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Nationalization Of Pro Sport Through Eminent Domain

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posted on May, 26 2012 @ 06:09 AM

One of the biggest problems with Western Society is that we value people for the wrong reasons. Professional Athletes are a great example of how insane our society is. We will give a guy 100 million dollars because he is tall and good at putting a ball in a ring. Yet people in the Services Industry that provide real genuine value to society are paid almost nothing.

Entertainment is important. But entertainment is not that important. Capitalism is not interested in merit. Capitalism is not interested in sanity. The bard and the actor were at the very bottom of society in Feudal Japan. Entertainers value to society is sentimental. You cannot eat a poem. You cannot shelter underneath a performance.

My favourite sport is basketball. I love seeing NBA teams being defeated by teams in the Euroleague and seeing the American International team suffer humiliations against other nations at the Olympics and World Championships. I like seeing the Americans lose because they are overrated but more importantly,they are overpaid. most International Basketballers are paid just a fraction of the average NBA contract. Yet the Americans are often defeated.

NBA contracts are outrageous. If something is so popular like the NBA and generates so much revenue, the NBA should give back more to society. Instead of a lockout between the players association and owners maybe they should have been talking about improving stadiums or lowering ticket prices. Since they are all so greedy and also no genuine benifit to society I think that Pro Sport Leagues should be one of the first things we consider for Nationalization. Eminent Domain is the key to getting it done. The profits that Pro Sports make are huge and they all go to a small group of greedy selfish people that are undeserving of such princely sums.

Society could benifit greatly from its interest in Pro Sport if all the profits went back to the people. Suddenly, going to support your favourite Pro Team becomes a patriotic act. All Pro Sport teams should be seized by the state. Player salaries should be slashed to sane levels and all future profits generated go to the state. The unpayable national debt would be paid in no time when Nationalization starts to take place.

Nationalization is the key to saving western economies. The nationalization of a Sports Franchise has been attempted in the United States before.

Governments can even condemn intangible property such as contract rights, patents, trade secrets, and copyrights. Even the taking of professional sports team's franchise has been held by the California Supreme Court to satisfy the "public use" constitutional limitation, although eventually, that taking was not permitted because it was deemed to violate the interstate commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution.

It didnt work that time but from what I read the courts interpretation of the 'commerce clause' is "expansive". A better lawyer could get it done. The Greenbay Packers are on the right track being owned by the public. Supporting your city/state would literally mean supporting it if all pro teams were Nationalized. It would be your patriotic duty to go watch your team on the weekend. Eminent Domain gets it done. Eminent Domain is what can be used to introduce Nationalization until America is declared in a State of Emergency soon and an Executive Order that already exists can be used to Nationalize the entire country.

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