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Genesis Rewritten

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posted on May, 30 2012 @ 09:39 AM

Originally posted by arpgme
I like it but it is a bit too scientific to be a spiritual writing...


I don't so much see it as scientific but more as simplistic, as in spirituality without the cultural and historical hangups. I actually do work in the field of science though so this has probably also come through in my OP a little.

But one thing you should consider is that science and spirituality are edging ever closer. I forsee a time when one day we actually have technology capable of measuring and therefore proving many concepts that have existed in spiritual thought for centuries.

Not suggesting you are saying this, but does knowing why something happens make it any less beautiful?

The more I learn about the mechanics of how the universe works the more amazing it seems. The fact that I am related to every life form on this planet, that everything on this planet indeed the universe issued forth from one singularity and the fact that ultimately my body is made from the dust of ancient stars I find truly incredible.

I am not an athiest (the term I use is to describe myself is 'spiritual pantheist') and I have met quite a few scientists who have themselves have become spiritual when they began to delve deeply into the mysteries of the universe.

Mystery is not required for something to be beautiful or amazing. I find science and the knowledge it provides about the universe adds such depth, beauty and clarity to everything I see around me in a way that simply cannot be matched by anything written in dusty old religious tomes.

The universe is truly an amazing place and I am grateful that I am a part of it and all of you....

posted on May, 30 2012 @ 06:36 PM
reply to post by 1littlewolf

You're is great, but for some reason, I would like it more if it didn't use modern terms but spiritual terms. I think I feel this way because most spiritual texts are very old.

Imagine if you were writing a Bible to send to the past, you were happy that you knew all of this about Quantum Physics and now you wanted to give them the most accurate spiritual wisdom as you can, will it be easy to understand for them? This is an interesting thought.

posted on May, 31 2012 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by 1littlewolf

Beautifully written 1littlewolf

I tend to feel that the universe is still expanding exponentially - like God is still breathing out and we are her breath. One day she will breathe in and we will all return to the source once more. And then so it begins again.

I thought of a very powerful meditation exercise years ago to try and get spirit to reconnect with that original creative energy. It's really simple actually. Find a room in your house that is the easiest to 'black out' - meaning you have to achieve a completely 'no light' space. Then place a very small LED light (at eye level while in meditating posture) 4 or 5 feet away - then meditate on it. Do it at 4am when it's really quiet. It's pretty cool.

Peace Out
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posted on May, 31 2012 @ 03:59 PM
1 Bara Esh YA
(The Creator of The Explosion is YAH)
sn - Genesis

I MoshAH 1

1 The Creator of ‘The Explosion’ is YA. The Creator of mankind is YA. The Son of Man is YA. The Prime Mover is YA. (Bara-Esh-YA, Bara ish YA, Bar ish YA, Baresh YA, Ycarb - בר אש י). He is Amazingly Perfect (Eth Ath, ttת- )! He is The Almighty Eternal Loving YA of All Creation (Eloah-YA-Im)! He is Almighty Eternal Loving YA Creating “His Nation” (Eloah-YA-Am). He created the amazing energies which formed the *ShamaYAim and the amazing energies which formed the Eartz (Bara eth Shama-YA-im eth Eartz zra ta mymc ta arb - ברא אח שמים אח ארץ).
2 Originally the Eartz was (hayah) non-existent (tohuw) and was only emptiness (bohuw). Complete Darkness (Choshek, Entropy) covered the face of “The Deep” (Space). Then His RUWach (Most High Loving Spirit YAUW) of Almighty Eternal Loving YA of All Creation began “A Moving” creating the physical faces for creation (panaiyim) and Space itself.
3 Almighty Eternal Loving YA of All Creation “Proclaimed The Call of YAH” (Ameri-CAH), “Let there be AUWra (an explosive radiance from YAHUW) and there was “The Explosion” of light-energy from YA!
4 Almighty Eternal Loving YA of All Creation saw The Explosion of the light-energy* and made it orderly. Almighty Eternal Loving YA of All Creation separated the light-energy (matter) of space from the dark-energy (antimatter) of space.

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