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How Being Centered Brings About Fulfillment

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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 06:53 PM
Let me try to paint a brief visual picture, for the purposes of assisting in understanding some of what I am about to talk about. Imagine a dot sitting in the center of two circles that surround it. This 'dot' is your center, your true nature. It is choiceless awareness, the flow, what comes before all perception and thought. The circle nearest the center is your mental overlay on reality, your ego-intention. The more you place your concepts over reality, and the more you act out of ego-intention, the further out this circle goes. The further out circle is perceptual intensity. Through deviating from the center in mental overlay and ego-intention, the inner-circle expands, which decreases the relative intensity of perception, since as it expands it goes nearer to that circle. You can see, then, that there is an inverse relationship between perceptual intensity and the amount of mental overlay and ego-intention.

Thinking about reality in terms of preferences increases the ego-circle, as does activity just for activity's sake, as well as trying to force thought or action in response to uncertainty or confusion. A decrease in relative intensity of perception creates dullness, and also causes reality to work less hard for your attention. Perceptual intensity can be interpreted as how hard reality works for your attention. It often plays off things you want, but at less intense levels it generally alludes to things you want, to stir up mental activity without actually bringing about fulfillment. When we continuously deviate from center chasing after un-fulfilling allusions to things we would like, reality sees that it doesn't have to give you much to get your attention, and so it continues to give you things of the same degree of intensity.

Through remaining centered during these references, reality sees it must work harder for your attention, and so higher levels of perceptual intensity come about, increasing the amount of true fulfillment. Perceptual intensity tends to be somewhat static, but if we can remain centered during these standard levels of perceptual intensity, this will increase energy levels through increasing perceptual intensity. When a relative increase to perceptual intensity occurs, become single-pointedly focused on that perception, without mental overlay. This will allow you to 'soak in' the higher energy levels, without being deviated from center.
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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 11:32 PM
Life is dualistic, but it is one. A magnet has polarity, but it is one magnet.

In order to have life more abundantly, you can't just chase the positive. Life isn't just positive. It is negative too.

In order to have life more abundantly, you have to prove that you can accept wider extremes of positive and negative. Accepting positive is easy. Accepting negative is hard.

Life will come to you. It will come to you with many faces, some good, some bad. But no matter what face it comes as, it is always going to be life. If you are trying to live an abundant life, you can't deny or reject life. To deny or reject anything is to deny or reject experience. If you do that, then you're basically saying, "I can't handle life". If you express that, then you won't get life. Your free will will be honored.

posted on May, 28 2012 @ 02:10 AM
Being unmoved from larger and larger extremes of perceptual occurences, whether positive or negative, will continue to increse perceptual intensity. I try to see it as all energy, and so whatever I am feeling, positive or negative, it's energy. Therefore, when it's 'negative,' it's not really negative, if seen with the right mindset, because you are experiencing high level energies. It's all about raising energies. Reacting one way or another tends to keep the same type of stuff goin in your life.
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posted on May, 28 2012 @ 08:54 AM
Pictures are picture are pictures...

and conscious will forms the act that moves reality.
me am irie
for me does it mean "to be one with myself, to be centered and fully aware of how the consciousness works within this... matrice"

Peace, love and light
let u guide by higher i

Jim irie

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