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If you are a Christian- You Have No Chance to a Fair Hearing and can lose your home on Hearsay

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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 02:44 PM
First of all, I am descended from CLEOPAS Luke 24:18. A relative of mine traced us right back to him, as the surname is Aramaic. Second, this is not about me and my lineage. I firmly believe in Christ, but I was evicted along with my husband from our home here in Norwich last year. I was quite ill anyway, and it might be difficult for me to get back to this thread as I am in a Care Home waiting for housing. Anyway, it was conspired by a small group of individuals to get us into court. so that they could acquire our property. As it goes, due to the harassment from my neighbour and the barrister calling the Bible a lie I took an overdose of Morphine, but I don't remember doing it, but my parents said it is no wonder, as I had gone to be tried on one thing to find myself on trial for my belief in the Lord. I had a Bible with me in the court room. I will not go into it too much-but I have raised questions and an enquiry is taking place. Anyway, sometime after what was done to me, the churches here that help the homeless started getting attacked by the council. Now, I have been told that the Canon of the C of E here in Norwich needs to speak to me urgently.

My concern is that if a Christian is put on trial, like me they will not be allowed witnesses, as they and their witnesses are lying because they are Christians. I regard myself as a Juneau-Christian. Anyway, it seems that if you are a Christian you have no rights whatsoever ever and I am just putting this out there as my husband and I can't even have a roof at the moment. He is in a homeless hostel and I am in a care home due to my health, which the courts declared that I was not ill. My husband and I are denied the right of being a family. Fortunately, I have rallied a team of people to fight our corner, who can see that this is going to cost the council and it looks like the council are also going to have a lot more to worry about after I speak to the Canon.

At the end of the day, I feel that my belief has nothing to do with the barrister. The Canon recognised my name and ancestry -so I am wondering if the barrister did too. It felt like Satan himself was putting me on trial I just am worried that that barrister has set a precedent to attack Christians and erode their rights. I just want anybody to add their stories to mine, if it has happened to them; especially, since 23 August 2011.

I am going to try and get my own laptop, but in the mean time I am using the Homes computer. So bear with me on getting back to you, but in the mean time, please your experiences are just as relevant as mine, and I can share them with the Canon.
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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 03:13 PM
first of all,i'm sorry to hear about your plight.
where i am,the church is always willing to help those in need,no matter what faith they are.
you didn't get into detail as why you had to leave your home,thet just cant take it away unless of default of payment,or some pre-planned land developement,which you would have had plenty of notice.
civil rights lawyers would have been at your door if there were any wrong doings or illigal activity was happening!
(there's no shortage of lawyers!!!)
now,on with the not so good stuff.
you claim your a direct descendant from cleopas from the gospel of luke?! besides a relative doing a 'family tree' for you,do you have any historical or actual proof of this claim? i'm not sure if they kept accurate written lineage records way back then.maybe,perhaps verbal.
you have to admit,this is a pretty wild claim.
also you said that you o.d'd on morphine and are presently in a care facility.
any o.d. is considered as a mental health issue.
perhaps the courts have deemed you as being mentally unfit and claiming lineage to a person in the old testament would certainly add to this!
again you gave no real reason why you had to leave your house. perhaps there is more going on than just being a christian.
in court you have to put your hand on the bible and swear to tell the truth 'so help you god'
that act alone would make the prosecutors case null+void!
have you told your story to the press? i would like to research your story a bit more.
anyway,i wish you luck in your quest.

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 03:37 PM
You may be interested in this December 2009 report by the Christian Institute:

"Marginalising Christians: Instances of Christians being sidelined in modern Britain"

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