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The BIG BANG.. one alone, or one of many?!

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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 12:28 PM
Wow, umm well I might be alone in this, but I've just started to watch a show called "How the Universe works" and before it even starts there is a query,

WE always think of the big bang as the fundamental creation of everything. (Sorry Christians you can go on to the religious forums, this isn't for you as much..).

But what if there are big bangs occurring all the time out there in the vastness we cannot see?!

That is something I had never considered. That our unique little area of space that we can fathom, is not unique, but just one out of an unimaginable number of other big bangs that have happened?

I cannot rule that out. I cannot say, now, that what I thought of as 'the big bang' created everything. It might be like bubbles of bangs, effervescent on a global cosmological scale. I just cannot now deny that.

I have never considered this before, and now it makes absolute sense to me.

Wow, what if, like petals on a flower, we are all of the same design, yet so distant that we are always unaware. What we see with the composition of all of our technology, is a mere fraction. I already knew that. But what if elsewhere, other entire universes exist from a completely separate 'big bang'..

Man I was about to lay down, put on some doco and viola, that hit me from the very first opening thoughts....

I've changed my mind from a singular big bang that created all we know... I now must consider, given the entirety of space, that it is almost a certainty it was not a one off... Not only can life exist within our know universe, given that sheer chance it happened here... now it is so much more... much much more... sadly still as we cannot know within our own confines the extent life can propagate, now I have included a plethora more of others...

It can drive you insane...thinking how it all works.. no wonder people prefer to just say "GOD" and forget all about it.

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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 01:05 PM
I believe you're thinking of Multi-Universes. Which is what I choose to believe in.

There are infinite amount of Big Bangs out there that are being created. I bet there is even a Universe out there that has me either dead in 50 years from now or still alive.

And I DON'T believe in God. The Bible is just there to advance us humanity into intelligent beings. Eventully, like how we found out Santa Clause isn't real; we'll eventully find out that the Bible isn't real as well. Only problem is, unlike the child who finds out Santa wasn't real until he's 8 years old, or whatever age? Humanity just takes a whole lot longer and all I've got to say is that we have come a long ways and yet with so much to learn.

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 01:12 PM
It can drive you insane? Really? Well just think about it like this than man; what is beyond the universes, like what is out there past where these big bangs are taking place... It really can drive a person insane to try to imagine what is beyond the beyond. Yet I like to do it all the time...

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 01:38 PM
The Big Bang THEORY is utter nonsense. Do you even know why there is such a retarded theory, that nothing exploded and became something? The very name Big Bang was coined by Hubble (heard of him?) as a way to denigrate such a stupid theory. Of course, the morons just grabbed onto the name and ran with it.

It is all based on the "redshift equals distance" THEORY which has been proven false hundreds of times, in that there are literally hundreds of cosmic objects where objects with higher redshift, indicating they are further away, are IN FRONT OF objects with lower redshift.

Also, in every direction we look, we see redshift, therefore indicating if there was a Big Bang, we are apparently the exact center of the universe. Obvious twaddle.

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