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When conspiracy theories lead to tied-up thinking.

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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 02:51 AM
Conspiracism goes beyond skepticism, becoming an all-encompassing mush that preys on the idealistic and gullible.

In 1990s Ireland, a poster campaign was launched to encourage more enlightened attitudes to homosexuality. Alongside various pictures of happy, smiling, safe-looking women ran the caption: "Lesbians are Everywhere". It's clear what they were getting at, but you couldn't escape the notion that it sounded vaguely like a threat. Or possibly a warning: "Watch out! They're behind you, plotting in their dark way.

Like so much information, this stuff has found new currency on the web. And it's undeniable that the web has made it easier for like-minded people to find each other. But it's certainly not a new phenomenon.
That leads me to this.
The 'GlobalMay manifesto' of the International Occupy assembly
The International Occupy assembly wants a better world. Such a world is possible, and here's how …

We are living in a world controlled by forces incapable of giving freedom and dignity to the world's population. A world where we are told "there is no alternative" to the loss of rights gained through the long, hard struggles of our ancestors, and where success is defined in opposition to the most fundamental values of humanity, such as solidarity and mutual support. Moreover, anything that does not promote competitiveness, selfishness and greed is seen as dysfunctional.

Then we have this to throw into the mix.
Pseudolaw and conspiracy theories

This is also thrown around all to often. Conspiracism can appeal to those who are idealistic as an explanation of why the world is not what you think it should or could be.
We have two clear sides, and its been exploding these past years since internet. Its been going on a long time, but the use of all this information gives these factions pull, and power.
The same people who promote this conspiracy theory here. are the ones who are able to discredit the real work going on by scholars and researchers with pure intentions of finding the truth. Yet the truth is very much point of view is it not?

I hope some of this information can lead you to your own conclusion. The sources and links are a means to an end to find connections. As my mind always does. I am a skeptical conspiracy theorist, I like to have as much information as I can, and in the end, I know that is not enough info, to really understand what is going on.
And its made that way.
There are many examples. But Ive found to long opening posts can be to much to process at one time. Does anyone else follow where I am going here? I will explain more in detail if following posts if this picks up any ones interest. (As I did not want to throw religion into the mix to heavy here, that can wait for further knowledge of this subject.)
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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 03:03 AM
reply to post by zysin5

I may vouch for that...inter-twined mixed up thoughts about how it should be...hmm

by the way,i got my maiden tickets

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by SarnholeOntarable

Its all part of the Argumentum ad verecundiam. Or appeal to authority. We find this happening everyday. We are questioning who is the authority of such issues, and why they are the ones to make the laws, just to turn around and break the very laws they make for the surfs.

An example of misuse would be appealing to Albert Einstein, a noted authority on physics, to support one's political or religious beliefs. While Einstein undoubtedly had political beliefs, he was certainly no politician or experienced in politics to the point where he could make a more informed judgement than most people. He, along with the likes of Stephen Hawking are often quote-mined as being either for or against the existence of God; and the fact that such "authorities" believed in it one way or another is cited as proof of one position being right and the other wrong. The fact that the same individuals can be selectively quoted to back up either position should give a good indication of how useful they are as genuine points in an argument. Thus, a more accurate phrase would be "Argument or appeal to misleading authority".

We find this happening all over too. People mixing their skill set, and trying to speak for things they have no idea what they are talking about, and ends up misleading others, as they take their words as LAW. And the ball starts rolling.

I have high doubts that most conspiracy theories are true. They serve an agenda. If you think you have an idea of what is going on here, I will tell you, set back and understand that we are being mislead, by false prophets, false idols, and usurpers of many flavors.
Governments have been usurped from the people, The church has been usurped from within. And in our everyday lives, we are subject to human nature.
And human nature speaks volumes for many things that happen in this world today.

This does not even scratch the surface. I have not even touched any history, links, source material that leads me to understand Conspiracy theories lead to a very tied up way of thinking.

Maybe we can sort this mess out.. Well is that not what ATS is all about at its root? Gather as much information in one data base, and we as the people under human nature read this stuff, and pick through what is source worthy, and what is dis-information.
Its like a mess of wires, that need to be unbound, and gone through carefully.

----------------------------P.S---------- Dude! I Am so Jealous! Saw Maiden one time! Best show of my life! Have fun!

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 04:56 PM
33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know.

Here is a source for conspiracy theories that did end up in the end exposed.
You can either read through the source links, or I will type some keywords for you to find means to do your own research.

July 20, 1944 Conspiracy to Assassinate Hitler

The Dreyfus Affair

The Mafia, Crime lords in places of high power.

MK Ultra--was a code name declassified in the 1970's Church Committee and other lawsuits brought against the government where the public was informed that thousands of people, patients from hospitals, mental health patients, prisoners in the... justice system, and even public citizens were selected for testing without their permission.

Operation Mockingbird

Also in the 1950s to ’70s, the C.I.A. paid a number of well-known domestic and foreign journalists (from big-name media outlets such as Time, The Washington Post, The New York Times, CBS, and others) to publish C.I.A. propaganda. The C.I.A. also reportedly funded at least one movie, the animated Animal Farm, based on the novel by George Orwell. The Church Committee finally exposed these activities in 1975.

The Tuskegee Syphilis Study:

The United States Public Health Service carried out this clinical study on 400 poor African-American men with syphilis from 1932 to 1972.

Operation Northwoods

1990 Testimony of Nayirah

A 15-year-old girl named Nayirah testified before the U.S. Congress that she had seen Iraqi soldiers pulling Kuwaiti babies from incubators, causing them to die. The testimony helped gain major public support for the 1991 Gulf War, but—despite protests that the dispute of this story was itself a conspiracy theory—the testimony was was later proven false.

Counter Intelligence Programs Against Activists in the 60s
The Rex-84 Alpha
The Iran-Contra Affair
The BCCI Scandal

CIA Drug Running in LA.

Now this is just a few keywords that should help you in your research. There is much more. This is just a small percent of things that are out there, that have been within the umbrella of conspiracy theory.

While we can expose all of this. Things still get tied up, and mixed up. I have gone back and forth on many topics due to what I knew at the time.
These are just a few historic examples. There is so much more out there. I am just trying to condense so much stuff under one idea, or one thought process of trying to make some sense from this wealth of information.

Growing up, we did not have internet. Books, and spoken word was knowledge. So much has changed, and I have seen the shift before my eyes. I am part of this information shift, yet the information we get is questionable at best, and makes our logic set up to where everything we speak about is debatable. So you have to use more than one point of view and more than one reference point to process what you are taking in.
There are liars, there are hoaxes, scams, shams, and scallywags!
Just outside our visible range is something greater than you, and me both.
That is why we have faith.
Faith in our God Or Faith in our tools. (the nuts and bolts of measurements made by science.)
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posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 12:23 AM
One big instance I was trying to get at here. Is the GAY agenda. The conspiracy theory that tries to link homosexuals to pedophiles and other unnatural acts like sexual deviants.
It comes up time and time again, that those evil gays are trying to convert and ruin family values.

This agenda is being pushed by extreme religious groups, to promote hate upon this world. To deny love and compassion for another human being.
Most of us have seen and heard these Baptist Preachers going on their rants. And how these gays need to be culled from this Earth. Does that conspiracy lead to anything worth its weight in salt?

There is the conspiracy that being gay, is caused by medications, or "something in the water."
Never dealing with the core issue, we are born this way. And nothing anyone says or does can change that about a person.
If a person can become gay by taking a pill. Then in their eyes, and thought process, they can cure a gay person by counter acting that with another pill.
Even within the community, there are people going on TV. Claiming they where once straight men, until they took a hair loss pill, and it turned them into a gay cross dresser. A shameful way to side step the truth to their own being. Its much easier to tell your wife, "look sweetie, sorry I was turned gay from taking this pill, I never lied to you this whole time about who I am." Its the pills fault I am gay. A total closeted way to deal with ones own inner truth. And its the conspiracy that leads to more lies, and more tied up thinking.

The conspiracy that all gay men are flamboyant frilly men, who act like sissies. When in most cases. More gay men act and live their lives just as any straight guy would. They just prefer the company of another man. Some gay men do not engage in sexual acts often described by those who prey into those lifestyles, and think they know what is going on.

This is when Conspiracy theories lead to tied up thinking.

And this is why there are healthy and high frequency conspiracy theories, and there are low end frequency conspiracy theories that all normally end up serving someones agenda.

Before you just buy into any idea, I suggest you do your homework. And never just take the word of another human being at face value. Invest some time, and get to know what you are listening to. And ask your self. Who does this serve.

posted on Oct, 13 2012 @ 02:46 AM
The only truth I've found is in the bible. Everything else in the world is just half truths of degrees of truth and lies. As far as CT's it's just a theory based on evidence. Like how is anyone to believe it costed 100 billion to do 1 grainy poorly scripted season of the Appollo Moon landing. Talk about a fake. Where did all that money actually go?

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by r2d246

Thanks for your personal insight in this thread here!
Its good for everyone to find their own truths in this world. And I find so many people become to intolerant of other peoples truths that it puts us at ends with each other. That is something we will all have to work out someday. But until then, we are stuck with the reality we have manifested for our own lives.

I agree, I wonder where all that money went. When so many people live on the edge, and barely make enough money to feed their own families. Others line their pockets with the hard earned sweat and blood of many.

Please feel free to share any other insight you have regarding what you feel is important that leads us to tied up thinking when it comes to the natures of conspiracy.
This should be a safe place to express those ideas and feelings.

While I have my own personal truths, that in no way should demean your truths, if they have lead you to a positive way of life and thinking. As I have said before, religious extremists do not speak for all those who believe in the bible and find truth in the contents of that book.
I feel much the same way, yet so many of the faiths are extreme and in the end hurt more people than they help. That in my eyes is the Lord of usurpers, or the lord of lies, Evil incarnate to do its best to tarnish those who follow in what they feel is right. And ends up making others want to put them in the same glass jar, or box. When that is a conspiracy that leads to tied up thinking.

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 06:09 PM
this site has nothing to do with conspiracy. this site is all about non-conformity. the sad thing is, that is the worst form of conformity

whatever the generally accepted truth is, this crowd of sheep automatically takes the opposite position, no matter what

real conspiracies get 4 pages and are ignored because they are generally accepted. the crazier the idea, the better chance it goes 20 pages

how many pages did the flat earth thread get ? 30 ?

flat earth !!!!!!!!

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 06:34 PM
Hello....I have a question.
Where can we go, or who can we talk get the 'real' truth about....anything?
I believe that a lot of people are here (on ATS) because they know that they aren't being told the truth about MANY things....and they are (like me)....looking for others' perspectives.
Some people ridicule any video from Youtube.....others jeer if it's from CNN....or Fox News....but it's gospel if it was on Coast to Coast.....or .......(you get what I mean).
In a world where sometimes you can't even believe your own does a person learn the truth(s)? (I DO believe that there is a group of people here on earth who DO know the truth(s)......and many here who would like to.)

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 06:34 PM

Originally posted by syrinx high priest
real conspiracies get 4 pages and are ignored because they are generally accepted. the crazier the idea, the better chance it goes 20 pages

how many pages did the flat earth thread get ? 30 ?

flat earth !!!!!!!!

I have found this to hold much truth. And one big reason why I left ATS for close to a year or more. There came a point where I no longer felt anything I was doing here was making any kind of impact. It started to feel like high school all over again, and it was like a popularity contest. And the fabric ideas that led to more tied up dead end thoughts where getting noticed over some of the well written and well researched data.
But after that time spend off of ATS, I being who I am, had to come back and start lurker again, and start reading more. I end up starting posting again, and I do so with great care.
I would rather have a thread get no attention, and reach that small group that really learns something, and gets what they need.
I learned my lesson posting those other kinds of posts. My ears would ring constantly. I had a hard time sleeping at nights, and to much negative energy focused back upon me. I did not like it, and I could really feel it. Its hard to admit, and it might sound crazy. But when I was posting a lot, I could feel it when someone was reacting negativity to anything I wrote. I could physically feel them, and the ringing in my ears really made me think twice before getting into something here without thinking it out first.

So thank you for your personal insight here syrinx high priest.. I know of you here, and both of us have been on this site for some time. I feel you are one of the more respectful members, and contribute to the positive end of what ATS is, and or should be.

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 06:43 PM

Originally posted by jacygirl
Hello....I have a question.
Where can we go, or who can we talk get the 'real' truth about....anything?
I believe that a lot of people are here (on ATS) because they know that they aren't being told the truth about MANY things....and they are (like me)....looking for others' perspectives.
Some people ridicule any video from Youtube.....others jeer if it's from CNN....or Fox News....but it's gospel if it was on Coast to Coast.....or .......(you get what I mean).
In a world where sometimes you can't even believe your own does a person learn the truth(s)? (I DO believe that there is a group of people here on earth who DO know the truth(s)......and many here who would like to.)

Greetings Jacygirl. That is a very hard question to answer honestly. ATS is one of the better places I have found to speak to people. Mostly privately and through U2 mails. But even here, I took a long break as I could not handle the negative vibes I was getting. Things have gotten much better here, and its why I am back.
I get what you mean, and I strongly suggest you take what ever you see on CNN or fox news with a Grain of salt. Its great to get the weather, or find out daily events.. But when it comes to truths about politics and other things, its best to search your heart and your own feelings is.
AS the truth is.. There is no one truth. The truth is something we find on a personal level.
One truth is not another persons truth. And its learning how to be tolerant of those other truths. As so many people are very intolerant of other peoples truths and or feelings about the world.

I would say, be weary of any group of people on Earth who want to offer you any absolute truth.. As most the time they want money for this.
Again I would say, follow your heart, do your own research, and try to find your own truths. As any man or woman who thinks they have the 100% truth, more than likely has an agenda. Such as Alex Jones, and the likes. But granted, I have learned things from all these people.. But I filter them out, and I take what I need and I leave the rest...
David Icke is one such man.. He even says, take what you need, and leave the rest. Most information is very encryctic. And symbols have much meaning.. Maxwell Jordan, Dorleen Cannon, And many many more, all have little pieces to this puzzle. Yet non of them have the 100% absolute truth. And neither does anyone else, in all truth..
Feel free to U2 me, at any point you would like a deeper discussion about such things.. But that would about cover the gist of what I would like to convey in public.
Also be weary of any cult like groups, and or spiritual groups claiming to be of the light.

One such learned truth I found.. Is science and religion are much the same. They both try to cover up the truth, as to suit their own agendas. I want to believe more in science, as that has the nuts and bolts you can measure. Yet many of these tools used to measure are man made tools, in language that only other scientists can understand. They cover up many truths when it comes to who we are, and how we got here.
Religion on the other hand.. Well they are faith based, and while faith is good to have, you can never take a persons word for it. You have to follow your heart. As science too, depends on a lot of Faith.
Thus I find if science and religion would find some middle ground, and want to express the truth about who we are, and where we come from, and who made us. Then we might have something to go on that I feel better about. Until then, we have 2 groups at odds with eachother. And people like you and me, in the middle of this fight. Take a step back. And look around you. Feel what is around.. And close your eyes.. As you are right. They eyes do not see everything. only like what 1% of what is going on around us.
But I do tend to lean to science, yet I know science does not have all the answers.
Hope that helps a little bit.
I will be back after dinner, if I missed anything.
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posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 07:07 PM
reply to post by zysin5

Thank you for your response.....I agree with pretty much everything you said.
I will be watching to see what others have to offer.....
S&F for a thought provoking post.

posted on Oct, 16 2012 @ 03:36 PM
reply to post by zysin5

I just read an article like that with illustrations...soem food for thought..

posted on Oct, 16 2012 @ 03:39 PM
reply to post by jacygirl

No one can tell you the truth.
That is because it is a way of perceving!
Only you can change the way you percive things.

posted on Oct, 16 2012 @ 09:26 PM
reply to post by Henassy

Thanks for posting the link there. It has some very useful information. While some of it I won't get to deeply into, I took this part out to share in this thread.

Many religious and ignorant persons denounce homosexual people. This is just another tragedy we see today. Truly spiritual people will never abuse, denounce any human being. All human being are precious Such actions just prove that one has not really understood the basis of all spiritual practice, which is understanding and love. One should always care for people, but one has take a stand against fraudulent human ideas and behavior.

And you are also correct, one can only change the way they perceive the truth and process information.

That saying goes how some older folks are stuck in their ways.. Is one such meaning to a person not being able to change the way they see things.
And to a point I think all of us are stuck in our ways, its the human challenge to be able to over come that human process, and allow ourselves to walk in the shoes of others.

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