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posted on May, 26 2012 @ 03:34 AM
just listen for a second. please

You hear that? May it be silence, or the trees, or gunshots... Where o where is our congress and senate, our government, our political officess.. what do they do while we sleep. While we wake? While we work and shovel a great portion of our hard earned money back into the system. Dont forget abour the rest of the money we shovel into the local crazy that it is. State turns their attentions to.... ??? Governtment to.... ??? Scam artist at every turn!!! Local will send you in circles. A closed loop you or I do not fit into. Only money will get you in, my friend. Only money.

I wont plague with hours of vids and clips. This is much more simple and easier to understand:

How much money do you pump into the system in a month.. a year? A LIFETIME.
- When was the last time you saw a nicely done road? How long time it take to build it? How long did it last?
- How long do you wait at hospitals to get and emergency person on staff to see you?
- How often do you get precribred things you probably dont need?
- How clean is your water? How long do you think that will last? How much will it cost you?
- How many homeless do you see on corners? How many are legit? Who cares.. They're homeless beggers!!!
- How are we allowing such easy access to public "entertainment" that suits sex and legal child pornography?
- How are all officials granted immunnity to get away with not only local but serious political crimes?
- Why do they get paid seriously tax free fat checks at our expence to creep silently, out of sight, out of mind?
- Homes are bust
- Poverty is rampant and starvation is already here.. It's no longer at our door.
- People are fighting perverbialy tooth and nail to figure out what to do next.
- People are finding their own quick way out. Troops are killing themselves, fathers!, CHILDREN!! all due to divorces and the way like is in america.
- We fight for this country and everyone around it, feeding the needy in all countries but no one looks at the state of the people here.
- Many law enforcements are corrupt. I've been in there, I seen it with my own eyes, thank, had enough....
- People are so backwards and so paranoid today.. Hell, just look in here. We're MESSED UP!
- All we have time for is work, little so little preacious times with our family. At least in the old days, we worked along side our family. Now our society is rampant, starting with ourselves, leaking down very well into our kids, but the powers want more power and because they know how to fix you, but they cant fix the mess they put us in.

Well friends... If we wake up, do we act? Or do we ponder and wait for the drums? What if that drum is one you hear a split second before your walls are blown in to ash, along with you, your dreams, your hopes, you and all you know in a spark of a second when the powers no longer have the power to stop it.

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