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A warning about the Government

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posted on May, 26 2012 @ 02:24 PM
I thought | would make this post as I am sick of hearing people bleet on about 'how the government wouldn't hurt it's own people' especially about 9/11. I just wanted to show that government would and have hurt it's own people many times, I have researched this and have come up with some good links and information, so if you find yourself in a conversation with someone who thinks the government are only there for our best interests show them this.

Many Of you will have heard of this it is called Operation Northwoods.

The Tuskagee Experiment.

An Admission of spraying Chemtrails over the UK as reported in the Guardian Newspaper.

1931 Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, under the auspices of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Investigations, infects human subjects with cancer cells. He later goes on to establish the U.S. Army Biological Warfare facilities in Maryland, Utah, and Panama, and is named to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. While there, he begins a series of radiation exposure experiments on American soldiers and civilian hospital patients.

1935 The Pellagra Incident. After millions of individuals die from Pellagra over a span of two decades, the U.S. Public Health Service finally acts to stem the disease. The director of the agency admits it had known for at least 20 years that Pellagra is caused by a niacin deficiency but failed to act since most of the deaths occured within poverty-striken black populations.

Operation Paperclip
Right after World War 2, President Truman wanted to snag up all of the German scientists because they had all of the cool weapons and we didn't want the Russians to have access to them. We had already brought in some Germans to help with the Manhattan Project - the building of the atom bomb, but we wanted more advancement. Truman stated that he didn't want any Nazi party members or people who were influential in the war, but this was nearly impossible to fulfill. Government officials, working for a group called the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (a precursor to the CIA), circumvented the President and created false documents from the Nazi scientists. Without the head of our government knowing, this group brought in the Nazi scientists and gave them high security clearances and hid them from the world and their crimes! While some of these men helped to create our aeronautic and space program, they never paid for the crimes against humanity that they were a part of. Operation Paperclip lasted from 1945 until 1990 and imported almost 1600 scientists from around the world. They were able to retire and live off of their U.S. pensions, guilt-free in the eyes of the law.

Project F
Fluoride in our drinking water was the result of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). Program F was the largest and most extensive study on the effects of fluoride in human subjects, which is a key component in the making of nuclear bombs. Fluoride is one of the most toxic chemicals known to man and does some really bad stuff to your central nervous system. This information, however, has been largely pushed under the rug to keep our nuclear program going. From 1945-1956, the Department of Health used Newbury, New York as a testing ground for fluoride. The results are still classified. Fluoride exposure collects in the bones and also effects the brain. While it does have some benefit to our teeth, does this outweigh the hazards? Fluoride can be found in mouthwash, toothpaste, drinking water, and nuclear missiles. after all even in toothpaste and mouthwash they always tell you to rinse do not swallow, yet in countless American TV series and films you see the characters brushing their teeth but they never rinse next time you see someone on TV or film brush their teeth you will notice.

Project Whitecoat
Think just because you object to war based on your religious beliefs will keep you out of the U.S. Army? Think again! The Seventh Day Adventists who served in the army from 1954-1973 will disagree. Project Whitecoat was the Army's code name for a series of germ warfare studies conducted on about 4,000 Seventh-day Adventist servicemen. The "volunteers" were subjected to yellow fever, hepatitis A, anthrax and bubonic plague. Similar studies were done from 1942-1943. The government claims that the men subjected to this are responsible for vaccines that are now available for many diseases and chemical warfare agents. While everyone in the project were "volunteers" their coercion was that they could get out of fighting in a war they didn't believe in. If they decided they didn't want to go through with the experiments, once they were in the program, they were guaranteed to be sent overseas into a fighting unit.

1996 Department of Defense admits that Desert Storm soldiers were exposed to chemical agents.

1997 Eighty-eight members of Congress sign a letter demanding an investigation into bioweapons use & Gulf War Syndrome.

Agent Orange

Operation Cyclone, this is how the Taliban got started.

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 02:30 PM
Don't forget about the Philadelphia Experiment also known as Project Rainbow.

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 02:43 PM
reply to post by SUICIDEHK45

Thanks I will look it up.

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 02:46 PM
reply to post by DEV1L79

The Military admitted that they were spraying Americans with agents in a 1977 congressional investigation . Also plutonium and other injections were given to civilians with out their knowledge and their progress followed even to the grave .
It's going to get worse as the Military collects your guns . False flag operations to justify heavy handed military actions will be coming also . After all killing is their business and they have crafted many tools to kill , not to police . Agenda 21 has no provisions for most of us therefore we likely will be written out of life . The old retired , sickly or hurt people can't be productive in their world . Those about to retire or on social services , injured servicemen and those who oppose the NWO will have no value in the prison world of the NWO . The Christian that will not take the implanted RFID chip will be the direct enemy of the NWO and will not be allowed to exist in the new Communist world of the NWO .
Sources for these comments are the bible and the UN Agenda 21 as well as the world news and trends .

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 08:09 PM
reply to post by DEV1L79

My father died of Agent Orange after being drafted in the Vietnam War. If you do some research you'll find a lot of Veterans from said war devolop cancer in the neck, which my father did. I remember him telling stories of how they would spray the Agent Orange and the next day the forest would be dead. He also told his buddies to cover their mouths when walking through the dead zones because he suspected it was extremely harmful. Too bad it didn't help though. He also trained himself to shoot from the waist so he didn't have to aim when the enemy would appear. He earned a silver star and purple heart.

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 08:18 PM
reply to post by DEV1L79

Hi OP. Liked your post and your info. These progects, as well as MK Ultra and Monarch were absolutely quite obviously never meant to do anyone any GOOD.....are all well known, I think, by most reading sites like these. But a reminder never hurts, unless it does. LOL, not really funny, though.
Just wanted to point out, though, that with enough perusal of information available, it has long been difficult to tell what "government" represents, and how many there are.....I say this, because often it appears there are no good guys in this twisted situation. In other words, perhaps government, itself, is a trap, though we are all left to wonder who is running things, if anyone is, and if there will ever be a time of lack of strife, pain, etc......But rest assured, if there was a "good guy" in all this, that would be the one whose character would be assassinated so no one would turn to this person or believe them. I don't know where that leaves us, but I know we must be wise about how convoluted these times, and how many times, it has been this way....
take care.

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 08:48 PM
Yes, the government did these things.

But that still is no real evidence that 911 was an inside job done by nano-thermite or satellite lasers or whatnot.

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 09:05 PM
reply to post by EvilSadamClone

hey, there
about the evidence for 911......yep.....they're murderers.
I'm 60 years old...a good observer and a pilot.....but mainly I have study'd scriptural prophecy for 40 years.....the evil is upon has to be....common sense mixed with enough experience wins the day. the first reporters on the scene with video is the key....then there's the second impact footage from fox5 in new was from a helicopter and caught the nose of the aircraft going past the planned mask....because it was set to the edge of the tower, but one can see the drift allow the discrepency. yep, the details, I could fill a library.

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 09:44 PM
reply to post by DEV1L79

Excellent info what the governments do to us, so bad in fact, that it's easy to see them as a separate entity..... but one has to remind themselves that "they" are human too....... why do they do these things?.... because they can.

I find it funny how people are always looking up for the dangers to humanity, be it the wrath of god, solar storms, niburu, comets etc etc, when in actuality, the real danger to mankind.......... is mankind!

And they say, animals are dumb



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