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Syria opposition seeks resolution authorising use of force

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posted on May, 30 2012 @ 05:22 AM
Source ahram News

Syria's main opposition coalition called on Tuesday for a UN Security Council resolution authorising the "use of force" and welcomed the expulsion of top diplomats from several Western countries.

After economic sanctions and the expulsion of top diplomats from several Western countries, the UN Security Council should "adopt a resolution under Chapter VII (of the UN Charter) allowing the use of necessary force in order to put a stop to the genocide and the murders committed by the regime's militias," the Syrian National Council said.

Well Well This is currently interesting so we have the words from the Syrian National Council, and why is this strange? the The Syrian National Council have stayed pretty much silent when the supposed massacre happened in Houla.

Remember that a few months back that the Friends of Sryia had a secret discussion? makes me wonder on what those discussions were about.

Maybe Houla was a Sacrifice the same as Srebrenica and the Sarajevo market was for the NATO intervention to happen.

But again a NATO or any intervention wont happen in Sryia so easily.

This article by the ahram news just further proves the suspicion on the Free Syrian Army and the SNC, dont forget the FSA have been calling for an intervention ever since it started and ever since Sen John McCain visited the opposition location in Turkey.

But wait you have to ask yourself this main question whats the Syrian opposition doing in Turkey? corwading behind Americas behind and acting so innocently?

I got some several questions i would to know the answers to.
why this happen only in a revolutionary villages not in a regime supporting villages? and why all the explosions happen a revolutionary places?

Can someone answer that? Can the one sided mainstream news outlets answer them? i highly doubt it.

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