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Who is the very top leader of the world elite/Illuminati? who is the real Power Behind the Elite?

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posted on Nov, 3 2013 @ 11:55 PM

Lazarus Short
Could it be...SATAN?!

No, seriously, all the elite groups seem to be Luciferian, and therefore Satanic at the core, at least it seems so to me.

It is revealed in this video clip.

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 06:30 AM
The Real Power behind the elite.......IS YOU.

If you mindlessly accept the ways of life that we live now, then you are the one encouraging it to continue, you say money is what the elite has to act as a control method then what would happen if everyone on this earth threw there money away. system collapse

what if everyone stopped giving a # about whats on the radio, what the latest news is on a celebrities new hairstyle or new baby, everyone has babies, is that celebrity better than you because they get paid to act? your not reading about jane's baby from down the road are you. you have more of a chance of knowing her. than any celeb.

what if you stopped caring about celebrities and the latest trends which all involve money......system collapse.

but in the days we live, we are so dependent on money and that is what makes us weak and unable to break away from such things, i know believe me i am the same as you.

the one eyed evil that is mentioned in holy books as the devil, in modern day conspiracy as the illuminati and/or the elite, the omega agency or what every you want is any one of us who has such a one sided view on life and that everything is good because you have money in your pocket, food in your belly, watching the latest episode of american idol or whatever, watching the news seeing poor people suffering from lack of food and water whilst you drink a beer/coffee/tea on the sofa reading the newspaper whilst someone else is dying and you do nothing about it.


That is the elite, you are the elite, you are the one eyed one that they mentioned in the books, you are the creator of your own destiny. I am the elite, i am the one eyed one that they mentioned in the books, i am the creator of my own destiny.

These banks are just the pawns.....


posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 10:00 AM
reply to post by starwarsisreal

I think the real boss is from outer space or it is some kind of mysterious creature,but he/she/they probably have agents and advocates on earth from the human species mostly from Rome/Vatican,modern Rome (America) and Persia/Khazars and perhaps Egypt.......Rothschilds ,Rockefellers ,the Royal family,etc, are just coverups for the real deals
which will never be exposed to the public.

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 03:17 PM

The illuminati does exist. It is the matrix of all those secret and not so secret “social” and political organizations whose members are bonded to each other in such a way as to maintain the power structure that you see in evidence every day in every way.

This is a rather long article, but well worth the read for it explains a lot, and it ends with this:

“The Pope and Church are masks and shell games designed to cloak and frustrate any attempts at connecting the whole show together, what in history seems to be opposing forces are in fact just another dividing of the people, created by the ultimate benefactors of this Babylonian empire; the Roman Imperial bloodlines, or better known today as the Black Guelphs. That covers all the European monarchs today.

…………But of course way above the Pope, stand the Imperial bloodlines that have cleverly portrayed the idea they have no power. And above those stand the Alien dark forces that took over the world 10,000 years ago.”

If this is true & several items in this article do connect the dots for me.

It has just occurred to me that these people were also the ones who put the scriptures into the book we know as the bible. Could it be that they wrote revelations to make the masses believe they will one day be saved by the second coming of Christ. This would prevent the masses on fighting back because they believe someone else will do the fighting for them.

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by starwarsisreal

Well it begins with the Pharaohs. It was not the king but the builders, priests etc. Coming forward there is splinter as these groups split. Bring forward and add the Royals, you can trace it to a few ruling families across Europe. Some say these groups, plural, compete with each other. I think this is misleading, I think to most members they are but to the key leaders are in bed together.

Watch old Jesse Ventura episode on them. He did about as good a job as anyone. Gotta luv old Jesse, despite what some say here i would ride the river with my brother veteran any day.

You simply have to follow the money back to the five or so families, old money and you have your answer. They still make or break countries. New players like the Chinese put wrinkles in their game however. They control the west and the countries that matter. Their game is not about money but countries and borders, the game of risk comes to mind.

Once upon a time the brit royals were in the circle, they still are, but not the inner circle. The Americans are not in the five, they appear to be in the outer ring. Not many will want to hear that lol. Look to Europe and Italy, Rome. You will find your answers there, or not. Lol

The Bot

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 04:58 PM
reply to post by Oneggod

No, the Roman Emperor Constantine through God himself gave us the bible we know today. He was the beginning of the true conversion to Christianity, not catholic, that we know today. It is true that by the time the council of nicea met the books of the new testament were set already. The council just finalized this. The scholars will come out of the woodwork to argue this point, fact is it really comes down to which group you choose to believe as no one can actually prove it. Just look at who, which groups do the arguing lol.

For me I believe this converted Roman did put together the bible we have today. The jews and some catholics want to argue but I believe God used a converted Roman for a reason. It is interesting and anything that gets the discussion to the bible can't be a bad one.

The Bot

posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 11:35 AM
I have a theory on this. Based on looking at the world as a whole. We are simply reacting to thousands of branches of a single root structure. This insane game of reacting to our programming of class, race, religion, culture, haves and have nots has perpetuated so far from the source of the most important issue of all humankind and its history.

Who and what are we and how the hell did we get here and why? Well the bible answers that right? God created man and he was good. Do not question God however for his thoughts are not your thoughts and his ways are not your ways. Then the co-opted Darwin revolution gave us evolution and religious depopulation. So evolution answered very little without a fossil record. Too many hoaxes from Java man and so on. Now they have dumped evolution for alien hybridization.

Science that we have been allowed to review in combination with religious texts seems to reveal a high strangeness to the human experience. Ever wonder why the Earth is so damn perfect in its ability to harvest life? Why is that damn moon so insanely large compared to the earth? One very tiny tilt of this planet will create winter or summer above and below the equator. That is perfect postitioning from the sun in my opinion.

What does science tell of human beings in the modern age? For one it seems we are not adapted to this planet very well. Pound for pound every other animal is at least 4X stronger than us. Evolution surely would have ironed out all the deaths of women during childbirth throughout history, but it didn't. Why are some scientific sources claiming we can only trace mitochondrial DNA back 100,000 years? We know that dinosaurs had an enourmous history on this planet so I am not going to argue evolution as fact, just as it pertains to our apparent spontaneous showing up. Nor will I be legitimizing Genesis in a literal sense. Metaphorical is quite something else.

The archeological record and the percieved containment of Ivy League scholors to a linear theory regarding past civilizations and the glaringly obvious megaliths worldwide is falling to pieces. This is an excellent place to start on my theory of everything human. I do in fact believe the elites have a great knowledge of certain things we are not meant to know. Who I would call an elite is sketchy at best. I have to mention these colossal structures around the world. From Puma Punku Peru, Easter Island, Egyptian pyramids etc. Several of these sites form a perfect, repeat perfect circumference of the earth offset 30 degrees from the equator.

What can any of that mean? Whats in the past is not relevant today right? Not for your bank account I guess. This means a worldwide civilization did exist with knowledge of the entire planet to a degree that has only been recently matched with GPS. The ability to work granite megaliths on the order of 100 tonnes with laser precision. Can't even do that today.

Why are these political and masonic/Jesuit minions always clamouring of an Ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled? Out of George Bush Jr's mouth even. Youtube the video. Manly P. Hall and the Secret Destiny of America? Francis Bacon? These people were obsessed with remaking Atlantis. Full on advertised to us today and packaged as a Luciferian initiation with a minor side effect of 90% world depopulation conservatively.

There is really no surviving text from Atlantis that I have heard of and considering this was an age of untold thousands of years ago, we won't find them. There is a common theory about this Atlantis that goes as follows. Another dualistic clash of populations of the time. Workers of iniquity and magic and the gnostics clashed ultimately destroying the whole damn show. To put it short.

Biblical text seems to have some interest here now for me. Antideluvian earth was shattered by god figure for their acts of unending sin and corruption. A story we find hard to swallow in our mundane wholesale consumeristic lifestyles. Mystery Babylon is for me the most reccuring theme in the bible and it is based on symbology, magic, and worship of an unholy trinity. These acts allow the user information through channelling or outright possession from unclean spirits. Very very strange that hollywood is importing Babylonian symbology en masse into our homes via music, movies, videogames and coporate logos.

Aliens have been pushed hardcore onto us in sci fi and of course our own natural curiosity. Only stands to reason. Huge universe huge amount of life. I don't disagree. I fully believe there is a connection here between the biblical and the scientific. If you research Jack Parsons Babylon working, his connection to Aleister Crowley and Area 51 things get strange. Ever wonder why Gene Roddenberry was a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason?

Time for some mind blows. The bible expressly states that God gave Satan powers over the earth and the skies surrounding the earth. We know this from Job whom he sicked the Devil on to test him twice. Alot of UFO activity around the skies of earth lately. And they aren't flying from distant galaxies (Karla Turner, Jaques Vallee, J. Allen Hynek) Hipnotic regression of thousands of abductees all show abductors extracting intense fear from their victims (energy harvest)? You can see an individual that calls himself Prophet Yahweh summon a glowing orb in the sky on live TV. It's on youtube.

Their indeed seems to be a raging war of duality of good and evil on this rock. Luciferians doing everything in their power to denounce christ and usher in a Luciferian age (David Spangler) UN publishing company is Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer publishing) courtesty of Satanist Alice Bailey co-founder of the new age movement. (Mystery Babylon religions).

Here is where I get real opinionated based on my 20k plus hours looking into this. We are perfect for a higher life form to do experiments on within a perfect planet of life. Funny how a human as intelligent as we think we are. Are only smart enough to get by and be manipulated through history by our rulers. I purpose that this experiment is shaping up much the way phase one Atlantis did. Creator God/Higher life sets the stage, unleashes entities to corrupt those that are weak enough to allow it. Through this they have very profitable lives and it spreads through the highest ranks. Alien abduction accounts show in many cases the abductors appearing as Jesus, the Pope, even celebrities. Anyone the victim is partial to. The bible shows fallen angels taking any form. I theorize that the elites really aren't acting of their own volition at this point as this experiment is always meant to end one way or another. So in effect I am saying the so called "Elites" are the weakest form of human that always force the downfall of the experiment. Revelations is a true mindblow for this guy. I used to think they were trying to make this drama resemble it somehow. Now I am starting to look toward the Bible as a true information codex interpreted as best as the intelligence of men could understand in those ancient days. Turning to a biblical view leaves some questions however. Is this experiment more of a farm to extract food in the way of fear or love energy? Is there an eternal soul at risk? An upgrade of existence perhaps? If it's based on the choices we make on this earth I should say Mystery Babylon has crushed many souls.

posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 01:21 PM
The whole point of a secret society is lost if you:

1. Have a website
2. Fill the media with all of your secret signs and symbols
3. Call yourself a secret society
4. Write books about your secret society.

So, yes there is an elite that runs the world because it is a principle those who crave utter power will always take over because they are prepare to do what others consider unthinkable to get and hold on to power. Murder, blackmail, genocide.. sure why not?

So forget the Masons, the Bilderburgers, the Rockerfellers and all those other well known people and institutions that people love to point to and say "See there is the illuminati!" These groups and people do exist, and they do have power (the mechanisms of connections and wealth do work), but they are not the ruling elite. The ruling elite get to stay in power because almost no one knows they exist, and those that suspect have no way to find out where to even begin searching. They are not locatable by a google search.

And just for the record, I have no clue who they really might be, I'm just proposing a hypothesis.

posted on Jan, 7 2014 @ 08:03 PM
Its hard to tell if there is a single individual at the top or who it is but if I had to guess it would be one of the Rothschilds at the top. Below that you would have the other Rothschilds and other Illuminati families like Rockefellers, then below the families you have their secret societies and organizations that are controlled by them like Freemasonry, Jesuits, Zionism, Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral, Club of Rome, and Round table groups.

posted on Jan, 7 2014 @ 08:48 PM
What if it isn't one person or being that leads the Illuminati.

I am in belief that it is a collective group of entities that are on top. I am also in belief that these entities have been alive a lot longer then we have been, and that some form of ancient knowledge is related to their continual survival. I am also in belief that those in power have been in a power for a lot longer then history can record.

Ever seen the movie Aeon Flux?

Those in power kept cloning themselves and teaching everything they know to their clones as children...

Ever thought about transferring possibly the consciousness from a dying body to a new one?

posted on Jan, 7 2014 @ 09:06 PM
Look the Power Elites Are part of the World Government, not as you suppose but lets say for lack of any term. It a Group on a Board of 13 People, who do worship themselves as Gods; and who are so Possessed with themselves they have forgotten one major fact; Lucifer an Archangel Loves It so much that he makes everyone forget that He alone is in charge of the whole thing. Lucifer even keeps the Elitist Group / Council of 13 Run with all his knowledge.

Lucifer's Son needs to Raise to Take Complete Rule of the whole world. And, it could really be alive in this day and age .

On another note: their are 4 World Governments -

1st, Their is a Building in France that the Knights Templar Own and that is a Country .
2nd, Is the Rothschild Palace in Great Britain . (the are Bankers, and Zionists - which doesn't have anything to do with Jews or Israel except they own the Deed to the Land of Israel.) Do, they really believe in this Jewish, Hebrew God of Biblical Understanding? NO .
3rd, the Vatican is also a Country (within Rome as a country) .
4th, Washington D C is a Country (of its own within the US.) .

So, this Council of 13 Members runs them all with in turn runs everyone else on the planet.

And, to say the The Illuminati is no more, what a Crock of #z ....
these 4 Elite Countries are all members of this Illuminati Organization On and Off World today. In the Illuminati we think everyone else is an INFIDEL . Who is Outside of the Main Lodge .

And, saying INFIDELS I mean it not in the scene of Muslim bull#; They can be Members of the Illusive Organization of the Illuminati ... Oh, and their are not 13 Illuminati Families; but in Reality 23 Illuminati Families ain't that a kick in the head.

Maybe I'll re-up again. hehehehehehe hahahahaha

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posted on Jan, 7 2014 @ 10:13 PM
About a few billion years ago on this planet, some sort of hominoid emerged and within a million or two years, they totally evolved (i.e.: had empires, wars, genocide, hippies, etc.) and left the planet.

After that time and during that time, the dinosaurs and the age of the reptile was fading.
There may have been reptilian hominoid that also evolved and left the planet.

Fast forward to a billion years later and the planets previous keepers have entered into a intergalactic trading war based on commodities.
Gold being the most sought after element, brought the biggest long term return.
Gold is a very important metal for electronics and space travel.
Gold is also not created on any planet like other elements. Gold is created only by super nova explosions.
All of the gold on any planet is there from its beginning and is embedded throughout the planets mass.

The job of gold mining requires wide spread and somewhat random scavenging of the entire landscape of a planet. This task could possibly take hundreds of thousands of years.

The short end of it is that "modern man" was genetically updated and "created" by our advanced and distant ancestors from the DNA of naturally occurring animals on the planet at that time.
We were created to harvest gold. Every ancient civilization from all corners of the earth have obsessively harvested gold to use in creating items that will last "forever". Ancient modern man was programmed to gather and preserve gold like a kitten know how to use a litter box.

The gold is now being collected and at this point whoever's in charge is just the first of many managers of the clean up crew.

Mission accomplished. The gold is now being handed over, after thousands of years of collection.
Wasn't there gold stored under the WTC?
Didn't i hear about gold plated bars of iron being uncovered by the Chinese?

The people in charge are direct descendants of earth, several billion years ago. We might as well consider them alien.

They have a main office in a warehouse in Spokane Washington.
I think the receptionists name is Karen. Unless she left and they have a new one.

I hope not, I really like Karen.

posted on Jan, 7 2014 @ 10:17 PM
Haha, I almost didn't want to post but then had to because at this time (before my post) the flag count was 11 and post count 111.

Dum dum dum....ITS ME!

posted on Jan, 7 2014 @ 10:21 PM

Who is the top leader of the world elite/Illuminati?

I've heard Rockefellers, Rothschild and other ruling Elites are in charge of the world but they are too well known. However, who are their bosses?

On a more serious note. If you know their name than there not the droids you're ooking for. Although I think it could easily be argued the boss is Satan most definitely. Or at least in the context of being truly evil or the proper term "ultimate negative polarity".
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posted on Jan, 7 2014 @ 11:06 PM


Who is the top leader of the world elite/Illuminati?

I've heard Rockefellers, Rothschild and other ruling Elites are in charge of the world but they are too well known. However, who are their bosses?

On a more serious note. If you know their name than there not the droids you're ooking for. Although I think it could easily be argued the boss is Satan most definitely. Or at least in the context of being truly evil or the proper term "ultimate negative polarity".
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Even The Bible calls them principalities and powers and they are
not of this world

posted on Jan, 7 2014 @ 11:18 PM
In response to the OP- my belief is that the power that sustains the entire Illuminati, and keeps all the industries in tact exploiting people, hogging resources, monopolizing us all stems from Lucifer- The one who hated mankind from the beginning, and set out to deceive us , mislead us, hurt us etc... These elite families are just the vehicle in which the devil and his legion of demons initiate their protocols through. The Illuminati very realistically could actually be generating publicity and catching people's attention about it's origins for a reason- It's going to be the patsy during the great tribulation.
That's my personal belief. You're right when you say there is speculation that many of these elite are of different potential ET Origins etc... It's not that they're ET's , it's that they are completely possessed and owned by demons.

People must not forget these people literally WORSHIP Lucifer, and state it boldly and proudly. That's scary

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 03:37 AM

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posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 03:38 AM
Its CiA Gypsy

...Just kidding

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 03:49 AM

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 03:54 AM

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