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Homes Prices Drop 2% to Post-Crisis Lows: Case-Shiller

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posted on May, 29 2012 @ 10:30 AM
CNBC report
Published: Tuesday, 29 May 2012 | 9:11 AM ET

Homes Prices Drop 2% to Post-Crisis Lows: Case-Shiller

The Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller home price index showed that prices increased in 12 of the 20 cities it tracks.

Still, the major indexes ended the first quarter at new post-crisis lows, the report said. For the first quarter, prices were down 2 percent, compared to a 3.9 percent decline in the last three months of 2011.

Some cities show an increase in home prices, some show a decline.

The overall shows a 2% drop.

I guess the "recovery" is getting worse.

I guess all those "jobs created" aren't good enough to let people qualify for mortgages.

What's the problem anyway ?

posted on May, 29 2012 @ 10:34 AM
many people are renting, due to the honest scare that their bank might be next to drop.
Leaving them high and dry with a unhealthy mortgage, couple that though with the lack of worth while ( pay wise ) jobs compared to the skilled - longer run high end jobs.

couple that, with baby boomers retiring, poor school system and way we hire / train our public workforce, I'd say we will have a nation of minimum wage paying jobs in no time.

make good paying jobs only achievable through high cost educations = not enough people doing things that need to be done.
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posted on May, 29 2012 @ 04:12 PM

Originally posted by xuenchen
CNBC report
Published: Tuesday, 29 May 2012 | 9:11 AM ET
Homes Prices Drop 2% to Post-Crisis Lows: Case-Shiller

Unless you read (and believe) Reuters:

U.S. home prices rise but consumer confidence cools

Just as Obama will say anything he thinks a particular audience wants to hear, Reuters joins AP as scavengers for any bit of information they can twist to make his debacle look better, or to ignore the facts that can't be twisted.

Home prices rise in most major US cities

NPR joined in the "glee" earlier today leading the story by saying "Home Prices Increased" and ignoring the overall stats in favor of cherry-picked data that whitewashes the decline:

Home Prices Rise In Most Major US Cities

Can you say, "Media bias?"

deny ihnorance


posted on May, 29 2012 @ 04:32 PM
reply to post by jdub297

It looks like Reuters and AP cited the March number.

The CNBC article seems to be referring to the entire Jan thru March quarter.

posted on May, 29 2012 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by xuenchen

All of these stories follow from the contents of the same Case-Shiller Report.
Read it, and you will see.
It is available online; I use it in my work to identify trends and prospects.
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