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My things were broken into AGAIN... (edited from a recent thread)

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posted on May, 30 2012 @ 08:02 AM
things of mine were stolen of a completely legal nature....such as sea salt oddly enough. (i'm reposting this because there is some confusion about the nature of these items)

this was done by some some brainiac local boys who have been given a mind frame to set little ol me straight... when in fact they know very little about me.

they were thought to be of a unspecified harmful nature.

the items have been returned. this post is directed to those who follow my posts, such as the people who i was having a discussion with when the original thread got trashed and quite possibly those who moved the items from my possession.

I do not know who returned the items but it is quite funny and revealing to me.... because there is absolutely no way they could have done this on their own. If it was supernatural in origin (such as the work of my guide) it was in the return... as I know he did not take the items. He certainly might have returned them though because he loves opening people's eyes in ways like this... but i am assuming it was likely more to do with those who want to make me feel like violations of my rights and privacy are my imagination.

I want this to be known by those who might be following my activity on this forum.

i also want to say to the posting apollo7 that I do not believe that I am being harassed by any evil aliens, but I *have* been contacted multiple times. Who knows, I suppose there could be some aliens who are up to no good but it is not my main contact because we have a history and I understand his agenda... and it isn't causing problems. That is not why he came here. It is very long and complex but those who only listen to their own presumptions (such as the types who have took the items) could not understand. You can't understand if you don't try and you don't listen. unfortunately this is not the first time that local people have gotten involved from a trickled down agenda and this has proven quite detrimental to my life. (and that is a long story) I can go into it but I want to make a few things clear.

I will post some things i have recently written in other threads about my history.

I do not believe there are any poisons being brought to me by aliens. people have caused a great deal of problems for me by having their ears waxed firmly shut on many issues so it is very hard for me to think they have my best interest at heart. From the federal level I have been studied and observed on multiple occasions and this curiosity is fostered to people local to me in various forms. I'm trying to get them to see the bigger picture and that they are actually causing the largest problems in my community and work life.

There are others higher up who have prodded me relentlessly and wish to silence me on some things.
Some people can't even IMAGINATION this, but they have no right to jump on the bandwagon when they can't even uphold basic principles.

I have many important issues to deal with but I have to get sidetracked by those who think everything is my fault. If i get chest pains- my fault. If I get sad- my fault. If I have trouble working with others- my fault. This is what hey are being told, but what they do not realize is that there is a much bigger picture. if someone is following me and harassing me- my fault. My FAULT. My IMAGINATION... and people who could actually listen and understand since they are obviously so curious follow straight into the agenda of others and that is to discredit my claims... because I have some DIRT on people... and they won't leave ME alone, so I am not going to leave THEM alone... and it is part of a much larger campaign that involves many many people and needless strife.

this is actually critical to breaking a pattern, because there are many times when i have considered that this was all going to result in something extremely drastic because I know these people will not stop. It is NOT just about me... again, THE BIGGER PICTURE. It effects many people.

There are no alien poisons being administered to me.

I am watching things in the world unfold daily that has to do with some of this stuff, this larger campaign.

Some people understand this COMPLETELY. Many have never even tried to listen and understand.

i know EXACTLY what my contacts agenda is... and it isn't to poison me. there are no poisons or dangerous substances involved here. So may THINK that, but they are looking to LAY BLAME.

There are people who are trying to stop me from contributing a testimony concerning a conspiracy in the entertainment business and there are others in the DOD who partake in black contracts to study contactees for various reasons. Many see this as harmless because they are lied to and told that they are doing something good when in fact, the ones at the top have other agendas. Some of it is extracting knowledge, some of it is blocking testimonies from contactees and experiment victims, some of it is to have human leverage to hold against those who pose a threat to their positions of control.

now, i'm certainly not going to post EVERYTHING this morning, but I will be back with a few things I have written to other posters.

as for testing for toxins.. that is always an option. i'm sure i would test clear for anything. I CAN say while i was working for a DOD contacting company I was exposed to copious amounts of harmful chemicals and basically told to deal with it because i could not afford an attorney. the company doctor would not share my xray results with me and i am planning on getting all my medical records soon... THAT IS, if people would stop trying to trip me up with piddly bullkahkah in an attempt to make me sound unstable.

posted on May, 30 2012 @ 08:21 AM
Ok, so some one broke into your house and stole some Sea Salts and then returned them? Is that what happened im so very lost. What does some one stealing your sea salts have to do with a media and govt conspiracy?

posted on May, 30 2012 @ 08:34 AM
In 96 possibly 97 i pulled a black metal triangle shaped implant out of my tongue. sure the shape is dramatic (illuminati) but more importantly this shape is of a transistor quality. look up transistors. triangle implants are tiny transistors. I am pretty sure it was put in my tongue with a special tongue depressor by an on call intern who gave me two lengthy pelvic exams in 91 I think. there are some strange practices in the medical field. Nurses often don't know which doctors will be in. For this reason, I think you do NOT want the RCChurch running healthcare (another issue)

fast forward a few years to 94...

I have mentioned a recording of something i once said while under observation for public drunk when i was 18 or 19... said some weird stuff pertaining to a possible war that i cannot phathom what possessed me to say it... but i was wheeled to a hospital after having somewhat of a screaming fit and speaking in tongues... which i never did before and haven't done since. 96-97 i pulled the implant out. In 2001 i realized that same recording came up in a song and a movie. the director is alleged to be connected to maj 12 and requested this artist to do this song specifically for this soundtrack.

that artist had been previously busted in el paso for heroin and had not released any work in 5 years prior to making that ONE song.

i mentione dthis is the face eating thread because we were talking about serial killers. read about henry lee lucus who confessed to hundreds of murders while in prison that people know he did not commit. he was originally on death row before being commuted to life in prison and allegedly given a special cell and certain luxuries.

we were discussing mind control victims and assassins and psy-ops.

someone asked me if i had a copy of the recording... i said...

I WISH I had a copy. I could probably sue somebody.

they asked me which song it was...

I'd rather not make very direct claims because this director has been accused of some really weird stuff... and yes, it involves implants and mind control. He had this person imprisoned for stalking. I'm lacking a little bit of audio forensic proof on this matter... unfortunately. I really don't feel prepared to make direct accusations without a voice comparison done by an expert under a formal legal agreement. I have talked to people word of mouth about it, but that doesn't concern me as much and most don't really have much to say about it. not sure if they just don't believe me or don't know what to do about it... or perhaps it scares them.

i do have a witness to pulling the triangle shaped implant out of my tongue in 96 (or possibly 97... long time ago)

He is witness to some other things as well and his father was told a story by some other masons from a small lodge centered around a sherrifs department where the both of us were set up and arrested and I got 25000 bail so I couldn't get out) i was observed in that situation for 79 days until my court date 9many things come up... the information given to this guys father is the type of mason gossiping done by locals and it is trickled down from a federal level). I have many stories to tell about this stuff. he was a witness to the black figure on the roof of my house and the stargate that we saw in the same year. there are two other witnesses to that as well ...

his father was a mediator in that county and was told a story concerning aliens that at the time, i thought was a joke. this was, like, 18 years ago. he was trying to tell me the story to see if i had anything to say about it... i thought he was joking because i had not yet connected many dots.

interestingly enough while in jail on that occasion the heavy electric door to the cell mysteriously and slowly opened one night as i was having a lucid dream about... guess who? MY CONTACT!

i had other vivid dreams of him during that time as well one of which inspired me to draw a picture, which one of the guard took and copied it and put it in my files... along with the other information that were trying to piece together simply because locals are nosey like that. they did many things like this and this is the type of annoyance i get from the locals. gossip, rumors, people knocking on my door, people bothering the crap out of me at work, saying i'm possessed, calling me the devil. etc

the recording was made in 94, the implant came out in 96 or 97 and the song was made in 2000, i heard it in 2001 and then after 9/11.. and some were actually investigating me for terrorist related stuff, when it is actually part of their disinfo.

I just want to make one thing very clearly... although part of this directors accuser... ONE of his accusers story sounds eerily similar, some of it seems a bit far fetched... but who am i to say. i never thought i'd believe any of this stuff... but I do not vouch for her story and i am *not* that person. she has been instructed by the courts to not discuss it according to one article i read.

posted on May, 30 2012 @ 09:04 AM

Originally posted by crimsongod21

you're being ignored.

shortly after the implant was put in my tongue, a close friend of mine went down the road 60 years for murder they said was a satanic ritual. The story i learned and testified to was completely different. they guy who pulled the gun and shot 5 rounds into the victim turned in state's evidence and walked.

they put my name in the papers.

If aliens DO make contact and I wind up in the papers again since i was an original contact in 1980... I'm certain they will pull my background up.

they have been fearing this for quite some time and want their soldiers to attempt to fight ETs which ETs are trying to stop at all costs. they are also trying to upset their plans for ww3. if you can't understand how important this is and how many people it effects... then please just stop posting. this is not a personal conversation for you. this is yet another attempt to try to get something through to people that others have been trying to undermine.... and the crap is getting really old. just as sick and tired i am of those who have followed me in life knowing i was a Et contact, i am just as sick of people who cannot comprehend something so simple.

this was a major movie... by a director who is funded for directing MANY culture and socially engineered movies in our time concerning THESE TOPICS.

You DO remember that ETs are commonly called DEMONS. Use your head. ETs want to change the system and the elite want to pin them for fueling terrorism among many other crimes like abductions.

NOW... one may ask, why are they so afraid of ETs.


the one that i know of that IS a crash survivor was and still is hunted by the US GOVERNMENT.

He does not work for the elite but may have tried to work with others within the government to BRING ABOUT CHANGE. many people in the government have tried to come forward because they realize that they persecuted someone who was TRYING TO SAVE HUMANITY.

I really hope some of this is sinking in.

He is no stranger to this earth and knows quite a bit about the history of wars.

he may actually be out of physical form and operating from a pure energy existence at this point in time because they have hunted and persecuted him like a dog. I do not know for sure and am not SUPPOSED to know for sure, neither of his exact where about because this is a danger to me.

I am here to try to stop IDIOTS from falling for their WAR GAMES and automatically jumping on board with this ET=demon bullcrap. If there ARE evil ETs, he is not one of them... but he does conceal his presence FOR OBVIOUS REASONS.

now someone hurry up and come back in here and call me crazy so we can get on with the reason why people would go to great lengths to dampen my credibility since this is SOOO complicated.

some are STILL looking for him.

I am starting to be convinced that this is why some people insist on the zombie apocalypse crap and why I have mentioned masons and their paranoid survivalist agendas... I mean not ALL of course, but it is indeed there. It trickles down from the top. it is poorly understood by those on the bottom because they do not get the full info.

i have been messed with by all sorts of people... even those who want the truth to be known, but they are sometimes also mixed up in the entanglement. people are afraid of losing their jobs, social stigmas. some feds are probably afraid of being murdered by the elite... it goes on and on.

I, on the other hand, am so sick of people who refuse to listen that my take is that I will do my best and whatever happens, happens.

they were persecuting an angel... one I have personally met and know. Some have died to bring this information to ungrateful people. they have many ways of putting a spin on the story. people try very hard to convince me that he might be evil, but I know more of the equation... and that is... evil is already HERE and what is going to happen is GOING to happen. some cannot possibly understand unless they have had a personal experience with this and know that an agenda of harm doesn't add up... DESPITE- he is nothing to trifle with.

He simply knows too much. He has gotten up and walked away from death.

this makes some very uncomfortable, because they know that his knowledge is beyond their own and this gives him and his kind an edge... yet that is not what he wishes to exploit because the cycle starts over again. it's all about the equation... how it all started, all the misunderstandings and attacks on his life. etc etc...
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posted on May, 30 2012 @ 09:24 AM
concerning things people do not understand concerning his history.

Coming here of a lofty position automatically pivots the overwhelming negative energy within this earth upon one who enters. it is impossible to not get caught up in that entanglement. if you do, you decide what you are doing it for... what is important to you. he has repeatedly reflected the deeds of others back to them, because he actually does not want so much a position of judgment... because the universe says that technically that is WRONG.

this is a problem we face and it still sometimes gets me crossed up even now, because one part of you tells you that you must stop evil doers.... but another part knows that since we are all very much alike... our circumstances are often due to the stupidity of our entanglements. this is why i had to walk on the other side of that fence... to be made to see the path of no judgment, yet order must still be maintained.

this is why in an effort to make others truly understand and stop the ENTIRE thing... rather than seek out those responsible who simply do not get it... our energies must fully succumb to the whole of the energy of this world.

it was falling straight into blinding darkness.... while on a mission to save.

an overwhelming combining of the frequencies of the ones who came here with good intentions, but not unlike the ones who live here as humans... and are not without their own sins.

He is also human.

Persecuted relentlessly, alienated... on one very long arduous journey of embittering frustration.

The equation is still clear and apparent. The mission is still the same.

posted on May, 30 2012 @ 12:17 PM
reply to post by NotAnAspie

I have read all that you have written (so far) in this me it is very confusing...and does not make much sense.

I went into your profile and read some of your other posts....they do make sense.

I do want to understand what you are saying in this thread....but I am just not getting it.

posted on May, 30 2012 @ 12:40 PM
reply to post by NotAnAspie

I am pretty sure it was put in my tongue with a special tongue depressor by an on call intern who gave me two lengthy pelvic exams in 91 I think.

Please seek professional help. I'm serious. I'm not mocking you, but this is beyond strange
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posted on May, 30 2012 @ 01:31 PM
You can ignore me if that is what you would like to do. I am not here to disrespect you i was just stating that i find your post and now post to be hard to follow. I think there could be a good story to it, if it was cleaned up a bit. If you think i am being a troll or hateful please feel free to alert my post to the mods and they will do as they see fit. I really would like to understand what you are talking about, but in its current format i cannot.

thank you and good day/night depending on your location in this universe.

posted on May, 30 2012 @ 11:31 PM
I'm just going to ignore posts of people claiming to not understand the concept of implants that are being found in psy-op experimentees and contactees as if this is some kind of new concept on ATS. Unconvincing- not worth giving much of an answer to.

Back to the subject at hand.

On my first recollected contact with the ET who apparently knows me well in 1980 when I was 5. I believe he took my picture that night. There was a bright flash that startled me a second. He ALLOWED this picture to be taken by those who study contactees within our government, because we have a previous trust. He knows me, he knows how I operate. He knows how to teach me and to use me as an example- a filter for this entire objective. I fully agreed to this at some point that WILL be hard for many to understand. i have to get into the metaphysics to make men of authority understand they have no right to dissect, rob my will, destroy me, take my things FOR MY SO CALLED GOOD

I am not the only one in his family. Many others after going through trials and tribulations to see the negative side of this life are trying to wake others because it is simply about wanting to understand, wanting to help, wanting to learn. This was fully agreed upon so it's not an agreement that can be taken lightly. Putting people through CRAP is not welcomed despite some belief that it extracts the proverbial "gold" out of people without permissions, understanding and KNOWING YOUR ROLE. Just as there are trespassers of body, soul and mind, there are those who are trying to force others awake but they are just crappy teachers.

There are men who have done all sorts of things to me because they believe in a false construct of roles and ownership. They have done various things to my body, taken many things from me, violated my privacy, barely falling short of taking my will= my life.

My guide and I, our understanding that comes from our sense of belonging is a CHOICE. In other words, it's between us. Delicate because care must be taken in a tough world but absolute because life is hard. There is a very thorough moral code of trespass that people tread on constantly because they think they have some human right that transcends God, but they don't. People who think they OWN other people out of a sense of establishment (social sec numbers etc etc) social norms, what THEY think is a family dynamic when they cannot see that they really do not have a family but rather just a group of people who express ownership over each other because that is what is normal for them, all sorts of various angles of ownership that trespass DIRECTLY on the deepest will of another, are RUINING LIVES. People shun others within their own family just for being different until they are suicidal & this is actually going to become more common because people have to break through their false entitlement barriers and FACE spirituality. Many more examples.

Life continues to fall apart, doesn't it? beyond all these short sighted efforts of CONTROL yet VOID of understanding.

Trying to shore up a tower of mud in a rain storm.

There are bonds between people on a spiritual level that go way back beyond this entire present entanglement of life regardless of what a failing engineered society tries to enforce. In THIS world death rules all. People see themselves as God when they try to enforce things which is an affront to the creation. Can they stop death, no? All they can do is rob life by their various false constructs of CONTROL. People belong to THEMSELVES and who they CHOOSE to share themselves with. This goes beyond the current material construct. I do not fear death, but I LOATH the control of a trespasser... a hypocrite.

So many are running around this world looking for love that they cannot find. Because of the current material construct people are born into situations that are difficult and not DESIRED because it is a process we must endure to break through the current entanglement. We are lost searching for a our spiritual partners. Souls are here from the beginning but they take on different forms. If one wants love, they must CHOOSE love. They must GIVE love. Not trespass. Not control.

Some people think life is ok, but they have not yet neared death and not yet felt the fear of losing spirituality and being eternally lost and never found again by someone who loves them who is still holding the divine knowledge of all the remembered souls. So they covet this life as it is all they know. They give self love. They force things on others in fear and control whether or not permission was granted. This is not love that they give and their world is a dying one. The choice of transcending the death of this world is of divine love, not worldly constructs.

If you control people, silence them, force the crumbling material construct on others that is nothing but a sand castle in a vast treacherous sea and cannot even see past your daily activities of condescension because you simply cannot accept that you do not have all the answers when you are still knowingly a slave to death... who will remember you?

Who is going to come back out of the sky to save your world or bring you to a higher construct?

The ones who gave every bit of themselves in pity to you, to absorb and embrace the dark entanglement of misunderstanding to bring you to the light with whatever powers they have available to them... in time. Somewhere in time.

When YOU decide to walk in love and not control and inflicting condescension by use of the material web of this world... even though it fails and promises you only death... is up to you.

Eventually someone will remember you.

What world, what age, what time?... Eventually.

Those who choose to demonize, point fingers at others over the silliest things, keep them from expressing their messages, controlling people down to the most menial aspects of life until they are locked in on all sides of this tangled web... I guess that is what you choose.

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posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 02:03 AM

Originally posted by caladonea
reply to post by NotAnAspie

I have read all that you have written (so far) in this me it is very confusing...and does not make much sense.

I went into your profile and read some of your other posts....they do make sense.

I do want to understand what you are saying in this thread....but I am just not getting it.

I'm with you.I've read it a couple times and I'm still confused.Obviously he doesn't like to be asked questions as he already lashed out at someone who did...

posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 03:30 AM
I think he is just posting for his benefit. Just to get this stuff off his chest.

I don't see how providing "information" and then not expanding on it helps anyone to understand. It is pointless to say things no one can understand. So I am inclined to think he is just venting. I can't understand this stuff. I know how what implants are, but I just can't follow what they have to do with music industry or the government.

He says he is being watched by government yeah. They study contactees. OK. and, they discredit you and make you feel threatened. Wouldn't that be counterproductive to observing a subject since you would be making your presence known? I don't know.

Good luck guy. I hope you seek professional help. Have a good day.

posted on Jun, 1 2012 @ 05:23 AM
Please excuse the capitals - cut and paste from OP. Reading between the lines - Capitals


















posted on Jun, 3 2012 @ 08:22 AM

Originally posted by BIHOTZ
I think he is just posting for his benefit. Just to get this stuff off his chest.

I don't see how providing "information" and then not expanding on it helps anyone to understand. It is pointless to say things no one can understand. So I am inclined to think he is just venting. I can't understand this stuff. I know how what implants are, but I just can't follow what they have to do with music industry or the government.

He says he is being watched by government yeah. They study contactees. OK. and, they discredit you and make you feel threatened. Wouldn't that be counterproductive to observing a subject since you would be making your presence known? I don't know.

Good luck guy. I hope you seek professional help. Have a good day.

I don't understand what your question is. They never made my presence known. They claimed this voice clip was done by some other female. Who are you talking about making my presence known? They wanted to HIDE it and DENY it, all the while making me aware that I was being watched.

I have found going up against this issue to be like a brick wall. These people have serious money and they accessed this information from a government organization. The only person who was to be made aware that this happened, was me... no one else. This is why it is so disturbing.

Why in the world would you think I was seeking audio proof from a forensic specialist?

This really isn't that hard to understand.

It is impossible for me to understand why people don't grasp this. To state that it shouldn't be so hard to get (for the previous posters) is not lashing out at someone when they come in here being accusative and insulting for me telling this story. They seem to be very defensive about this whole topic, which isn't normal in my opinion.
Common sense indicates that no one should be in here making this a personal issue except me.

As for the all caps posts... merging of words from different parts of sentences means nothing. So I use caps on SOME WORDS. Yeah... and?

Anyway... I have an issue that just came up and need to take it outside of this thread.
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