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Rebuttal to Zecharia Sitchin: Evolution Of Consciousness, Creation by Evolution and Interaction

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posted on May, 29 2012 @ 10:29 PM
So... I have a habit of downloading pdf files in mass, and then reading one or two a day as to further developing my understanding of the world. Apparently, I had downloaded Zecharia Sitchin's "The Twelfth Planet(second edition"... so I decided it open it up and give it a read.

The following is a rebuttal to his theory and works... this only touches the surface, and addresses the very beginning of this book.

"The appearance of modern Man a mere 700,000 years after Homo erectus and some 200,000, years
before Neanderthal Man is absolutely implausible. It is also clear that Homo sapiens represents such an
extreme departure from the slow evolutionary process that many of our features, such as the ability to
speak, are totally unrelated
to the earlier primates.
An outstanding authority on the subject, Professor Theodosius Dobzhansky (Mankind Evolving), was
especially puzzled by the fact that this development took place during a period when Earth was going
through an ice age, a most unpropitious time for evolutionary advance. Pointing out that Homo sapiens
lacks completely some of the peculiarities of the previously known types, and has some that never
appeared before, he concluded: "Modern man has many fossil collateral relatives but no progenitors; the
derivation of Homo sapiens, then, becomes a puzzle.""

Evolution, be it an ongoing process that is never 'frozen' in time, it expresses its self during times of transition. The premise of adapting, is to be noted as the key driving factor of inspiration towards the evolution of a given species. Due to the mental faculties that is the human brain, unique opportunities arise, in regards to moments of the evolution of consciousness. Which in turn, results in the evolution of communication, and the means in which we find ways to adapt and survive.

The idea of an ice age, directly correlates with this noting. Understanding that increased human interaction boosts neurogenesis, it was the demand of survival that brought forth the necessity for spoken language.

The following links and more, can be found in my response on the following thread:
Language Is Our Operating System
Not that it matters, but the list of sources that I provide on this thread, should go to show my interest and understanding of the topic...
PROVING: 46 & 2, "The Next Major Human Advancement", The Awakening... I'm Almost There,
I Need Some Answers, Sun, NMR, Gene Expression, Light, Behavioral Psychology, Circadian Rhythm, Etc

The links that are to be focused on are:
Was Human Evolution Caused by Climate Change?
How Social Interaction and Teamwork Led to Human Intelligence

The reason for this not taking place on a global scale, and effecting all species is based on two very important factors.

The first of which is that the effects, and experiences were often times most important on a regional scale. The influences of the last ice age may have contributed to an evolving ecology around the world, but the immediate and most influential impacts were most felt by those who were in region that most felt the impact of the changing world.

Another important aspect, is that of family and the strength in community or societal structure that they had previously developed. This then lends itself to a sense of closeness, and the availability for a majority of the members of any given group to share the same emotions when addressing their survival and means of sustaining life.
Synchronized Brains: Feeling Strong Emotions Makes People's Brains 'Tick Together'

"There is no obvious reason that we should be any more
civilized than the primitive tribes of the Amazon jungles or the inaccessible parts of New Guinea,
But, we are told, these tribesmen still live as if in the Stone Age because they have been isolated. But
isolated from what? If they have been living on the same Earth as we, why have they not acquired the
same knowledge of sciences and technologies on their own as we supposedly have?"

Again, in reference to what I have previously stated. The effect was local, or... rather it was regional. It's not that they have not evolved , they have not found it necessary to develop the knowledge of sciences and technologies on their own. Yes, they have been living on the same Earth, but once it is recognized that all of Earth does not experience the same transitions over the same time periods, one can now understand as to why they are seemingly so 'primitive'. Just as stated before, human interaction is responsible for much of the conscious evolution of man. Based on increasing populations and emerging societal structures, the demand for developed sciences and technologies were encouraged by evolutions aspect of adaptation and means of survival. Acknowledging the fact that there are no other species in which man must ultimately fear, for we can easily defend ourselves from other species that roam Earth. The only predator species that we have to fear, is that of ourselves. The increase in population amongst communities then directly correlates with that of evolution, adaptation and survival, for we are always in recognition of a threat when amongst the presence of another person. This is then one major influence as to the development of sciences and technologies, and responsible for the differing levels of development of such. This is also controlled by cultural or paradigms amongst particular groups, in regards to the perception of what another person represents(threat or not).

"It took Man some 2,000,000 years to advance in his "tool industries" from the use of stones as he
found them to the realization that he could chip and shape stones to better suit his purposes. Why not
another 2,000,000 years to learn the use of other materials, and another 10,000,000 years to master
mathematics and engineering and astronomy? Yet here we are, less than 50,000 years from Neanderthal
Man, landing astronauts on the Moon."

The answers to these questions can be found in what I have previously outlined, yet I feel that it is important to address this part separately.

The advance in "tool industries" was 'slow', as a result of it's necessity. It was only increasingly necessary to advance in such a manner, as to benefiting emerging 'tribal' societal structures. Increased populations over time did not necessarily find large 'spikes' of increased size, rather their sizes were slowly emerging, as the development of such tools became available. There was a relationship between population, interaction, and necessity that is to be considered to be the underlying driving force behind these developments.

Other materials were simply not required to be a construct of these innovations and developments, for they were not required for the survival and sustaining aspects of our species. The advancements in astronomy and mathematics had much to do with the emergence of religion and philosophy amongst the populations. This had much to do with man being accustomed to an established 'tool industry' that meet the requirements of sustainability.


posted on May, 29 2012 @ 10:31 PM
What was left, was then to address the conduct and over all rules of engagement amongst the populations. There was an increased interest in relating our position amongst the universe, and adopting an understanding that was to govern the people. What better to relate to, than the numbers that we use to understand the universe, the observable universe in the 'heavens', also known as the cosmos. The increase in engineering then stems from an already established 'tool industry'. Further developing civilazations, then found it necessary to increase their ability to use such tools. This then bring an answer to why many of these engineering abilities, and then established 'tool industry' resulted in many of the structures that are still standing today that express or relate to the cosmos or 'heavens'.
The Truth Behind Numbers: Philosophy, Geometry, and Religion?

What I have presented so far, admittedly... is a very poor explination or answer to some of the questions that Zecharia Sitchin proposed. I have presented my take, and the information in a fashion that can be easily understood by everyone. If there are any questions as to how I came to my theory or conclusions, please ask. These inquiries will only demand further explination, and hopefuly provide clarity for many as to what I am trying to relay.

There will be more to this line of rhetoric, as I have only scratched the surface of an age old question. Why and how we have become.

I look forward to any and all responses... please, if you feel that any of this is inaccurate, or taken out of context, LET ME KNOW! This will only help me further develope my understanding of this very complex undertaking.

Cmon ATS, I know there's some one out there up for a good debate, or discussion about this!

posted on May, 30 2012 @ 01:52 AM

Interesting. Still, so many questions and theories....and no real proof.

I don't subscribe to Zecharia Sitchin nor do I subscribe to his Nibiru theories. After much research Nibiru itself, with its long period orbit, probably does not exist. That is not to say that Tyche or Planet X may not exist. I, personally, subscribe to the idea of a companion dark star/brown dwarf to our sun that skirts the Oort Cloud/Kuiper Belt flinging comets into the Inner solar system.

As for Human evolution...I think all variations of the Homo species were created by the beings spoken of in the Ancient Sumerian texts. Given they operate in a different level of existence, technologically greater and time does not exist, what you call 'evolution' may still be the tinkering by hidden hands.

Too many ancient tales of flying gods, in my own mind, to jut disregard these ancient stories as fanciful.

Still reading all your links......
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posted on May, 30 2012 @ 01:59 AM
Interesting topic.

The frustrating part is that evidence is circumstancial and it is difficult to put the whole thing together without some of the key bits of the puzzle which are hidden in secrecy

Language certainly drives evolution especially with modern man.

Language is the key.

posted on May, 30 2012 @ 11:59 AM

Sitchin's case for Nibiru represents the boldest of his claims and the most profitable for all his detractors. Probably, Sitchin went too far trying to calculate the orbit of Nibiru.

On the other side, Sitchin's case for the Anunnaki as posible creators of homo sapiens and his case for the influence of the Anunnaki on the different ancient cultures of the earth is not so easy to disregard.

If you read all 6 books of Sitchin's earth chronicles, something not so easy to do because there are some heavy parts, you will see that there are a lot of connections between the sumerians and some of the ancient cultures. Some of those connection are difficult to document, but some are very clear. At least, the meso american and south american ones. For Sitchin, the solution to these connections, not yet accepted by most of historians due to the lack of a reasonable explanation, is the Anunnaki quest for gold.

Maybe, the solution to all the connections that are there for anybody that looks with an open mind are not Anunnaki, maybe Sitchin just pointed the way...

Alan Brain

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