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The truth about politics in the UK and likeness to the Israeli control over America

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posted on May, 30 2012 @ 12:26 PM
Here is a very disturbing documentary on the influence of Israel over UK politics. I think everyone should watch this, not just UK voters, everyone needs to know the truth about our foreign policies and political parties.

It is unfair to say only America serves Israeli interests, the UK too, is heavily influenced and one could argue, controlled by the Zionist lobby.

Note that this documentary is MSM, it's not Alex Jones at infowars, this is 'Dispatches' and was aired on Channel 4 in 2009, the show has ran since 1987-

Let's run through a few points of the video-

How British policy is influenced by a foreign power (Israel), the pro Israel lobby is the most powerful political power in the country, support for Israel is a powerful presence in all politcal parties, the CFI (conservative friends of Israel- Britain's answer for America's AIPAC) is active in trying to limit the debate and options that British politicians can choose, to options that would be acceptable to that lobby

So how does the lobby work, as the documentary answers, money plays a big part, as it does in America. Our politicians are being bought out by the Israeli lobby, they are effectively puppets.

Millions of pounds worth of donations into the bank accounts of politicans and political parties, 80% of conservatives are members of the CFI, the Israel lobby pays for trips to Israel, over the last 8 years more MP's have visited Israel than all MP's trips to America and Europe COMBINED,

To get an idea of the control, just look at the Israeli attack on Lebanon (2006), where 1,000 civilians were killed in response to the death of two Israeli soldiers, William Hague had spoke out saying the response by Israel was disproprtionate and the Israeli lobby effectively censor him and any further criticism, claiming it is an attack against the Israel legitmacy. Hague's donations by the CFI were withheld after his comments in 2006.

So what is the legitimacy of Israel- to kill whoever they want and be allowed to do so, whilst buying our politicians to start wars in Iraq or Afghan or Libya? It's complete madness.

What is disgusting is that this lobby is not elected, we elect the politicians yet they are being paid and bought off to support Israel, never allowed to speak out against them paid to support them in their policies of murder and exploitation of their neighbours in the middle east.

This documentary helps explain why our politicians seem so intent on opposing Iran, both in America and the UK, they are simply going along with what Israel wants.

This documentary even goes into detail about our media being controlled by the Zionists-

January 2009, Israel invaded Gaza in response to Hamas rocket attacks, news was full of pictures of destroyed homes and killed Palestinian civilians, but you wouldn't know it from the News of the World or Mirror, both only reporting the threat Israel faces from her neighbours, both pieces had been written after trips to Israel funded by Bicom (Britain Israeli communications research centre) one of the most powerful Israeli lobbies in the country,BICOM close down debate and suggest being totally supportive of Israel full stop, BICOM run by the 18th richest person in Britain, big donator to David Cameron,

The Israeli lobby keeps the BBC and Guardian under constant attack, it's off the scale, many editors don't report just to avoid the hassle...their (reps of the lobby) pitch was that the Guardian's article (comparing the Gaza strip to Apartheid) was promoting anti semitism, and an incite to violence against Jews in Britain,the facts were right but it was deemed as something that should not be published (censorship from Israel in Britain, WTF!!),

And the fact of the matter is this, many Jews know the truth, they see what happens in Gaza as a terrible crime against humanity, never stray from the truth because it might be deemed anti semitic, this is nothing to do with the Jewish people, it is a minority of imposters, the extreme Zionists who spin this webb of deceit and corruption.

This documentary is essential viewing, the people need to wake up and the level of control is just as strong in America. Here is Obama addressing the AIPAC. This organisation is the equivalent of the CFI in Britain- basically buys politicians to serve the Israeli agenda.

Here is Obama at the AIPAC declaring his allegiance to Israel in March 2012-

Do you need any more evidence our countries are controlled by the Zionist lobby, Obama may as well be on his knees making his pledge to Israel, his master.

All top politicians, the ones who count and have influence, are bought by the Zionists. They are puppets serving the Neocons and Zionists who control them.

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posted on May, 30 2012 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by Wonderer2012

An interesting and well thought out post OP.

Money pulling the strings - no surprise there I guess

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posted on May, 31 2012 @ 11:07 AM
I find it incredible this stuff does not get attention, I simply don't understand it, this isn't even a conspiracy anymore, our government's and policies are dictated by Zionist forces that result in millions dying across the planet and no one cares!

posted on Jun, 3 2012 @ 09:40 PM
all jews in america who hold high position of power should be fired. the rest of the jews should be rounded up and sent back to germany where most of them came from.

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