuss via PM. Thanks.

To the naysayers: Yes, virtually everyone dreams. But unless and until you've dreamed many times of things that later actually happen, all you can say truthfully is your dreams are a reflection of your subconscious/"...DIRECTLY influenced by a person's belief system"/events/what-have-you. You cannot definitively says that others are not given messages, whether vague or specific, in their dreams.
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posted on Jun, 6 2012 @ 11:23 PM
I wouldn't over think this one too much. I do believe that people can predict events through dreams. However the dream you described seems far too strange to be any sort of prediction.

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